Mistakes To AVOID With SIBO Diet Treatment

September 5, 2019

Eric Bakker, Naturopath. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about mistakes to avoid
with SIBO diet treatment. I just read several blogs of different ladies
in different stages of treatment phases that have had all sorts of gut issues. I was very interested reading some comments
and some of the actually blogs are really good. Some of them are not so good and some were
just crap and they should be doing other stuff and not really talking about health. But anyway, there’s a couple of key things
that I found, mistakes that people commonly make with the SIBO diet and one of them is
to stay far too long on a FODMAPs approach. So taking out so many carbohydrates for such
a long period of time. It’s a stupid thing to do. When you look at FODMAPs, it should be two
to six weeks, maybe max. You shouldn’t be on a FODMAPs for months on
end. It’s going to change the microbiome. You’re going to shape the bacteria in the
gut according to what you eat. So the more restrictive you are, the more
restrictive the bacteria will become in the gut. And the more you’re going to build actually
dysfunction around a dysfunctional diet, so the diet in fact will become a big problem
in time, so when you deviate off it, you get sick, which makes you sort of think, I need
to get back on FODMAPs again. One of my FODMAPs patients was on the diet
for over two years. The woman ended up looking like skin and bone,
so don’t fall for the mistake of staying on a restrictive diet for anymore than about
six weeks max, especially when it’s very restrictive like FODMAPs. All right? It’s just a phase that you go through to find
out what you need to eliminate and then address the problem, whether it’s low gastric acid
or whether it’s a bacteria you need to fix the problem, not fix it by eliminating the
diet. All right? There’s no prizes for the most restrictive
diet, SIBO diet. All you’ve got, you’ll end up in misery like
a lot of people have. All right? Another one, don’t have a fear of eating carbs. So many people on these restrictive diets
get scared. They get palpitations and get panic attacks
if you put a bit of bread in front of them. So just be careful not to start developing
eating disorders as a result of these restrictive diets. All right? Stay consistent. So if you’ve done some testing, you know,
do some testing with the same lab, determine what the issues are, get the issue sorted,
don’t sort of see it as a diet-related problem or food-related problem. See it as a dysfunction that needs fixing. And when that problem’s fixed, the diet can
go back to normal like you were having hopefully a long time ago. Okay? So the other thing is that many people make
is they have issues with motility. So make sure you eat foods that get the bowel
working properly on a SIBO diet. So otherwise you’re going to end up taking
motility agents like Metamucil or junk like that. All right? Different powders that you’ve got to drink
to get the bowel working. So by eating the correct kind of vegetables
and fruits, you’ll be able to poop without pills. All right? And that will make it a more pleasant experience
for you. All right? So just take those points in mind with SIBO
treatment, SIBO, dietary treatment. If you want my free report, just click in
the link in the description box. Thanks for tuning in.

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