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Mr. Mann’s Story: Recovery After Knee Infection

August 16, 2019

There were times when I couldn’t walk. I
mean, actually my legs would collapse under me. I had been immobile for so long that I didn’t know what my future looked like.
With the same care plan, with the same care providers, he came to Kindred. It
was selected for me by my family, but as they’ve got to learn about Kindred it was
more and more like home. I was treated like I was at home. We’re not just
treating them because of, you know, their bad knee or their weak shoulder. We’re
treating them overall as a whole person, and looking at them and how we can
really help them. Every day I had hope, every day I had help and hope from everybody in the staff. He was motivated, he really wanted to get back home. My growth there was good. From being immobile and full of pain to where I was excited to be alive
again. His care was provided in a continuum without any interruption. He
recovered very well, his infection was completely eradicated and completely
treated, he had a successful rehabilitation process, and he’s home!
It’s fulfilling to be coming from where I was to where I am today.
You know, you go where you belong… and I belong to Kindred.

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