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My favourite chronic illness you tubers pt2 [CC]

February 8, 2020

[soothing style music plays] hello beautiful butterflies welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name
is Beverley and it is lovely to see you today in this video we’re going to be
shouting out some of my favourite chronic illness youtubers so grab a cup of tea
and get ready to find some new people to subscribe to [Vintage style music plays] Today I have a lovely mug of
Twinnings green tea it’s ginger tea some hoping it’s gonna help my stomach that’s
been really upset the last few months um and I just felt like you know what I
just need to sit down and have a cosy little chit chat with everyone and so
this seemed the perfect opportunity to do a little shout out video I like doing
these every now and again I follow a lot of youtubers I love finding other
creators to connect with and to maybe do videos with and connect and find new
friends I just find that the best part of being a creator and I’ve picked out
five youtubers that really inspire me or influenced me or have become friends
just because they do the same thing I do and I I really hope that you will check
everybody out have a look at their videos and go and give them a follow
they very much deserve it so first up is chronically Jenny this
girl is amazing she just finished a degree
she lived away from home living with chronic illness she vlogs weekly so
every day you get a little chunk of her day but you really get to see how
chronic illness can be up and down like one day she can walk without a walking
aid at all other days she needs a walker another day she needs a walking stick
other days she needs a wheelchair and it just really helped me to come to terms
with the fact that every day is different for me it helped me to see
that you know what other people with chronic illness in reality have very
very up-and-down kind of lives so you never quite know what you’re
gonna get like a box of chocolates… “my momma always said life was like a box
of chocolates” I love her because she has EDS and when I
was diagnosed with EDS I just was in a tizzy
and she really took me under her wing it was really strange it was like we were
just meant to be friends I really feel that about you Jenny and I’m so thankful
for you so every time they have EDS awareness she will do videos about
different people’s experiences with EDS and that w- those videos are how I
found her how I started to piece together that I might have this illness
and when I was diagnosed um last year she asked me this year to be part of
those videos and it really meant so much to me because those videos have helped
me so much and to be able to then pass it on and help others just meant the
world to me she’s an incredibly lovely person and she’s very down-to-earth very
chatty she’s she’s a radio nut she loves her radio and she’s just I just love her
to death I just think she’s an amazing person and I really hope that you will
go and check out her vlogs she shows all sides of chronic illness from the
bad days that you have to spend in bed to the days you’ve got to go in a
wheelchair to the theatre every little part of her life is shared with us and
that takes a lot of courage but it helps so many people and I think if you have
any kind of chronic illness not just pots and eds and the other things that
she has just generally if you’re interested in finding other people to
connect with who have chronic illness go and check out Jenni her videos are
brilliant the next person I want to talk about is Amanda Ulric who might be one
of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she is the kind of Christian
I grew up around like really kind not judgmental very open and loving
open-hearted people that I was lucky enough to go to church with and then
when I found Christians outside of that circle I was like who are these people
thinking they’re following what is going on she’s just such a lovely person I
really want more people to discover her her whole attitude is about loving
people unconditionally and she’s such a wonderful person and she’s an incredible
artist oh my goodness I wish she sold her work because I would buy her prints
any day they are gorgeous and she’s blind and she shares about how she sets
up her palettes and how she gets painting and why she got into painting
she was an artist before she became blind and she just found a way to make
it work and to still follow her passion and I find that so incredibly inspiring
because when you get sick there’s this kind of feeling put on you that you
shouldn’t be doing the things that you should just be resting I’m too sick to
do anything I have to just rest in my pyjamas but it’s people like this that
showed me that yeah I’m still a human being and I can still be into things and
interested in stuff and still have hobbies and I love that about her she
shares so many beautiful parts of chronic illness and how she adapts her
life she’s a gardener she’s an artist she’s amazing I absolutely adore her
she’s very active on Twitter and I think she just joined Instagram as well but
I’m not 100% sure on that but all I know is that this woman shares life with
chronic fatigue chronic illness mental health issues she
will often need to take little short breaks and she’s very transparent about
that and that’s what I love I love that she is transparent like I am struggling
right now and it’s important for me to step back and I think sometimes we can
get into this whole thing of I’ve got to get videos out I’ve got to do this I’ve
got to do that because else I’m not gonna grow but with people who have illnesses
and yes sometimes we need a little break I just took one myself I haven’t had a
video out for a week now and I felt really guilty about that but Amanda
really shows me that that’s okay it’s okay to need a break now and again she’s
