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December 26, 2019

Good Morning! If it is indeed morning where you are, it’s currently morning here in KL (Kuala Lumpur) and it is raining. Yeah. Despite the beautiful sunshine, ‘brightness’ thing that’s going on, it is raining quite heavily. So, we’re kind of thinking “Hmm, vloggy-stuff what are going to do today?” And we’re mainly just gonna edit, so that’s dull. So instead, I thought I would sit down and I would make a video purely about the many, MANY handbags I have brought with me to KL Ok, I brought *5* handbags with me I’ve only showed you 3 of the ones I’ve brought with me, because two of them I dunno ‘pfft’ they’re just not very exciting ‘slash’ they’re ugly aaand then 3 that I bought since coming to KL. Yes! It’s just a video about handbags. Essentially. But hey! They’re so pretty I was never really a handbag person before I have to say, but Clara’s kind of got me into them? I don’t even know how. I don’t know why. It’s osmosis of best friendship. Is this a thing? It’s a thing. Osmosis of friendship. It definitely happens, especially between girls. Please tell me this happens to you too?! Bad habits, Clara. Bad ones, thanks. Ok, let’s begin! We’re gonna start a handbag you’ve definitely seen before on my Instagram, Jessie and Claud on our videos, because I’ve had it a while and it’s this one ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s from Dune. I mean, it’s not, it’s from TKMaxx but Dune made it. I just, I’m not made of money, ‘kay? I was really inspired to buy this bag by one of my favourite bloggers, ForeverAmber, who has a bag that also has that ‘scalloped’ shape, although I think hers is a satchel and it goes all the way up. Anyway, I saw this, sitting on a shelf and I though “Ah! I have to have it! Scallops! Scallop shell!” I just think it looks wonderfully playful. It’s also quite a handy bag, to be honest, because it is so large. It fits in It fits in a vlogging camera and Joby stick and a bottle of water, which I must carry with me, at all times. A handy outside pocket, so you can slot things in it I’ve been in the Airport with this bag that was quite handy, because you can put your passport in the front of it and not have to open it up and dig inside and then inside, it’s really cavernous, because it’s quite solid, I like that. I like a solid bag. *knock knock* And inside, it has a zip pocket and regular two pockets, one which you can put your phone in, that my phone doesn’t fit in it, because no ones made a bag that fits the 7plus yet. I can’t even see, on smaller screens now I be up on Claud’s phone and I’m like ‘How do you read this?’ ‘How do touch the buttons?!’ See essentially, that’s that bag it’s great, I can’t remember how much it cost but I’m going to say, somewhere below…It’s about £22 and it’s got a lot of use, I’ve had it for about a year and a half so, excellent value for money, that one. Next up, I’ve already posted this little beauty on my Instagram and I know that a lot of you really, really liked it! I like it it’s so gorgeous! This is from Vendula they also made my purse, ‘cos I took this bag out last night! It’s my purse! Yeah. So I got given this for Christmas by my lovely sister-in-law Julia, it’s from Vendula. They have got *the* most gorgeous range of bags I love them- and they do special shop fronts. So they’ve got the Grocer, a Toy Store, a Pub, all these different things and you can get like a bag size, you can get little wallet size, there’s a- They’re just in the shape of shops, they’re adorable! But I kinda want to expand my range of interesting bags so if you have any tips, or interesting bags, that aren’t too “weird”, so they won’t look incredibly odd if you, like, eh vintage-style that’s not to rockabilly, or pin-up. That was a long sentence. *breathe* If you have any tips on those, please do leave them in the comments. I’m very excited. And then, I got a bag I actually got this pre-release, I got it before it came out, so I can bring it with me into Malaysia. This is the grab-bag and this was around £75 mark? I’m going to say? I love it! I love this bag

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