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Mother asking for antibiotics for her child with a URI

October 21, 2019

So Mrs. Joiner, I understand
that Emily’s had three days of cough, ond day of congestion and also one day of
low-grade fever. Is that correct? And she’s also not eating and drinking so well
but not having any diarrhea right? That’s right. So, you know, from what you’re telling me,
it really sounds like this is a virus. This is happening so much right now.
There’s so many kids coming back into the office right now with upper respiratory tract infections and almost all these these are caused by
a virus so what we do for those is we actually
don’t give her any medicines, but we will treat her symptoms How does that sound?
Do you have any questions about that? Well i was thinking maybe we could get her some antibiotics or something? I know when she had the ear infection a couple
months ago we gave her some Amoxicillin and that really seemed to help clear it up and made
her feel better quickly, so I was thinking maybe we could get some antibiotics for her so i understand your concerns and i
definitely want to get Emily better as quickly as possible The issue with giving her antibiotics is that antibiotics can cause side effects and so when we gave her the antibiotics
for the ear infection a couple of months ago, that was because she had the ear
infection exactly as you put it and ear infections are caused by bacteria whereas now, Emily’s having an upper respiratory tract infection which is again almost always caused by a
virus and so i wouldn’t want to give her any antibiotics to treat a virus
because antibiotics actually don’t do anything to treat viruses and again they
really can cause some serious side effects. Well she didn’t have any side effects
last time, I mean she felt fine and got better more quickly you’re right she did and the good
thing about that is that’s because we were giving her antibiotics appropriately We were giving her antibiotics to treat the
bacteria that was caused by the ear infection the many bacteria
that was causing the ear infection But this time, I wouldn’t want to give her
antibiotics if I think she’s having a virus because if you inappropriately use antibiotics what can happen is later when she actually needs them, they won’t have the same effectiveness they actually might not make
her feel better okay well it’s is there anything i can
do? Can I get her some cold medicine or something over the counter to make her feel a little better? So again, I definitely want to get her better and
I’m sure this is probably very hard on you right now as a new mom right?
Yeah, it’s a little scary. She’s so upset and I just want to help her. Absolutely. So there’s definitely some things that you can
give her. Unfortunately, cold medicines have not been proven through all the studies that have been done,
there’s been no benefit shown with cold or cough medicines for kids under
the age of four so Emily falls in that age range of being under
the age of four years old, so I don’t want to give her any cough or cold medicines. The reasons for that are a couple. So one
is that, again, they don’t show any benefit. But two, you know how if you would give her
tylenol or acetaminophen because she has a fever. Some of the cough and cold
medicines also have acetaminophen in them and so they have a combination
of a lot of other medications in them and so you know actually could give an accidental overdose of medicines and so that’s why we get very concerned
about them for kids. I see. Well is there anything I can do? I mean can I get her vaporizer,
some chest rub or something to help her Yeah, again, I hear you, I definitely want to get you guys all back together in that house and so there are some things that you can do. So
there’s a nasal saline spray. You can buy it over the counter and the way that works is you give her a
couple of drops in her nose and then you suction it out with the nasal aspirator, and that should help break up some of that nasal congestion and some of that
mucus in her nose. Some other things is, how’s her cough? Is her cough
really bothering her? Yeah, it’s been keeping her up and keeping us up and
that’s I’d like to help her out with that too if possible okay I want to help you guys out too because I
wan to get everybody sleeping in that house So what you can actually give her
for the cough is some honey So i know we talked before when she was under a year, and she wasn’t allowed to have honey but now that she’s eighteen months
old she’s allowed to have a little bit of honey so you can do a half to one
teaspoon of honey a couple of times a day, three to four
times a day and that actually might help break up the dryness in her cough, and
actually help break up the mucus that’s in her chest with that cough okay? well I guess I’ll try and get that nasal spray and try the honey and hope she feels a
little better I think those things will help,
and another thing that might help is there’s a website from the american
academy of pediatrics it’s called and
that’s a great website. There’s a lot of facts for parents, it has a lot of
stuff in there about how to treat kids when they have these upper
respiratory tract infections, and I think that really would be helpful well i’ll definitely check that out as
well, thanks. okay great so i want to make sure that
at Emily’s doing okay, though so how about this, give me a call in a
couple of days and just let me know how she’s doing. If she’s not doing any
better, then we’ll have her come into the office and get her seen. Okay, that sounds good. Great! It’s great talking to you, keep me
posted. Will do you, thank you.

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