such a kind person and I really want to see her channel grow she deserves way
more subscribers than she has all of these people do so definitely go and
check her out all of the links to everybody will be down in the
description next we have Georgina’s journey this girl has just gone to
university she has many chronic illnesses including a lot of stomach
issues and I’m struggling with my stomach at the moment as we speak and I
have done for like almost coming up to a year now no answers but um she is
somebody who really shows me that if you want to do something if you’re
determined enough to make it happen and you can make it happen she’s living away
from home she’s found friends who support her and look after her she also
has managed to keep friends from before she got sick which is something that is
extremely rare and just shows what a special amazing person she is she’s such
an incredible young lady she deserves the world and she’s going to make it
her own I absolutely adore her she does amazing videos just about life
she’s very transparent she’s very open about what she calls embarrassing
illnesses I was nurse and to me they’re not embarrassing but I think
when you’re putting it out on the Internet it can feel very much like that
like Oh I can’t talk about this and I know exactly where
she’s coming from because I have parts my chronic illness journey that are
embarrassing and I haven’t talked about and she inspires me to really be
vulnerable here with you guys and to trust the people who subscribe to me and
to trust the people around me to know that it might be difficult but they’re
not going to judge me about it and I don’t judge her and I’m sure when I come
to share those parts of myself that are more embarrassing or socially taboo
whatever you want to call it I’m gonna be in supported and that’s an incredible
thing to remember and to be aware of and she just really inspires me so much and
this is not inspiration porn that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about
women who show me the sides of myself that I hide away and they help me to
unveil those parts of me and all of these amazing incredible women do that
and Georgina really does show me that I’m not going to necessarily be judged
for those parts of my illness that I have been hiding and that’s really
important to remember and I really want her to have more subscribers because she
definitely definitely deserves them she’s just gone back to university for
her second year I think and she started out as a booktuber so she just do book
reviews and things like that but her chronic illness journey is incredible to
watch and I just think she’s an amazing person and she’s so lovely so how many times am
I gonna say amazing inspiring lovely I’m just surrounded by amazing people and I
feel so thankful for that next up we have Lord and Lordettes now when you
first hear her channel name you would think what’s that going to do with
chronic illness because the title doesn’t say anything about this but she
is a weekly vlogger who vlogs about her life bringing up two children
and running a household with fibromyalgia and M.E. or chronic fatigue
syndrome um and she’s in my age bracket now this is gonna sound really strange
it’s hard to find people on YouTube in my age bracket it just is and so when I
discovered that there was this woman who has the same illnesses as me and she’s
on YouTube and she’s really nice and she she does these segments um every week
like she has one that’s like fibro a fact of the week where she’ll talk about
one aspect of fibromyalgia I love it because she makes up little
jingles and she will sing little jingles and it’s the most cutest most
adorable-eresterest thing ever I love it she’s very open about her life
she her family I feel like a member of her family just going and chilling
around her house for the week and isn’t that just a lovely cozy image going and
hanging out with friends I think so many people in the chronic illness community
are isolated because we can’t get out very much we’re sick we can’t leave our
beds we can’t leave machines that we are hooked up to we can’t walk so far that’s
me in a nutshell I very rarely leave this room apart from going to bed and go
to the toilet I’m here um and so I feel very isolating this times when I feel
like I want company and YouTube is how I find friends it’s not a curated TV show
or Netflix or whatever these are real people sharing their stories and that’s
why I really wanted to share this and following the Lord and Lordettes it
really it really makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with friends and
such a lovely part of my week just sitting down and watching her videos and
she inspired me to get my own fairy garden she’s really cool and at the
moment she’s moving they’re moving to a bungalow so it’s a new chapter of her
life starting I’m looking forward to vlogs about decorating picking stuff out
you know the usual moving things and I’m just really
feeling like this is the perfect time to go and subscribe get to know her family
as they start this new chapter of their lives so go and subscribe now lastly I’m
going to be talking about somebody who’s quite a big youtuber um Kendall Rae a
lot of you probably know her she er she did a collaboration video with Shane
Dawson once that’s how I discovered her but that’s how big she is she has a
podcast with her husband and on her main channel she talks about true crime
conspiracies governments that sort of thing and I find it incredibly
interesting they’re the things that I love true crime and stuff like that just
my jam mwah but today I’m talking about mile higher
life Kendall Rae it deals with I think it’s Hashimoto’s disease which is
something to do with the thyroid gland but she’s been struggling struggling
struggling with a lot of new symptoms recently and she’s been vlogging for a
