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Movement Medicine – Calming Practice – Yoga With Adriene

December 30, 2019

– What’s up everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, and today on our
Movement Is Medicine practice, we have a calming
balancing sequence for you. So this is something you can
repeat over and over again, when you know you need to kind of tend to the energetic body. This will in turn
give you the energy that you need to be active
and fulfill your life’s destiny. But today we’re taking a calm stretchy soothing
pranayamic approach. So hop into something extra
comfy, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my friends,
let’s begin on the ground, seated, nice and low. And we’re gonna
bring our hands behind us. When you get there,
move the feet out in front. And if you’re on
a yoga mat today, bring your feet as
wide as the yoga mat. And then, turn your
fingertips in towards your body, and then inhale,
lift your chest, and start to feel
stretched through the front, the shoulders,
the armpit chest. And if this is too much you can turn the
palms the other way. So you can turn the
fingertips back like this. Otherwise we’re turning
them in towards our body. Inhale in, lift your chin,
lift your chest. And then exhale out,
claw into the fingertips and see if you can lift
your chest a little bit more. So we’re diving right in today. Inhale. Then exhale to release. To release we’ll bring the
fingertips now to the center. Feet stay on the ground. Knees up towards the sky. Reach the fingertips forward. Inhale in. Now we’re
stretching the back body. And exhale, maybe
your chin to chest. Get some energy
moving up and down the spine by deepening the breath. Today’s practice is gonna
calm or quell any anxiety. Just chilling out a bit,
right, we need that sometimes. And we have to actively counteract all the
busy bustling energy, the wicky whacky stuff. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, slide the fingertips
to the tops of the feet. Catch your ankles. Little core activation. Lift the feet up. Bring the arches together. Lift the chest, lift the chin. So we’re back to where we just
started lifting the fronts of the shoulders up towards
the sky, lifting the heart. Inhale in. If you want to
do something crazy and stretch your legs,
on the exhale you can. Great, take one
more breath, inhale. Just activating
this line that runs up and down the spine here. Beautiful, and
then with control, slowly bring the
feet to the ground. Not suped up, Baddha Konasana. Just straight up
Baddha Konasana. Hold onto the ankles, or interlace the
fingertips around your toes. And sit up nice and tall,
take a big sweeping inhale in. Imagine the breath
traveling down to your belly as you fill up with air. Then exhale, tops of
the thighs, ground down. Beautiful inhale, and
again lift your chest. Find expansion, and then exhale. We can track. Take the thumbs to
the arches of the feet. Start to open
the feet like a book. And just make this little
practice about self inquiry. We don’t need to boost
the biceps of the booty here. We’re working
on balancing it out so we can have energy
to do all the other stuff. So balance it out today. Give yourself a little massage
on the arches of the feet. We are gonna get some good
little openings in the hips. In the inner thighs. And then again stimulating
from the soles of the feet to the crown of the head,
so that we can balance out the energy
of the body and find our chill. Alright, take one
more inhale and exhale. One more cycle of
breath here wherever you are. And then slowly roll up. And we’re just gonna
take the right foot out, and then actually hug the
right heel in a little closer. So create an L shape. And sit up nice and tall. Then take your
right hand to the top of your left hip crease,
and just side body stretch with the left fingertips
over towards the right. Inhale in. Exhale all the way back up. We’ll switch. Dig the left heel
into your yoga mat. Send it out long. Hike the right heel in. Left palm gently comes to the
