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Most VIRAL Beauty HACKS Busted … | #Myths #Makeup #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

December 12, 2019

Again we both have brought an amazing video We have brought for you Testing Out viral Beauty Hacks first lets know from this Yellow Monkey that how many LIKES do we get this time? We’ll get at least 1,50,000 LIKES so turn that grey Like button to blue so be aware and repeat these Hacks with others and especially with your best friend as I did with her Have you gone mad I just fix this lip gloss to my hair as I’ve watched in that video let me do this ok fine agree that a few of hair get stick with that lip gloss so the hack is If you have applied too glossy lipstick or lip gloss and your opened hair got stick like this so you need to do is take some ice and keep it over the lip gloss like this it is saying that this will set your lip gloss now lets see just think if you gonna to make your lip gloss non sticky why don’t you apply a matte lipstick instead of that sticky gloss if you’r going somewhere with your boy friend and your hair becomes like that so where do you take him or where did you find the ice!!! I’ll take him to the bar and make him to order a drink he will get that drink and I’ll use that ice cubes..:-) this hack makes my lipstick look weird so this hack got a Thumbs down we gonna to set our Eyebrows using this Mosquitos spray all know thats a Hair Spray spray it over a polie and then set your eyebrows like this yeah surely this will work as its a hair spray which set our hair for this hack you need some milk but they didn’t showed the quantity so this removes your unwanted hair so what’s she has done applied it here and didn’t show how to wipe or wash just she showed that unwanted hair have gone like like with some magic now we’ll do this for how much time do we keep this she didn’t tell this now will see whether its working or not not even a single hair got removed we got lot of comments asking for eye look for droopy eyes as your eye makeup doesn’t look properly if you’ve droopy eyes so this hack specially for those with droopy eyes so we need to take a piece of cello tape and paste it to your eyelid so the issue is tap is visible but your eyes definitely looks big so if you get skin colour tape then we’ll give a thumbs up to this hack now you’ll do next hack so the next hack is heat your eyelash curler a little and then start curling your eyes i had never ever listen to this type of hack this hack too get a thumbs down we’ll do contouring using this goggle take contouring powder on this portion of your goggle and then wear that glass like this and then slide it this way so what are you waiting for take a dark coloured concealer fast this hack too get a thumbs down again we’ve brought something new to apply foundation and that is Marsh Mallow yeah it help in blending yes this help in blending as this is like an sponge next hack is for eyeshadow forget about all those you’ve learnt from youtube videos applying eyeshadows so you need to take tape for this and place it on your eyes like this and then apply your eyeshadow and then you’ll look like a queen in this you need to cut thin strips and then fix them on your eyes so thin strips like this if you gonna able to do it as we aren’t able to do it well and then apply any dark coloured eye shadow like this wow your are looking like a Queen… of Jungle 🙂 OMG what a look !! if you go for wedding party applying this eye shadow I’m telling you every one will look to you and also take photos with you.. isn’t it .. yeah actually need someone to make fun of it so this too get a Thumbs down now we’ll make eyeshadow & what we need for it why don’t you apply it directly if we already have pigment so lets make eyeshadow add some glitter in vaseline and then this pigment in most of the hack you’ve seen that you can remove your eye makeup with a Vaseline and we put Vaseline in it so what will happen if we apply it today I am gonna make you learn how to do cut crease this is false eye lashes packaging take concealer on it keep it this way on your eyelids to get a cut crease now applying eyeshadow over it but the actual method to cut crease is you need to make it according to your eye shape and this is not of my eye shape so that it spread over here turn that red subscribe button to grey also press that bell icon nearby that subscribe button so that you’ll get a notification that we’ve uploaded a new fun video so share this crazy video with all of your friends


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