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my boyfriend rates my EXTRA AF date night outfits

August 22, 2019

TANA: What did you ask me to do BRAD: itch my foot during the intro Hi guys, it’s Tana Mongeau. Welcome to my boyfriend or I’ll come back to my boyfriend So, um when we did that video where you are rating my New Year’s Eve outfit 3.7 million people watched it BRAD: holy smokers That’s literally crazy. This just in getting boyfriend does get you views And you guys were asking a bunch in the comments and on Twitter and stuff to keep out videos like that and I did say In that video that I wanted to do more in the future and someone tweeted me the other day follow me on Twitter shameless selfpromo, to do a Valentine’s Day outfit edition and of course I always wait until two days before the fucking holiday and then drive myself fucking insane trying to get all fucking done Before the holiday so um, I’m actually gonna be ruining our Valentine’s Day to make you guys have a really good one So I hope you enjoy this video. No, I’m just kidding. We’re gonna have a great Valentine’s Day. This is Brad my boyfriend Hello, you guys might have Met him before but if not, he’s very cute and you cannot have him cause he’s all mine it’s 3:00 a.m. Right now and we’re starting this video. What time? 3:45 I thought I was he looks great. We’re just getting started and Brad’s a tired goose, but he loves me BRAD: Is that what kind of outfits is that because last time you did like some Coachella shit Some coachella shit you know what’s funny Ashley and Hailey literally just have like begged me to put one of the outfits back because it was literally just for coachella BRAD: actually? Yes. No, last time I did the same thing Like I was like my extra as fuck like New Year’s outfits like this is definitely extra as fuck Valentine’s outfit there’s probably BRAD: like going out to dinner you’d wear this or like definitely not I don’t know there’s like one or two that I would probably actually wear and then there’s some crazy ones. they’re not gonna so crazy is just something I would only like wear around the house if I was trying to get extra around the But I also never extra and I’m always thinking of auntie there might be something like but I don’t even know you I could see You adding literally all of them last time. The only thing I was on your face you had that’s like she’s got me on your Glasses in there dole, but there’s no like crazy. Hops a glass eye It’s a little more normal But it’s also like normal for me actually wax all over my legs right now you guys because over on Brad’s channel I wax his legs. I literally just put it there he’ll today I’m like, okay, I’m gonna wax your legs and then you’re gonna write on my outfits and it’s for a Boy you change trying to get to wax off my leg right now my hands But that buddy was really crazy stuff that’s up by the time this videos up I’m gonna link it below if not his channels below. So go subscribe and like wait for it Yeah, I guess we’ll hop right into it, but I miss you miss you Just go I want to see it I was gonna say Pat We’re the one that you think I’d like the most but this side now I have to put on this crazy So I love beaming be cozy close. No be to defer I Close my eyes. Are you like to the left and the sorry I move directly in the middle by the way, don’t What the fucking whistling look I’m gonna model for the camera to sell hold on Rubbery what a thing to say Is that blows know? What I think it’s how you put this on one time just really yeah Exactly, right? Yeah, I really like it. Oh and even see the shoes. I like it. It’s the same material everything The jackets a bit off No need for slipper, I literally don’t even get shit on my outfit at all Just wondering if my nipples are gonna fall out. What do you think? Oh Okay, scale one to ten Like this for this You like it well like going to sit down you dinner and even where they probably not Is this like a 2×4 you two go out and eat dinner at a nice restaurant? Yes. Okay. Well, yeah we were going out Oh, I guess that’s true. I probably we’re in this place like a Collins hands party. Like that’s a ten That’s a ten or 1004 for Valentine’s Day. But the way you say valentine’s is giving me little syphilis My lips oh god right now just like That’s me you only have one and that’s unto one You can wear this to dinner really when the fucking this on this that bad though I would wear this so I don’t slobber the time an extra party. Definitely before I wear it, too Like it just seems Bujji do a little twirl for daddy. Oh Yeah I’ve ever heard you call yourself I know I like it big ring my ring mortgage oh Really? Make it three with the glasses like a seven Okay, this