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Moonshine Making 101 -Beginner Moonshine and Fuel Making – Off Grid living

August 13, 2019

Stick with me because I’m going to teach
you how to make your own moonshine or fuel. The process of making moonshine is
pretty much the same for making fuel so i’m going to show you how to do it. You’re gonna start by heating up some
water about three to four gallons you don’t have to be exact here. Then you
add your starch of choice for this demonstration i’m using corn. We started with six bags of
organic yellow cornmeal now this has been boiled you got to be careful you don’t burn it.
You want to bring it up to a good temperature so the corn will actually
absorb the liquid really well. You want it kind of like a gelatinous mix to get
it so when we put the amylase powder in it
will absorb fairly quickly. At this stage the measurements aren’t
really exact. Just get a food grade plastic bucket or a pot and stir this up
and you’ll be good to go. So with starches or any kind of fruit
you can make alcohol. Yeast just needs the sugar. In order to get the sugar out you have to use amylase. In nature
this is done basically when a seed sprouts it creates
its own amylase, so sometimes in some brewing they’ll actually throw sprouts
or ground up sprouts things like malt. If you’ve ever heard of malt liquor
multi is ground-up sprouts that they throw in to get it started. What I’m going to be doing with this
corn fuel alcohol is using amylase enzyme formula to speed it up. All you need is a teaspoon here and
you’ll throw it in as it’s cooling down. We’re going to start making what’s
called the wash the initial fermentation. If you look there’s a large bowl of
sugar that is actually 10 pounds of sugar weighed out. You see our original bucket now
we’re not actually going to pour the sugar into this bucket we’re going to
put it in a 55 gallon drum because we’re going to put in 30 pounds of this sugar
so three of these bowls. To save money and do this on the cheap you want to try to find probably non
food grade sugar in other words by it a livestock place. It is way cheaper than going to a big box store because after all you’re just
gonna ferment it. Now this is kind of a cheat way to do it. Some of the old-timers disapprove of
this but it by adding all this sugar you increase how much alcohol comes out. It’s
kind of a way to get the most bang for the buck. We’re going to be adding sugar to
this lots of it. If you plan on making large
batches of alcohol you’re going to need a 55-gallon drum
notice it has a thermometer and spigot it the easiest way to get these is just buy
them from a brewing company. You could try to make your own but it’s
not usually worth the hassle. I have a 55-gallon barrel here and
the next step that i’m going to do is to actually put in the cornmeal and the
water mix so i have not added the sugar yet. Here’s a bucket of wash and what this
is is the sugar I weighed out and I’ve got 15 pounds in this bucket that was put
into boiling water because the sugar just breaks down a lot better when you
heat it up. I’m going to fill this tub with
about 45 gallons even though it’s a 55 gallon tub, and this is the first bucket
going in that contains about 15 pounds of the sugar. What I’ll do is I’ll add two of these
buckets and then just fill the rest up with water. (Water Pouring Sounds) So the wash is almost finished the
55-gallon drum will be filled up to 45 gallons, and then I had this champagne
yeast the champagne yeast. I’m going to be putting five packets in
and this is advantageous because it can take a lot of alcohol some yeast dies at
twelve percent. This is specifically good for a high
alcohol content. You’ll also need something called yeast
nutrient you put one teaspoon per gallon this will put 45 in here and what this
does is it’s vitamins for yeast. It keeps them healthy so they reproduce. Also you’ll need something called yeast
energizer this is also a nutrient booster but it
propagates the speed it makes yeast really reproduce quickly and you want to
add a half teaspoon per gallon. At the end i’m going to add amylase enzyme and you
put one teaspoon per five gallons and again this is to release the sugar so it
will start being processed by the yeast. Before I get into the distillation
portion of this realize i’m using a large homemade unit. Many of you beginners
just want to use a simple one you can buy like this they want about a hundred
bucks on amazon and i’ll link them in the description. This is a good inexpensive way to get
started you can always upgrade and build your
own still later. A weeks passed at this point I’ve drained it and ran a hose and
put it in the distillation unit. Since the corns left on the bottom, you can
reuse it and I explained that here. So it’s been a week I’ve drained the bucket and left all the
corn on the bottom all the residue. So the wash is now i’ll show you where
it went into a into a distiller but you’re taking a
look here and what you can do is you can recycle all that corn that was on the
bottom you throw in some more sugar fill it up with water and it is
fermenting away again for another run. As you do this over and over the mix
will grow more sour and it’s considered sour mash. It’s the same stuff if you’ve ever heard
a sour whiskey. You’ll use it until the corn kind of turns white and gets spent
when there’s no more starts left. so this is a homemade still you can use
this to actually do your own distilling now this is a demonstration i’m setting
up here. You can take a look you can buy these drums on the Internet
as well as bowls just right out at a a normal stores like Target or home goods
store. To buy the piping here at home depot this copper piping and it goes all
the way up in the pipe splits now i’m going to explain why it does
that here in a second so what you’re looking at here is a
reflux distillation column. The section off here at the split, this is the condenser.