top of the right hip crease. And side body stretches, you sweep the right
fingertips up and overhead. Now breathe into the lower back. So great for the internal
organs, as you breathe deep, as you bring these conscious
breath, replenishing the organ, the kidneys, the liver. Alright, come back up. Beautiful work,
got a hair in my mouth. Send both legs out long. Inhale in deeply. Hook the thumbs. Wu-Tang Clan. Exhale forward. Fold, bend the knees generously. Big breath in. If you can bend the
knees so much so that you can bring the hands to
the ankles or the feet, great. If not, just allow the hands to rest wherever
they naturally fold. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Great, slowly roll it up. Lift the legs up,
cross the ankles. Come through to all fours. Cat-Cow. Right away. Wrists underneath the shoulders. Knees directly
underneath the hips. Keep checking in. Again, this practice
is about self inquiry. Balancing out the energy of
the body, so you can feel good. Drop the belly, inhale. You gotta bring the breath. And there’s an artfulness to
the way you breathe today. Perhaps finding something new. Exhale as you lift. Up through the heart,
navel to spine. Inhale. And exhale. Inhale. And exhale. And then drop the
elbows where the hands are. Keep breathing. And then keep the
hands firmly planted as you walk the knees back. And you’re gonna
bring the knees wide. Wide as your yoga mat. And then you’re gonna
actually bring the elbows a little bit wider
on today’s variation. So, a little bit
wide with the elbows, a little bit
wide with the knees. And then, here we go. Inhale in. Exhale. Melt it all down. Chin comes to the
yoga mat, gaze forward. Tailbone up towards the sky. Breathe deep. You got this. Claw into the fingertips. Breathe. Wonderful, then activate
through the tops of the feet. Par in line with
the nose, come forward. Walk the elbows back
underneath the shoulders. Hands come into alignment. We’ll curl the toes under. Walk the knees in. And here we come
into a forearm plank. Breathe deep. Didn’t expect that did you? Fire up through the belly. Get my ponytail out of the way. Big breath in. Gaze straight down. Big breath out. You got it.
One more big breath in. Feel that shake, that prana, that’s what we want,
stirring the pot. And then slowly lower the knees. Bring them together,
feet together. And we roll up to a nice seat. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Nice work. Feel the blood flow,
opposite direction. Close your eyes so
you can really feel the sensation going on. Excellent, then come
forward on the fingertips. Flip the toes. Sink the hips back on the heels. Little yoga for the feet. Try to press
into your pinky toe. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Like waves of
the ocean crashing. So inhale. And exhale. Nice full deep breaths. Wonderful, then
walk the knees as wide as the hips here, hip points. So just a little bit wide. And then lift your hips up. Come onto the tops of the feet,
should feel really good now. Lengthen tailbone down. Inhale. Lift your heart. Awesome, eagle arms. Send the fingertips forward. Right arm underneath
the left here, wrap around. Inhale, keep pressing firmly
into the tops of the feet. Lengthening tailbone
down, creating spaciousness through all four
sides of the torso. So really pay
attention to this lift up through all four
sides of the torso. And then from there inhale. Lift your elbows
up a little higher. Exhale. Navel to spine. Inhale to expand. Exhale.
Navel to spine. One more time. Inhale in. Exhale navel to spine. Beautiful. Send the
fingertips out in front. Interlace steeple grip. And I want you to
slowly lower back. Keep head, heart, and
pelvis in a line here. Hold onto that danda
strengthening the quads. Stretching through
the fronts of the hips. Front of the hips. And baby pulses
maybe here for five. Four. Three. You’re doing great. Two. Press from
the tops of the feet to come up on the one. Beautiful, release the arms. This time left arm
underneath the right. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale.
