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Moon calls for swift tracing of visitors to virus-linked church, hospital

February 21, 2020

more than two-thirds of the total cases
confirmed the nation are linked to shin-chan to church in tegu and hospital
in chengdu president moon jae-in ordered a thorough inspection of its members
that have been to either places to prevent further spread of covin 19 tako
city and surrounding gyeongsangbuk-do province have been designated special
management or kara zones after a jump in cases in the area Kim Minji has the
latest from the top office president moon jae-in has called for a Swifter and
stronger response to kovat 19 in the country’s southeast after mass
infections were confirmed there the president was briefed on the country’s
response measures from prime minister chung sang-eun on Friday South Korea
confirmed its first death from the virus a day earlier while the number of
confirmed cases how surpassed 200 the majority of the infections are from a
church in the city of tegu and at a hospital in the county of tundle both in
the country’s southeast linked her religious group known as Shin chunji
president moon ordered thorough action to trace those who have been to either
place he also called an officials not to rely just on information provided by the
church because that could delay their response measures the prime minister
told the president that the government has secured a list of worshipers at the
church and will conduct checkups after placing them under self quarantine Chang
also briefed the president about the government’s decision to designate Eglin
Chando a special management zones the government will provide full support
including providing necessary resources and temporary facilities for those that
can be self quarantined the prime minister explained that the government
has left the National virus alert level at watch the second on the four tier
system noting that Hong Kong or Singapore are also maintaining their
current alert levels but Jang said that the government will take stronger
quarantine steps anyway Kim Minji Arirang news


  • Reply mymydelilah February 21, 2020 at 4:59 pm

    It's like catching a MOTH in the Air..but it's better than not doing anything…..good act Pres Moon Jae-in

  • Reply Chris W February 21, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    why are all korean girls so damn cute?? x.x

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