This is what turns alcohol vapors it cools it back off and put it back into
its liquid form. Alcohol actually boils off at 170 where
water boils off at 212. We’re mechanically separating
them when we heat them up. The alcohol steam raises up this column goes into
the condenser to the left and you’ll see some water pipes running into the
condenser those actually go inside a coil that’s in there and that cool
temperature of the water, the alcohol steam collects to the coil
and then drips back down in here so it’s a faster way to get everything alcohol
to condense and it runs all the way into a barrel called the thumper. Now this is running down – this thing that some people call the
thumper but really it’s a bucket of water. You’ll see the copper coil here going
down in it now inside that copper is the alcohol and some of its still steamed so
when it hits this cold water it condenses it even further so you
don’t lose so much steam and you get a better alcohol flow. The old-timers also
call that copper coil a worm at the bottom of the thumper is a tube that
comes out and simply a drain and this is where you catch your alcohol. Now this same process is used to make
fuel so in some countries where this is legal you could actually drink this right now
but in the u.s. usually have to turn into fuel by throwing wood alcohol in it. One of the most expensive parts of
distilling is the fuel this propane tank is actually not that expensive and it
allows you to control the flame in a much more precise manner but if you want
to go old school or you need to save some money you can just burn wood under
here and monitor the temperature and adjust as you go. Well this is the final collection bucket
here you can make a pretty good amount of alcohol off that 55-gallon drum.
Depending on the proof you could run this through the whole cycle again and
get it purer and purer alcohol and raise the proof. You can use multiple distillations to
get where you want. In the u.s. it is a federal permit basically you have to say that you’re
going to make alcohol get a little permit, I don’t think it is very expensive like a
twenty-dollar permit. Then throw wood alcohol the end and tell them. You are allowed to distill your own
fuel again if you’re watching this somewhere else in the world you can pretty much drink it right now.
Whenever you brew something the yeast produce more than the ethyl alcohol they
actually produce something called congeners. Congeners are what actually
give you a hangover. so if you remove them out the beginning
you can drink this and not get a hangover. When you buy the
cheap rotgut liquor it always gives you a bad hangover
because they’re not real careful about removing the congeners. When you get
the high-end double and triple distilled you go out drinking and not get the
hangover. This first part that comes off the run
is called the heads. Usually you want to remove that to be
safe. Now the premium stuff is in the middle of the run it’s called the body and it’s mainly
what you want to collect drink or quote “use for fuel.” As the temperature progresses the run
that comes off will be more the temperature of water and there will be a lot
more water in it. What you get off is something called the tails. You can take those tails and recycle
them into your next batch and put them back through the distillation over and
over to try to get as much alcohol as you can out. The reason you don’t drink
the tails is because it’s not very tasty you get a lot more flavor of everything
that went into it to make it. So your best recycling it or using it for fuel. One last comment is you know you’re
basically dealing with flammable liquid into vapor form and it can be very
dangerous if you get leaks these things can blow up. Make sure
that you keep safety in mind first try to find someone who is much better at
this to show you how to do it safely. Don’t forget if you haven’t subscribed
yet please subscribe to my channel also give this a thumbs up I like a share or if you have something
to add remember to comment below thanks also don’t forget to stop by I have up videos that you can’t see
anywhere else currently I have one on carnivorous
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