while I’ve been watching her vlogging channel for a long time
but what I love about her vlogs is you see that she’s- her house has basically
become a zoo she has a lot of animals she spends a lot of time at home
creating videos and spending time with family and dealing with chronic
illnesses chronic pain chronic fatigue having a lot of baths she’s very
spiritual so she collects crystal’s and she is coping with her
chronic illnesses with alternative therapies or more traditionally as I
prefer to call it so she uses cannabis uses CBD she uses essential oils and
lots of baths with essential oil bath bombs that sort of thing and it gives me
so many ideas of ways to deal with my illnesses in ways that are not just
throwing tablets down my throat you know like doctors tend to just throw tablets
at you I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but that’s how the NHS
seems to be and I love seeing this woman just be like no I’m gonna smother myself
in balms and creams like I do with pain slayer I did a blog post about these so
I’ll link to that blog post down below not sponsored in any way but I also
smother myself in balms and creams to deal with pain rather than taking
tablets so it’s great to see somebody else who’s on a similar spiritual
path as me and is trying to deal with their illnesses in a way more natural
way it’s also great to see behind the scenes of a bigger youtuber I really
love that I love seeing how the behind-the-scenes happens and they’ve
just moved into a new house and it’s a beautiful like she’s got lots of land
with it and it’s just gorgeous they’re getting lots of animals and I mean I
would have a small zoo if I could so it’s great to see somebody living that
life that I wish I could live yeah and it’s just great to see that so if you
enjoy conspiracies and stuff definitely go and check out her main channel but if
you’re more interested into life with chronic illnesses check out mile higher life
I think you’ll find the running theme in all of these is just normal
people making videos trying to help others a lot of it is weekly vloggers I
love weekly vloggers I find daily vlogging a little bit overwhelming
sometimes like you’ve got to watch every day if you don’t watch for a couple of
weeks you don’t know what’s happening I do watch like a couple of daily vloggers
but most people I watch will be weekly because it’s just easier to sit down and
watch a half now weekly vlog rather than a half an hour a day and it’s so nice to
see how a full week comes together for somebody with chronic illness if you
would like me to do a couple of vlogs weekly vlogs now and again if that’s
something that you’d be interested in seeing definitely let me know I’m open
to doing that sort of thing if you ever have any ideas or questions or things
you’d love to see more of on my channel let me know in the comments for sure
don’t forget while you’re down there to check out the description everybody will
be linked down below all the channels go and check them out go and give them a
subscribe honestly you will not regret any of them they’re all really lovely
people and I consider them friends even though I’ve never met any of them but I
do so go and go and subscribe to my friends um talking of subscribing head
down there and if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel why not hit that
little subscribe button ring that little bell so you always know when I upload
I’m usually here Mondays and Fridays my health permitting I try and be here
every week twice a week but it’s not always possible and these people keep me
company while I’m lying in bed with my dog who’s here snoozing um I really hope
that you enjoyed this video I know it’s a little bit different to a lot of the
content I’ve been doing recently but I love oh hello do you want to say hello
to everyone? I know it’s a little different to a lot of my content I’ve been doing
but I do want to get back to sharing out other youtubers that I enjoy because I
think it’s important that we build each other
up let me know down in the comments if you’re gonna be subscribing to anybody
here if you’re already subscribed if you are the people I’ve mentioned leave me a
comment I love trying to get know you all I love it it makes my day to get a
new comment so definitely leave me a little comment down there I hope that
you are having a really lovely week this week I hope that you’re having a really
lovely day and I hope to see you back here for my next video take care guys
bye…urgh I’m exhausted!


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    Who are some of your favourite chronic illness you tubers? xx

  • Reply Amanda’s Blind and Chronic Illness Life September 14, 2019 at 1:00 am

    You’re so kind to say those things about me. You’re making me cry. You’re so inspiring and wonderful! I can’t believe you chose me to be in your video. I’m so honored!😢💛 So so much love to you! I’ve been subscribed to everyone except one and now I’m subscribed to everyone! Thank you so so much!💛

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    Ginger Green Tea is AWESOME! GREAT video idea! 👈😎👍

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    thats a big cup lol what some great channels, will go and check them out, im already subbed to Amanda. have a fab weekend

  • Reply Georgina's Journey September 14, 2019 at 11:34 am

    Thank you Beverley, I loved this so, so much! Really looking forward to watching the others in this video! 🙂 Thank you for sharing these channels with us!

  • Reply Chronically Jenni September 15, 2019 at 10:48 am

    Oh Beverley! My Heart! Thank you so so much for your extremely kind words. I cannot tell you how much it means <3 Sending you all the spoons & love in the world, Thank you for always being my biggest cheerleader 💜

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