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MMS : The Miracle Cure? – the fifth estate

August 28, 2019

(♪♪)>>Mark: You never know where miracles will happen. But inside this house in tiny Freelton, Ontario, we’re told there’s a miracle at work. This cluttered room is a shrine to an active mind, home to an avid inventor, a prolific collector, and a true believer. Royce Hamer is a believer in something called Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS.>>I just got to do one drop, so this is a sodium chlorite. They use it in sanitation plants. So you’ll smell that chlorine smell?>>Mark: Oh, yeah, that’s chlorine. It smells like a pool.>>Then you add some clean water so there’s a one-hour dose.>>Mark: He believes this chemical concoction which is essentially bleach diluted with some water taken in daily doses creates a miracle cure.>>HIV, aids, 21 days. We have cleared people up in Africa. When that ebola was raging through Africa a year ago, we actually had to sneak it in and we were clearing up ebola with it. Okay, herpes is definitely a three-month run. Hepatitis is three months. We’ve cleared up people with Parkinson’s, A.L.S.>>Mark: Royce is part of a global movement that believes in the miraculous healing powers of MMS. Meet the man behind the miracle, Jim Humble.>>More than 150 countries use MMS.>>Mark: Humble by name but not by nature. He claims MMS is the cure to 95% of all that ails us. He talks about his discovery in this online interview.>>I just want to become a healing system basically that goes out there throughout the various different countries and is available for anybody who wants to get treated.>>Mark: Humble has another bold claim. He says he was chosen to come here from the planet of the gods in the Andromeda galaxy and it was on earth during a mining expedition that he said he discovered water purification drops could cure people of malaria.>>And then I sent my solution over to Africa and they cured malaria but then they were curing other things, too.>>Mark: Humble reasoned if this diluted industrial bleach could purify water, it could purify the body. He says he spent years testing and perfecting his own chemical formula and a miracle was born. Humble believes people everywhere should be free to choose their own medical treatment without what he sees as government meddling so with that in mind, he created his own online church. The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. This church has nothing to do with religion. It’s really just a club of true believers. For 35 bucks, you get a membership card and with that, Humble says you can claim religious exemption from vaccines and x-rays. He also says this will allow people around the world to freely use his Miracle Mineral Solution. And use it, they do.>>It was amazing really. We were just amazed. The school was amazed. They said let’s have something to do with that mineral water.>>Mark: There are chapters all across the world and testimonials of true believers all across the internet. (♪ Singing ♪)>>All within three months, she was completely clear. There was no trace of cancer.>>20 years of an allergy gone.>>In three weeks.>>Three weeks, yeah. (♪♪)>>I’m off my blood pressure meds. My diabetes is almost eliminated.>>Mark: The church holds seminars just about anywhere they can and people from all over flock to hear how to mix MMS and use it to medicate the ill. Royce Hamer made a pilgrimage from Ontario to a seminar in the Dominican Republic back in 2008. That’s where he met Jim Humble. Church members took MMS to local villages, setting up makeshift clinics. You show up in the Dominican Republic and you’re offering this to people who have various illnesses to come up and give it a try.>>M’hm.>>Mark: And they did?>>Oh, yeah. The poor people wanted it. They had been treated before and they were happy to have it, nothing scientific about it, but if you’re going in there to hurt them, they aren’t going to come running to you, are they?>>Mark: After being trained in the Church’s teachings, Royce was officially named a bishop. He’s claimed he’s healed hundreds of people.>>Everything from insomnia, stomach troubles, cancer. Most of them are cancer.>>Mark: Really, you’ve helped people –>>Oh, cancer is so fragile. (♪ Singing ♪)>>She had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer moved into her bones and she used it and healed.>>That’s one, two, three, all righty, three drops in the corner of the glass and now we’re going to –>>Mark: Sure there are plenty of believers out there but is there even an ounce of scientific proof that MMS can cure anything? Well, we thought if anyone in the medical community might be open-minded about MMS, it’s Lynda Balneaves. She leads the Centre for Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto. She’s on the look-out for safe and effective alternative medicines and treatments. Do you believe in miracles?>>I do believe in miracles. I don’t believe we know it all. That’s why we do research and that’s why we have the Centre for Integrative Medicine because we’re open to exploring those potential miracles.>>Mark: Balneaves looked for case studies into the use of sodium chlorite, that’s the active ingredient in MMS. Her findings were alarming.>>We have several case studies that have been published of people that have consumed sodium chlorite and have very serious side-effects including renal failure. They have had coagulation issues where they’re bleeding out internally. It has life-threatening effects when it’s consumed in an oral route. We also know it can be very corrosive and we see tissues being destroyed.