one’s like kind of normal I can see the people at home being like okay I Get sick, you never see me of genes you actually never wear even like tight jeans I don’t know jeans ever come out of work. That’s right. Seven point five. Oh my god, I’d say you don’t like it I don’t like 4:30 in the morning. But if you drink coffee, it’s five. Oh my god Do you think this song’s gonna start going out? Should I hurry? No shit honey. I can’t even walk up the stairs in them Just like literally I’ve worn them one time and like this is like why I can’t have nice things Oh like what like bitch where did you go don’t look at what this outfit was? in spite of all the stares like so hot red This also was inspired by a celebrity that I like loosely inspired, I don’t think she would wear the shoes So it’s like inspired by celebrity meets like I’m a ratchet bitch if that makes sense. Oh My god, you could probably some memory worm Okay This is like if it was like daytime like I need something playful you’re I mean like not as like serious No, that’s cute wait, who is that some kids used you don’t use it from the quote mother sure sure ever Maria I Think my spirit says no you didn’t. Yeah. This is like a cute vibe like in the day nice summer day They go except it’s out Menza You can read honest Five six Six I’m talking about the outfit not about why would you realistically wear this outfit? I answer that I guess Dom I probably wouldn’t actually realistically where this that’s what I mean Irene outfit. Uh, yeah Fucking each other in the fucking video what that way? Yeah. That’s why I feel like that’s what took so long The last time is you were literally getting on top of them after every outfit Five are you recovering from? What what are you look okay fine This is a five hundred like it’s Hugh are you so yeah is UK to give me a five pa? I need a five point five. Can you give you this? I’m not wearing shoes with this long. I give up on the shoes. Oh, this is like so demonetised. It’s insane. It’s insane It’s not like bad. Like I would honestly wear this like out I’d probably wear this to like poppy It already doesn’t spread what doesn’t surprise you the do you monetize, but I’d still wear it too poppy Cutie it’s not like you got that bad. Well like that under boo, but it’s like style, you know, like people You’re shocking me so much in this video Brad like obviously means Matt 6.50 a city boy 56.50 my toe. Just touched your straw. That’s your job to your coffee Just like you can see that your teeth were fucked up really I’m very interesting not before oh, yes it here We take if I don’t think about up. Yeah. Oh My god, that’s like new that’s new That’s not okay that’s not okay. Oh my god Oh my god, I need to go to the dentist. I knew you or the Dennis. I’m so scared Please do not kill yourself. Okay, that’d be horrible. It’s like I would probably call it pajamas. Yeah It’s like pajamas meets lingerie but also meets like real clothes it’s just extra like this video being like extras outfits Like this is this is wises Let’s rip this parents I wore a beret but I don’t think that’s right. So like it looks really comfortable I’m gonna commit suicide No P90 like pajamas probably you all done. It’s innate for sure and it’s cozy. I like this. I like it You look so cute in it. I would give it it ain’t No, no But one sexy one on bring it up Really like you’re doing this stuff for me I 5:30 in the morning means a lot to me I was hoping you like Do you love and I get AIDS You for it. It was so bad Pratt Pratt Pratt. Pratt. Pratt. Your farts literally are the worst smelling thing I’ve ever smelled He thought the viewfinder was pretty I thought he was pretty Like I guess Marcus – is there anything on the eyes I tried to go simple but like Definitely still extra I’m not bad Fucking literally blow the place up is given a lot and he looks so Korean it Rip it off. I’ll take it. I don’t know if it’s a real town. I don’t know here This is where this is a ten. Yeah. I tried this will be Valentine’s II Really don’t think I know I know I feel like I’ve realized that unless I’m literally wearing a girly little dress and like you don’t Even like you’re not gonna like it. You’re more like traditional if anything like I don’t think it’s a bad thing heat Leakage you need a big wide. I look taller than you 6 a.m Good night All right, guys, it’s exam. I put on a bunch of extras Valentine’s Day outfits And today we learn my boyfriend only like slutty little dresses and heels Still a beautiful and sexy that’s why in my opinion it’s a 10, you know That’s what I like. I hope you guys enjoyed another boyfriend rates my outfits video. I know Brad didn’t


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