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Nathan Fielder’s Most Viral Stunts – Nathan For You

March 8, 2020

– It seemed like the whole world
was talking about my video. For a moment I felt bad
because it wasn’t real, but then I realized
that that didn’t matter. This is Nathan for You. From the outside, this
building may look boring. But there’s actually
something pretty cool inside. Byrnes Logistics, a
shipping logistics company based in El Segundo, California, where customs broker Christy
Pratt works tirelessly to help her clients
export their products all around the world. But sending goods across
international borders can be expensive because of
import taxes known as tariffs. But when I learned she was
working with an exporter of smoke detectors it
gave me an idea that could save her client millions. Unlike smoke detectors,
musical instruments ship duty free to most countries. So if Christy were able to
convince customs that the noise from her smoke alarms was
actually intended to make music, the savings for her clients
would be astronomical. The plan, ship smoke detectors
tax free by rebranding them as musical instruments. So after auditioning
a drummer named Chris would could really pound
the skins, and Yani, a physically attractive singer who had the right
kind of ambition. – I mean on a wider perspective
like I want the whole world to hear what
I have to say. – My band was starting
to take shape. – This is freedom to me. – I uploaded our song to
iTunes as a digital single and I was excited to
get this thing heard. So I set up a meeting with
the head of programming at KDay 93.5 in the hopes
he would put it on the air. (bright music) ♪ Proof there’s really
to be had within the ♪ ♪ Dance a sunlight in the– ♪ – I don’t think that
would make Top 40 radio. I couldn’t play it,
I wouldn’t play it. Is there anything I could
do like if this could get one play on air and
see what the response is? – Take the beeping
sound out of it. – Okay, yeah. And in that moment, I
realized what I should have known from the start. That the music industry
would never accept a song with a smoke detector in it. I had failed everyone. Not only Christy at
Byrnes Logistics, but also Yani whose beautiful
song would never be heard. But in listening to it more,
I was reminded of the message behind Orphaned Skies. – Through distancing
ourselves from nature, we distanced ourselves
from each other. – It was about saving
the environment. And that’s when it occurred
to me that if I couldn’t get the song on the radio, perhaps I could
get it on the news. Not far from Los Angeles, the
Shell Oil Company recently got into trouble after one of
their pipelines sprung a leak. – For the second time
in less than a year, a spill response unit has
responded to this Shell facility outside of Tracy. – So if I could make it seem
like Yani’s environmental anthem was callously stolen
by Shell to use in a PR campaign at the spill site, there’s a chance the
controversy could ignite a media firestorm that
would get Orphaned Skies and the blue smoke
detector heard by millions. With the band on board
for a protest performance, we began preparations for
the showdown with Shell that would hopefully bring
the blue smoke detector into the spotlight. To maximize our chances of
getting media attention, I had a custom stage hitched
to the back of a tanker truck filled with gasoline so the
band could give away free gas throughout their performance, taking business from the
corporation that took from them. But the most vital
part of this operation was the smoke detector. So before heading out I had
a quick word with Eddie. Really show off that baby, okay? – Okay. – Yeah, I wanna see that
smoke detector featured. – Yeah, sure. – Okay cool, thanks man. – Let’s do it. – Great. And with that our tanker
truck was on the move. Its destination was a busy
Shell station in Hollywood, in the middle of
rush hour traffic, and just a block away from
the KTLA News headquarters. So once the tanker was in