>>Mark: For their part, the church argues if used in its recommended doses, MMS is safe. But Health Canada disagrees. The agency tested MMS and issued public health warnings, that the bleaching agent, if ingested, may cause serious health problems. Adding the Miracle Mineral Solution product is not authorized for sale as a drug in Canada. U.S. officials are trying to crack down on MMS as well. Ben Mizer is an attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice.>>So it’s no better than ingesting Clorox or any other household cleaner. It does not make you better, it makes you sicker.>>Mark: But the church remains defiant, determined to keep promoting this product no matter how many authorities come out against it. And there are still plenty of websites selling it. (♪♪) Deep in the B.C. interior, one entrepreneur saw a business opportunity miraculously appear before his eyes. For years, Stan Nowak was selling sodium chlorite to local industries. Then he started getting orders from people who wanted it for MMS.>>I thought it was never going to last. I thought it was ridiculous actually. I was very skeptical.>>Mark: Why were you so skeptical?>>Well, I mean, let’s face it, I mean, something that cures cancer and diabetes and a cold, and whitens your teeth. I mean it does everything. And it’s cheap. It defies logic. It’s not common sense. However, I’m a businessman and I got into it, started selling it.>>Mark: And where were you sending this stuff?>>Well mostly Canada and the United States but I don’t think there’s a — even to Moscow, Japan, all over the world, Australia, New Zealand, England quite a bit, Europe certainly.>>Mark: But Health Canada found out about Stan’s MMS business and in 2012, they told him to stop peddling the product so he shut down that website. Then simply opened another. Why did you continue to sell it?>>Well, as I said, I mean, I was making a little bit of money and I was helping a lot of people. People in my house crying, saying that they had been cured. It has an effect on you. These people aren’t making it up.>>Mark: It’s one thing for adults to take MMS believing it’s a magical cure. But now MMS is also being given to children.>>Every child that’s on this protocol is improving. It’s just absolutely incredible.>>Mark: Coming up, we investigate concerns that parents are using diluted bleach to treat children with autism.>>I’m worried that those kids are being tortured. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Mark: His name is Jim Humble, and he says he can cure you.>>I’m archbishop Jim Humble of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.>>Mark: He invented a chemical concoction called Miracle Mineral Solution. He claims on the church website that MMS can cure everything from colds to cancer, claims it’s been tried by millions around the world from the very old to the very young.>>We’re trying to bring health to mankind.>>Mark: Two chemicals are mixed together to create chlorine dioxide, commonly used as an industrial bleach. Diluted with water, the believers claim MMS safely kills pathogens, cleansing the body. Health Canada says that’s simply not true. Since 2010, the agency has issued seven public health warnings about MMS, repeating it is not safe for human consumption. Authorities in the U.S. went one step further, taking one high-profile MMS seller to court. Daniel Smith was selling the miracle cure online for years, despite multiple warnings from the Food and Drug Administration to stop. That prompted the church of health and healing to produce this video, portraying the FDA as stormtroopers and all MMS users as the victims of persecution.>>This trial is also putting MMS on trial for the first time, and we want to make it the last time.>>Mark: In 2013, Smith was charged. Jim Humble himself joined an online campaign to raise money for Smith’s defence fund.>>If Danny loses, we all lose. If Daniel wins, we all win.>>Mark: Well, Smith lost. Last year, he was sentenced to more than four years in prison for running this warehouse operation. Ben Mizer is with the U.S. justice department.>>We do believe that the conviction of Mr. Smith and his prison sentence sends an important message to others who would attempt to follow in his footsteps, that if you are engaged in that kind of conduct, you are within the criminal jurisdiction of the United States and that we will come after you.>>Mark: Turns out back in 2009, Daniel Smith bought some of his MMS chemicals from Canadian supplier Stan Nowak. The B.C. businessman insists he stopped selling MMS but he says the demand keeps growing.>>I can’t see how they can stop this from going in the same direction it’s been going for ten years.>>Mark: Well, because they’re very concerned that they think that this is toxic, that this is poison, that this is bleach and that fundamentally people shouldn’t be putting that in their bodies.>>Fair enough. But it’s working.