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Music as Medicine

February 2, 2020

Music, as we’ve learned in the course, has
the potential to evoke lots of meaningful memories. We learn about the psychological benefits
and the overall health benefits that it has. It is also a community placement course. So, not only do we learn about the scientific components and the benefits behind music,
how that works in the brain, but we also put this in to practice and we go visit retirement
homes, and long-term care homes, and we play music and we do activities and we’re actually
able to see these benefits in real life. Just to see the young people, oh I love the
kids, they are just great. When I was in public school, and that was
many years ago, I didn’t have the opportunity, at that time, to learn to play an instrument. It’s been just great. I get down here every time they come in and sing along. It’s such a meaningful program to have and I think it’s so beneficial to be introducing these intergenerational relationships and
just to place that importance on this.

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