place, members of the Banzai Predicament took the
stage and began to play. (upbeat music) – Woo! – Within minutes, a line
of cars began to form around the block. – Want a little bit of gas? – And it wasn’t long
before the news showed up to give us the
coverage we needed. – All right, the LA based rock
band the Banzai Predicament protested the petroleum
giant Shell today by giving away a tanker full of gasoline. ♪ It’s time to revolutionize ♪ – [Woman] The Banzai Predicament
band brought in a filled gas tanker and began dishing
out free gas to customers at the Shell gas station
at Sunset Boulevard and Walton Place in protest
they say of the company’s recent oil spills and
the use of their music. – They stole one of our
songs and they used it in a commercial and
so we’re out here giving away free gas. – [Woman] Free fuel goes
a long way with customers thankful to not have to pay. – ‘Bout to get my free gas
and I will protest too. – I bet you that will get
a lot of downloads today, no doubt about that. – If you need to move
to a different house, you might call City of Angels, an up and coming moving company
that serves the LA area. But lately, owner
David Sassounian has been finding it hard to
stay profitable with the rising cost of labor in his industry. – For us, our most expensive
cost is our employees for sure. – But after spending some
time watching David’s movers, I realize there might
be a simple solution to all of his problems. You see, the average gym
member in America spends over $700 a year to perform
physical labor that’s very similar to the work that
David’s employees do. So if we can make a convincing
argument that moving boxes and furniture from house to
house is a better workout than going to the gym, David could tap into an
endless supply of labor that would actually pay
him for the opportunity to move stuff. The plan, turn the job of moving into America’s
next fitness craze. I didn’t know much about
this stuff but it seemed like every popular
workout was based around a charismatic figure whose
a living example of what the workout can do. I know I’m charismatic. And since the workout
was my idea anyways, I thought it would be
easiest if I just did it. But after reviewing the
promotional images I took, I realized I just didn’t
have the body to be a convincing fitness authority. So I sent my producers to a
local fitness convention and they found a professional
bodybuilder who
seemed interested in being a spokesperson. So I have some exciting news. – Okay. – One of the most popular
morning news shows in the state wants you to talk
about the movement live on air tomorrow morning. – Oh, okay. Wow. – [Nathan] How do you feel? – I felt, I felt a rush go right by me. I mean that is phenomenal. – Just so you know, too, I gave them this book. That I had ghost
written about your life. – Okay. – Obviously the author didn’t
know anything about you so he kind of made
some stuff up. – Okay. – It seems like a big
part of it is how you were childhood friends
with Steve Jobs. So, do you know Steve Jobs? – Steve Jobs, yes. He’s the Microsoft– – Apple. – Apple, right. – Yeah, so anyways yeah you
might want to read it over to get a sense of what your
life was like before tomorrow. In the later chapters it
actually says you spend a lot of time volunteering
with jungle children? I don’t know what that is but
you might want to bring it up because audiences love
someone who gives back and is charitable. – Okay, I’ll be able to, I’ll tell them what
they want to hear. – [Announcer] You’re watching San Diego Six News
in the Morning. – Welcome back, we are in
spring but we’re always looking ahead to summer. And if you’re looking to
lose a couple of pounds, we have a free way to do
it with things that are already in your home and we
have proof that it works. – We’re gonna introduce
you so someone, come in here and look
at this before picture. This Jack Garbarino before. This was Jack about
100 pounds ago. Now let’s have you
the grand reveal. This is Jack now. – Hello.
