mullein blend tincture

September 6, 2019

Hi leda lum’s Apotheca. I changed the name.
I wanted to talk about Mullein tincture that for this cold flu season. I contracted a cold
and it went into my lungs and I got this Mullein blend respiratory system support tincture.
so its a blend of the leaves and the flower. I had pretty immediate results, like I could
feel my lungs expanding. It helps the little hair like, what are those things called (alveoli).
It helps your lungs extract, its an expectorant of the mucous in your lungs. But I could feel
it working. So I wanted to make a video about it. So you take about 40 drops of this. I
just took through out the day a few drops of this, like half a dropper full under my
tongue and held it there, because you absorb vitamins with the veins under your tongue
more easily. But I think you guys should check that out if you have any sort of respiratory
problems, get some mullein blend and try it. yea it was amazing. very helpful}

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