Mon Dieu! Regarder ceci comme moi. Si vous mélangez l’Aloe Vera avec de l’oeuf vous serez très

November 13, 2019

My God! Watch this as me. If you
mix Aloe Vera with egg you will be very happy with what is happening. My God, Aloe Vera is used to do everything, and
again if you mix it with egg, you will be very happy with what will happen
, everyone will talk about it around you. hello to the whole family Marie Léonie coach,
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as an ingredient in beverages and products
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Because this sir I bring a perfect combination of juice
ale vera with the egg that will give you a lot
of joy, when you go do the same thing
you will understand what I’m talking about because the results will be simply
wonderful, if you want to know What is it about
I recommend you watch the full video so as not to miss any details of my news
publications Moreover if you are one of the people
who use alpe Vera without really to know what it is full of
very careful because before going to the recipe I will
will give first, some very valuable facts about using
and what it can bring into your lives, and that way you will know more about
this plant and you will fully enjoy of its many benefits,
Good Aloe helps control cholesterol
Reduces acne, treats burns reduces cellulite, improves health
digestive, relieves teeth problems it is known to reduce and relieve
constipation, it contains elements that protect your hair against their falls
, it helps eliminate dandruff, It acts as a relaxant for the body;
treats skin cancer So before going further check
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Alp Vera helps with weight loss, help reduce pain fever
Muscular, it revitalizes the body, moisturizes the skin, improves the appetite in bed, especially
at men’s who can not answer well.
Aloe vera helps in kidney stones, she heals
hemorrhoids and helps reduce stretch marks.
as you’ve noticed, I did not have you list there that one-third of the benefits
alpe Vera because it’s a real medicinal bomb but we do not have anymore
need to boast, We will see what the mixture of alp
Vera has the egg created, Indeed Aloe Vera works in two types
treatment, First of all for
people interested in trying know that aloe Vera fights
hair loss and she intervenes in The treatment of
early wrinkles, stains on the skin, it will moisturize your skin deeply,
it contains antiseptic agents antiseptics capable of
disinfect the skin and promote the removal of dead cells
In this way, it helps the skin to stay healthier and younger, it also helps
at reduce scars, to soften the
skin and soothe irritation, on the other side the egg
Contains amino acids Who can help nourish the skin of the
face which in turn prevents sagging of my skin,
also combat the effects of aging. the egg is rich in
antioxidants that helps In the renewal of cellular tissues
and to preserve the complexion Honey is a
ingredient that we should add to this recipe for the skin because it is very
used in many beauty recipes Because it has properties
antioxidants, antiseptics And now how are we going to do our
recipe for thin meter early wrinkles and standardize the complexion? For that we will need 3 spoons
tablespoon of gel of aloe, 1 egg and 2 tablespoons of
honey The mode of preparation is very simple, add
the ingredients in a blender
until you get a creamy dough, a
once it’s ready, apply the cream on your face and on your neck then leave
ask for 20 minutes and wash with water cold water and moisturize you So let’s go to our second treatment
for hair, this is a egg mask and aloe vera
to prepare it we will need a aloe plant and egg yolk
method of preparation extracts the gel from the plant then
whip it with the help of a fork or so of a blender and then
add the yellow of egg and mix well, then you have to
apply this mask on the tips of your hair, follow
put on a hat and cover well so that it heats up, you have to let it cover for
4 hours, it is better that do this treatment at night like that you
can sleep with and wash in the early morning, Very important, never apply this mask
on your scalp because you will have to keep in mind that it’s for chutes
, repeat this process twice a week to have more effective results and
fast, Here I would like to know in what conditions
you use alpine Vera at home, I thank you for watching the video
until the end, do not hesitate to share your experience With us, subscribe
if you want to receive more tips in the field of health and beauty,
I will tell you very soon, by then take good care of yourself. XOXO

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