– How great do you look now Jack? – I look great, I feel great. I feel a renewed person. I’m lean and mean and
I’m a fighting machine. – [Nathan] The news appearance
couldn’t have gone better. And over the next couple
weeks, Jack made appearances on morning shows
throughout the region. – [Woman] Our next guest lost
more than 100 pounds and never stepped foot in a gym. – Can you lose
100 pounds just by moving boxes and furniture? One guy says it’s possible. – Look at this man, he lost
over 100 pounds and now he’s sharing his fitness
tips with all of us. – Jack. – Good to be here. – You’re a story of inspiration. – Yes, yeah, that was me. I mean you could see that
I was a fat tub of lard. – You can say it, I can’t. – And you also came
across Steve Jobs? – Yes. – How did you meet him? – Well I grew up
with him as a child. – No kidding. – He was my best
friend as a child. – Were you able to keep that
friendship with Steve Jobs so he could see what
you were motivated to potentially become? – You know he never saw
me really at this fit. We kept in touch but. That’s it, simple as this. I do work, charity work
with jungle children. – Jungle child is what? – Jungle child are children
that live in the jungle. Awhile ago I was working
with a jungle child. His name was Dandy, he was
a great inspiration for me. And unfortunately tragically
he died and when baboons kidnapped and ate him. It was actually one of
the worst days of my life. – Where is this? – [Nathan] Jack turned
out to be an extremely compelling spokesman and
he was really hitting our message home. – In my opinion, gym stands
for giving your money away. Never been to a gym in my life. Never stepped a foot in the gym in my entire life. I got this body by simply just
moving boxes and furniture. If I could do it,
anybody else can do it. Sign up, and you can see
what we’re doing to help people around the country. – Good work. You look amazing. – Thank you very much. – Terry Fox has been running
this petting zoo in Oakland, California for years. Can I touch the fat pig? – Yes you may. Absolutely. – But with several other
petting zoos located closer to the major
city of Los Angeles, Terry needs to give people
a good reason to visit hers. And that’s where I come in. My mission was to make Oak
Glen Petting Zoo a destination. What they needed
was a star animal. The plan, to create a hero
pig by staging a viral video in which he rescues a
baby goat from drowning. – Oh, okay. – So I think if you
had a video like that, people would come from
places as foreign as Japan, and even more
foreign like China, just to see your hero pig. – That would be great. – The first step was
picking our animals. Vince would be our hero pig. And Gangster the goat
would be our victim. The zoo had a large trout
pond so this would be the setting for our rescue. But when I brought
Vince near the water, I realized hew as an
incredible coward. Okay, okay, okay, okay. (pig squealing) So we hired some animal handlers
to bring in a professional movie pig that looked
identical to Vince. The question now was
how do we get a pig to rescue a goat on camera? Answer? You can’t. So I decided to have two scuba
divers secretly submerged beneath the animals guiding
the pig towards the goat to make it look
like a real rescue. During the first
couple of attempts, the pig kept slipping
out of the divers hands. So we decided to build
an underwater track out of PVC to guide the
pig like a bowling ball going down a bumper lane. This worked a lot better
and I was hopeful it would fool the internet
audience into believing this video was real. But as the amount of people
involved began to grow, including animal
trainers, stuntmen, and humane society reps,
I started to get worried. After all, word couldn’t
get out that this was fake, or it would be a disastrous
scandal for Oak Glen. So I asked everyone
on set to sign non-disclosure agreements
stating that they swore not to tell anyone the rescue
was fake or else they would face the death penalty. Even though my lawyer said
the death penalty clause was not enforceable I still
wanted to leave it in there so people knew
how serious I was. And after several
failed attempts, we finally got the
rescue on tape. (gentle music) We had our video
and it was great. When I woke up the next morning, I was astounded to
see the video had been posted on Gawker, eBaum’s World, and a BodyBuilding
message board. It had over 3,000 views, and that was way more
than I ever expected. Then I saw it was climbing
the charts on Reddit. Then I checked the view
count an hour later. Holy (beep). – By the way, this may
sound like a sea rescue but a goat, a baby goat,
gets stuck in water. – This is some pig,
you have to see it. A goat at a petting zoo
got stuck in a lake. – [Girl] This really happened! – [Woman] That was cool! – Have no fear,
there’s a pig there. I mean you couldn’t do
this at Warner Brothers. As a cartoon and make
it seem more realistic. – We’re duty bound
to pass this on, it’s the leading
web video today. While we have no way of
knowing if it’s real, this was apparently
shot at a petting zoo. That’s a baby goat who got
out into too deep water, begins crying for help. Enter this pig. – (speaks in foreign language) (sings in foreign language) – [Nathan] It seemed like
