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More Than Medicine | LeeAnn Goodson, NICU Nurse, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

December 13, 2019

I read somewhere something about hope is the whisper that says
I’ll try again tomorrow. And that’s what you have to do
when your child’s fighting for their life in the NICU. [MUSIC]>>I’m LeeAnn, I’m a NICU
nurse at Johns Hopkins. In 2009, my daughter Gabriela
was born with congenital heart disease and she was
transferred to Johns Hopkins and she needed emergency intubation. And at six days old,
she went into her first surgery. It was supposed to
last four hours. It ended up lasting eight hours,
and when she came out of surgery,
Dr. Vricella, the surgeon told us that it didn’t go as
well as he had planned. So he told us that he was gonna
spend the night at her bedside in case he had to emergently
go back in and do surgery. Then I felt like I’m nearly
hanging by a thread, and I felt like the thread had
been cut at that point. Because the textbook said that
she’s not supposed to live. But Dr. Nelson, who was
the critical care doctor, followed me out in
the hallway and she said, your daughter’s a fighter,
don’t ever give up on hope. And I just felt like that
was a defining moment. It was the hope that the
attending physician had in my daughter that inspired me to be
that person to other families that are going through the same
thing that I was going through. That’s where I think the art
of medicine comes in. It’s not just the science. It’s not just black and white. There were enough doctors and
nurses who were caring for her that were willing to look
at the way she was presenting clinically and treat her as
a patient, as opposed to what is learned in a textbook or what
is learned in medical school. Smiling.>>He’s smiling.>>When I see the families come
in, and I see them see their child for the first
time after delivery and they have tears
in their eyes and they don’t know if they’re
gonna see tomorrow, then I, it just takes me back to when
I was standing in their shoes. And I feel like I can offer them hope by
advocating for their child. And in their weak moments, when they feel like they don’t
have the strength to fight or ask questions or advocate, they
know that I’m at that bedside as if that was my own kid, and
I’m advocating for them and I’m holding onto hope with
them and I’m believing. My name is LeeAnn Goodson,
and I promise to advocate for every fragile beating heart and
to stand in hope every day. [MUSIC]

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