Navel to spine. So find this play of
expansion and contraction in the belly with your breath. Inhale. And exhale. Navel draws in. Inhale, find expansion. Press into your feet, exhale. Beautiful, inhale, unravel. Exhale, release the fingertips
interlace behind the tail. Knuckles draw
down and away, inhale. Open the chest. Open your heart. And then exhale. Here we go. Slowly drawing the
nose towards the navel. Head comes down
towards the earth. Crown of the head to
a block, or the earth. You can curl the toes under
here if it feels more stable. Breathe into the belly. Knuckles reach towards the sky. You’re doing great. Big breath in. Not putting a bunch of
pressure on the neck here. Staying connected
lifting up from the shoulders. With the arms,
reaching, reaching, reaching. Then reach the heels back,
and the hips back, and tuck the chin
to slowly roll it up. Back to the foot stretch. Release the arms. Palms come to the
tops of the thighs. Big breath in. Lion’s breath, tongue out. If this is your
first lion’s breath ever, welcome to the club. Let’s do another one, inhale in. Lion’s breath, tongue out. Rock and roll. Okay, here we go. Coming forward onto all fours. We’re gonna come onto
the tops of the feet here. Neutral spine. When you’re ready, inhale. Send the right leg out long. And then exhale. Bring the right leg, right
foot all the way up and in. And the fingertips
are gonna come together. So we’re not quite
going as wide as lizards. So go ahead and bring your
right foot into the center line. Right hand comes in
line with the right arch. If you want you can
use a block, or a pillow, or a folded up tile to bring
the earth up to you here. Then here you go. Swing the left toes
over towards the right side of the yoga mat and inhale. As you’re ready
open the left fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Send the fingertips up high. If your left shoulder’s
really coming forward here, it’s a good idea to
find that lift here, so you can get
your left shoulder back. Feel that stretch in the left
side body, and the belly. Breathe into
the lower back body. Love for the liver
and the kidneys today. Inhale in. As you start to open up
through the right inner thigh. Now, squeeze the right
knee towards your right arm and press your right
arm towards the left, uh sorry,
towards your right knee. So again, that’s
squeeze your right knee towards your right arm. Press your right arm
towards your right knee. So a little bit of balancing
of the opposing forces here. Just squeeze and lift. Alright, inhale. Exhale. Awesome work, amazing job. Come all the way back
to frame your right foot. And pull the right hip
crease back half splits. Awesome work. Come forward, plant the palms
back to Tabletop Position. Neutral spine.
Check in. Fabulous, other side. Inhale. Send the
left leg out long. Exhale, step it
all the way out. Left hand comes
to join the right. So we’re not going
as wide as lizards, so keep that left
foot in the center line. Sorry, I have
an itch on my nose. Plant the left palm next to
the arch of the left foot. And as you’re
ready, nice and slow. So move from your center. Stay connected to your core. Right toes towards
the left side of the mat. Think Gate Pose prep. And then find a
little resistance here is what I was trying to say. So squeeze the left leg
in towards your left arm, and then press left
arm into your left leg. As you inhale, reach to
the right, fingertips up. And if you feel like
your right shoulder is forward and you can’t quite
get back, maybe come up onto the fingertips, or
come up onto a block here. And then the biggest most
beautiful act of love you can do for yourself here right now, is not the pose, but the
breath that embodies the pose. So breathe. Send awareness
to the lower back. Nourish your systems with this
nice full conscious breath. Lean back into it. Squeeze the left
knee towards the left arm. Press left arm
towards the left knee. Feel that deep stretch
in the left inner thigh. The groin, you got it,
one more breath. Inhale. And then exhale
all the way back down. Bring the right foot back. Pull the left hip crease back. Gentle half splits here,
don’t press, don’t push. Nice and softy and easy. Yeah baby! And then roll through. Plant the palms. Come back to Tabletop Position. Great work. Bump the hips to the left. Turn to look past
your right shoulder. Beautiful, come to center. Actively bump the
hips to the right. Turn to look past
your left shoulder. Great, cross the ankles. Use your hands to guide
your way all the way back through to a
nice comfortable seat. Then a meditation pose. This is where we’ll end
today, so, get comfortable. Great, left hand
comes to the heart center. Excuse me, right hand
comes to the lower belly. Take a second to close your
eyes, sit up nice and tall. And just take a couple quiet
moments more to yourself. Just steady your breath. And to just be
present with what it is. Whatever is going on today. Just lean in. Tap and do a little inner smile. And hopefully you can feel
a little bit of warmth here. A little sensation
from that practice. From our practice. Take whatever information you
received from today’s practice with you off the mat and into the rest of
your day or your night. Move with ease. I hope you have
great sleep tonight. Continue to stay connected
to your song, your breath. Find what feels good, listen. Try to move from a big
place, an honest place. Draw the hands together. Anjuli Mudra,
prayer position at the heart. Inhale. And exhale. Bow your brain
down to your heart. Feel the stretch in
the back of the neck. Listen to the sound of
your breath as you breathe in. And out. The chill in me bows
to the chill in you. Thanks everyone, namaste. (upbeat music)


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