>>Mark: And the belief that MMS is working is taking hold in one particular group of parents in a disturbing way. It’s not just members of the church of health and healing that are using this so-called miracle solution. Here in Saskatchewan, there are concerns that MMS is leaking into the mainstream, concerns that parents are using the bleach as a treatment for their autistic children. Saskatchewan may be sparsely populated but the people here are closely connected. Especially parents with autistic children. And many families in Saskatchewan turn to this woman. Alexis Cuthbert founded an autism support foundation recognized by the office of the governor-general. She and her husband Don believe the diluted form of bleach can treat autism. They call it CDS or chlorine dioxide solution. We asked the Cuthberts for an interview to discuss why they’re promoting a treatment Health Canada calls unsafe. They declined. But in an email, they wrote, “We hope that many will research and experience the safety and effectiveness of chlorine dioxide use as we have.” In fact, they have used the treatment on their own son casey. The Cuthberts posted this video online for other parents to see firsthand the power of the healing solution.>>Today is nine months since we started using CD, the CDS. Can you tell everybody how you’re feeling?>>I’m feeling good. Great. Awesome and fabulous and I’m all excited to be here.>>Mark: The Cuthberts’ faith is shared by other parents. In this private Facebook group with some 8,000 members, some are eager to share their stories.>>Dosing his kid right here.>>Mark: Like this video we found of a dad and his young son.>>Show him how you do it. Oh, yeah, down the hatch, baby. Right on. Oh, look at that face. He loves it. He loved it.>>Mark: At the alternative therapy conference autism one, the true believers were easy to find.>>Initially it was incredible. Within the first hours of being on CD we noticed changes in eye contact.>>Before we started, Brady was hitting his head about a hundred times a day. And that was documented at school. I did not count, teachers did. Now he does not hit his head for about two months so I consider that extremely significant.>>Mark: Some even share their stories of giving kids enemas with the diluted bleaching agent.>>That to me was probably the scariest thing to get started with the enemas and — but you know it’s a journey and you just do it. The beauty of this, it’s step by step.>>Mark: Here in Arborfield, Saskatchewan, someone’s keeping tabs on all these incredible claims. April Griffin is part of a global network of autism advocates trying to stop the use of MMS. April herself has autism, so do three of her kids. She’s appalled that parents are egging on others to try the treatment on their kids.>>You’ll have a parent saying well, we started to give this to my kid, they’re getting fevers and chills, they’re vomiting, and they say double the dose, that’s proof that it’s working, it’s pushing all the evil viruses and bugs out of your child’s body, and that’s it working. Give them more.>>Mark: How does that make you feel when you read about that?>>That is horrifying. I found the parental descriptions absolutely horrifying.>>Mark: Do you think that there is a connection between desperation and MMS?>>Yes, and I think it’s born of desperation. It’s born of fear. And I believe these parents are honestly trying to cure their children. You know, I don’t think they hate their kids. And I don’t think that deep down their hearts are dark. I think they’re afraid and they’re not being educated.>>Mark: Public health researcher Lynda Balneaves says using MMS on autistic kids is simply not the solution.>>Autism is a very tough condition, you know, there’s many parents that are struggling. We don’t have a lot of effective options. So I understand their desire to find something that may be effective. But there has been no research at this time to suggest that sodium chlorite could be used in treating autism.>>Mark: April Griffin says these kids need to be protected from their own parents. She’s urged the Saskatchewan government to warn parents about the dangers of MMS without any success.>>I’m worried that those kids are being tortured. I’m worried that it’s not good for them. I don’t think it’s okay to try anything just because it’s autism. Like because of this stigma with autism, we will accept things happening to an autistic child that would never be allowed to happen to a normal child. If somebody heard a normal kid is getting bleach enemas from their mother, social services is going to be at their house in 20 minutes.>>Mark: But a kid with autism.>>Nothing happens.>>Mark: The Saskatchewan government told us due to privacy concerns, it can’t discuss any cases involving children and MMS. As for the control of its use and sale, well, the provincial government passed this on to Ottawa, saying that’s Health Canada’s job, not theirs. So is Health Canada having any luck stopping the sale of MMS? That’s what we wanted to find out. (♪♪) We went to the church’s website and with one click and 40 bucks, ordered the product from Our package arrived a week later. And directions on how to use it came from the email address sodiumchloriteforsale So who shares that same address? Well, none other than Stan Nowak who used that email address when we contacted him for an interview. Do you recognize this?>>No.>>Mark: Okay. Because what it looks like is that we got these from you.>>Oh.>>Mark: Did you sell us this?>>I did not.>>Mark: You didn’t?>>No.>>Mark: So how did that –>>I have no idea. (♪ Singing ♪)>>Mark: Clearly, if you’re in the business of selling miracles, then business is good. Because there will always be a market of people desperate for cures, people desperate for a dose of hope. And while Jim Humble is happy to boast about the magical healing powers of MMS, he wouldn’t give us an interview. He says he’s too busy. He’s on the look-out for more true believers so he can save them with his miracle cure. ♪ ♪