the whole world was talking about my video. For a moment I felt bad
because it wasn’t real, but then I realized
that that didn’t matter. – Inter-species,
he went and helped, learn from it humans. – [Nathan] In these
cynical times, people are desperate
for something to believe in and I gave people a
reminder that it’s okay just to believe. – Some love. – How did the pig free the goat? – Oh, Elizabeth. – Just kinda guided it. – Everyday with Elizabeth
it’s like how did this happen? – I always knew this video
was something special. In a world where one company
has practically perfected the coffee experience, going against the
grain has caused Elias’ shop to be empty. So I paid him a visit with
a way for him to finally compete with the big players. The problem with you is
you have great coffee but just no one knows
what this place is. – Correct. – [Nathan] No one,
you don’t have a brand that people recognize. – Absolutely. – But maybe there’s a shortcut
to actually having brand recognition using a little
something called parody law. – Parody law. – Often used by artists
like Weird Al Yankovic and shows like Saturday Night Live, parody law allows you to use
trademarks and copyrighted material as long as
you’re making fun of them. So if Elias could find a way
to make fun of Starbucks, he’d be free and clear to
borrow their valuable corporate name and image for his store. The plan, turn the Helio
Cafe into the world’s first parody Starbucks. With our sign now on display, my plan quickly began to
work as people started coming in thinking it was
an actual Starbucks. – Oh, Dumb Starbucks,
okay, okay. – Oh, you thought
it was Starbucks? – I did. – But the few customers
we did get seemed to have trouble understanding
what we were all about. – Do you have your license
to sell food and drinks? – I mean, legally speaking, this store has to be
categorized as an art gallery, so we don’t have to abide by
the same health regulations as a Starbucks would. – But who’s held
accountable if let’s say, your food is dirty
or if there’s– – I mean we don’t want any
of our customers to get sick but if they do, technically, that’s part of the
artistic experience. – Okay. – Things were off
to an okay start, but as the day progressed, I became frustrated we
weren’t getting the amount of customers I expected. With an underwhelming
launch day, I began to feel like I’d put
in all this effort for nothing. But the next morning,
things changed. Jeremiah called me to say
there was a line of over 15 people at the store. Then I saw photos of
my shop posted on a straight BodyBuilding
message board. But I couldn’t have
foreseen what happened next. – A new coffee shop
with a familiar name creating quite a
stir in Los Angeles. The coffee shop, get this,
it’s called Dumb Starbucks. – That looks exactly like
a Starbucks, the logo, the lettering, the
green coloring. How do they get away with this? – Because they put the word
dumb on top of Starbucks so they’re parodying Starbucks. – A coffee chain notorious
for suing imitators may have finally met its match. At the counter, customers
can order a dumb venti or buy a CD of dumb
Norah Jones duets. – [Man] Some people waited
in line for up to an hour. – It’s an art gallery where
coffee is considered art. – What’s the point of the art? I mean what’s the message? – I don’t know. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) – [Nathan] I was stunned. We had more customers
than I ever dreamed of. And within 24 hours,
Dumb Starbucks had become a worldwide sensation. – Yeah, there’s absolutely
artistic value here. – To me, this is a protest. This is a protest
against the big fish. The leviathans of Starbucks. – [Nathan] It was cool that
people could draw their own meaning from a business that
was just there to make money. – There’s a rumor that it
might be Banksy and we’re all really excited about that. – [Nathan] I had inadvertently
created something that was on par with one of the
world’s greatest artists. – Something tied to
an art installation, maybe this is Banksy. – [Nathan] Before I knew
it, cups from my shop were selling on eBay
for $500 apiece. And swindlers were even
trying to cash in on the hype by hawking fake merchandise
outside the store. By the end of the weekend, I
realized that dumb Starbucks was a bigger idea than I
ever thought it could be, so I gathered the worldwide
media to announce that we were expanding. (crowd cheers) Hi. I’m proud to announce that
we’ll soon be opening a second Dumb Starbucks location
in Brooklyn, New York, within the next two weeks. (crowd cheers) My business was not
only a bonafide success, but for the first
time in my life, it felt like people actually
wanted to be around me. Whatever I had done resonated
with the entire world and the attention was
like sunlight on my soul. My entire marketing
plan depended on using their corporate
logo to get attention and the only way to legally
do it is by using dumb. Every major network in America
wanted to know my story. – Nathan Fielder. – [Nathan] I was invincible. And I have to admit, the view
from the top was pretty nice.


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