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More Than Medicine | Edward McKay, Jr. (Surgical Technician)

February 18, 2020

[MUSIC] I’m self-motivated. I’m determined. Once I have my mind focused
nothing can distract me. I’m open to learning new things. Willing to listen to anybody
who has common sense. I think being self-motivated
helps me at my job because I’m gonna keep working
to perfect whatever I’m doing. Like, if you give me a mission,
I’m gonna work as hard as I can to accomplish that, and I wanna
do whatever I’m doing better than anybody else
has done before me. [MUSIC] I started here at
Hopkins when I was 19. I was a year removed
from high school. I started out in
environmental services. I worked there for five and a half years before moving on to
become a surgical tech in the OR and I’ve been scrubbing now for
nine years. [MUSIC] I remember in the beginning when
I first started I used to go home at night and
study everything. I wanted to perfect my craft. I wanted to make sure that
I was not the weak link during the surgery. So I would study as soon
as I left the building. I would read my textbooks and go online and
look at the procedures.>>Coming to the operating room, doing some of the intense where
very delicate operations that we do in neurosurgery,
that makes it easy.>>He knows his job,
I know my job. When I come to the operating
room in the morning, I see that Ed’s gonna be in my room,
I just relax and I can focus.>>Working with each other
every day and doing the cases, same cases over and over for the past nine years I can pretty
much anticipate every step that he’s going to take
during this procedure.>>He trained here. He knows the Hopkins system,
it’s familial, it’s a family for him, it’s easy.>>I started working
here when I was 19, now I’ll be 34 at
the 25th of May. So I pretty much
have grown up here. I have a long standing
relationship with a lot of the doctors around here because
I met them early in their training and
now I watch them graduate. So it’s like watching
a child grow up. This position has opened
up a lot of doors for me. I’ve seen a lot and
I’ve done a lot. And I’m actually the one from
my neighborhood who actually made it out. So like all of my friends,
they took a different route. So whenever we see each other,
they hold me with high praise. It’s like I’m the golden child, I’m the only who actually made
it out of the neighborhood. There are some good
opportunities here. It’s up to the individuals
to take advantage of them. Hopkins is what you make it. If you come in, and
you have limited education, they got diploma programs. Then, if you wanna go to
college, and enter some program, you can move forward
with that after that. It’s like you will
both benefit from that. Like they get another person at
this position and you get a job. So it’s like you’re partners. It’s very rewarding to go
home and know that you helped save a life or you helped make
a child’s situation better. And this is every day, I don’t
take it for granted at all. [MUSIC] And I didn’t know nothing about
this when I was in environmental services. I was gonna make this work
no matter what it was. I could not pass up
that opportunity. My name is Edward McCann, Jr. I’m a surgical technician
here at Johns Hopkins. I promise that you will get
my undivided attention. There will be no distractions. I promise you the best health
care when I’m in the room. [MUSIC]

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