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    No more going to the pharmacy for me anymore.
    Have you never read, what terrible medicines are being sold and the side effects of it?
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    Chlorine Dioxide is the solution to be taken (orally), NOT Sodium Chlorite by itself as claimed by Linda, the University of Toronto's Center for Integrative Medicine spokesperson. (6m. 22s.) No prizes for guessing who the University is probably affiliated with, if this blatant, disgraceful error has been approved and allowed to go on air to the public audience.

    Proper Method of Preparation Not Mentioned In Video: One to a Few Drops of Sodium Chlorite are mixed with a similar number of Drops of an activator (such as Citric Acid or 4% Hydrochloric Acid). Now a minimum of a full cup or glass of water or suitable juice (250 mls min.) is now added to the mixed Drops. This DILUTION of at least 4,000 TO 1 is NEVER MENTIONED in any mainstream media segment on MMS. OF COURSE it makes sense that if any one does not follow these given instructions, and foolishly or negligently decides to take the Sodium Chlorite in concentrated undiluted form instead of the heavily diluted safe form, they will suffer burns, renal failure etc. Those case studies quoted obviously used the concentrated , undiluted Sodium Chlorite on its own.The danger of course was caused by whoever prepared the solution, NOT the product. This video is like trying to say that if I drove a car in reverse gear while going to my destination 35 kilometers away, and I had an accident somewhere along the way, it is my car's fault and not mine. Of course it would be mine.. I wasn't following directions, isn't that right? Of course that's right.

    The MMS solution is very safe when prepared properly. In fact not one person has proven to have died from it in close to 20 years by tens if not hundreds of thousands of users. I have read that MMS works by creating Oxygen inside the body that's lethal to many germs and viruses yet safe to our important good bacteria and tissues and organs. I have used this product safely for over 10 years for flu, skin conditions, infections, tinea, and I have noticed that my symptoms of colds can start improving within minutes, while other people at the Genesis2 Church website and newsletters have reported even greater results with many diseases, many types of cancers, even stage IV's, Diabetes, Lyme disease, AIDS, Detoxification and much more. **One Warning: Take extreme care when a person has already lost a lot of fluid ie diarrhea, vomiting and is dehydrated because Chlorine Dioxide often tends to lead to more fluid loss as part of the recuperative process.

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    FYI it's not bleach. Also it's used legally by the medical and food industry. So we are taking it without knowing. Also Boone has ever gotten sick or died from taking it as directed. This man doesn't want to make a profit… He just made this church so that the govt will leave them alone.

  • Reply tangolobo August 8, 2019 at 12:44 pm

    this is a propaganda trying to demonize something that has helped people… many times over.
    Red Cross did a study and administered it to people somewhere in Africa… people that had Malaria. They shut the study down when it cured the people.
    They had to keep that hush hush.

  • Reply pgg August 10, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    cities put chlorine in our drinking water, in our pools and we drink, soak and swim in it. How dangerous is that? I could see someone wanting to take too much, because they want to get cured NOW! Ever heard of overdosing on prescription drugs? Many elderly people do.
    Think for yourself, it's now because it's on TV or the Government says' "we know what's good for you" that you should believe them.

  • Reply Carol p August 15, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    I was wondering if anyone could me named as harmed by this treatment..I find it suspect that this is not addressed but the claim it is bleach is an easy way to scare people.

  • Reply Dyrssen August 21, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    So he spend years testing on people and killing them all across the globe. Must be kidding me.

  • Reply unknown Destination August 21, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    I personally know someone giving mms to 8 months baby and it works with no damages as agents of pharma claim

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Clorite is not chlorine

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    It' very simple. Most diseases are being developed on low PH. MMS is at 13. double than normal. Nothing can resist. Simple

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 1:41 pm

    How come they didn't go after the doctors for killing millions of people thru lies or malpractice

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    Stop vaccination first. No more mercury will improve those kids lives, don't you think so???

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    He didn't give you an interview cause you work for the devil. Where are the cases with the kids that had problems after taking MMS? Bring at least one. I've seen happy parents. FDA and Health Canada are the crookest organization on the planet

  • Reply romeo serban August 25, 2019 at 2:01 pm

    You sold your soul to the devil CBC

  • Reply Sen Tio August 25, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Very cool contradictions from FDAs worldwide, still if you look into every country's governments list of what to do in case of nuclear disaster/war then they notify to put 5 to 10 bleach drops per gallon of water to keep the water radioactive free as well stockpiled for years. Be assured people there are medicines that can easily heal and protect us humans. Thus when a few of these (now so called miraculous) drugs would be made available to the public then many hospitals can close and many doctors would become such rich. The medicine world is the same as the army… if they tell you they have something good/new then be assured rich and politicians have it – use it since long!

  • Reply Joshua August 26, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Show me 1 person that's been cured of HIV from MMS and I'll show you a liar. Lol

  • Reply Dallas Forever August 27, 2019 at 4:22 am

    It works!!!!! I take it!!!!!!

  • Reply Gavyn Karage August 28, 2019 at 7:46 pm

    Not to mention one of the Mms people got arrested and that old dude has a felony

  • Reply AWESOMEMAN MANN August 28, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    If governments use in our waters as a disinfectant, why can't we consume it for medical purposes?

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