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Miracle Buzzer Beater Goes Viral and Makes SportsCenter’s Top Ten Plays

December 22, 2019

[Sam Borst-Smith] Down by three points. 2.7 seconds left and I was on the line for two. Shot the first one. Made the first one. Second one came off the front of the rim. Got my own rebound. Give it to Mack about the wing corner area. Mack shoots it. Hits it as the clock expires. Game over. [Mack Montague] Yeah, I practiced a bunch of times but I’ve never actually made a buzzer-beater before. Countless times pretending I’m NBA superstars, you know, but yeah that was the first one that actually happened. [Sam] I think they knew I was going to try to miss. I don’t think they knew how I was trying to miss to be exact. I knew they were, if they got a rebound it was going to be game over so they definitely thought, I’m assuming that if we wanted to have a chance to win that I had to miss a shot and we had to get the ball back. [play-by-play announcer] Throws it off the rim he gets it back, throws it left side, Montague three pointer up. It’s good! It’s good! [Mack] I knew exactly what should happen but I didn’t know how it would occur and so I think the way it occurred and the way which came threw it off the front of the rim was kind of a little bit of a magical moment. [Sam] Honestly, you couldn’t ask for anyone better to be honest. You know, It’s funny just because him and I we see each other every morning. He lives right
next to me and the next morning we’re like “dude, did we really just do that? Yeah! Was it actually you that hit it?” Who better than other than Mack to make it. [Mack] As soon as the game ended, our coach was saying to us it was like hey we got to go up upstairs and cut this clip and send it to ESPN and I laughed at him. You know? I thought like, ha, that’s a good one, as if we’d ever be on ESPN. Let alone 24 hours there we are on SportsCenter number two. [Sam] I don’t think I’ve ever been praised for missing a shot before. I
know coach says hey, Sam, we want you to miss the shot and if you do, great job but
I guess there’s a first time for everything. Hey, if it wins this game that’s
all that matters, you know. Those are the kind of moments that you always share for life and I always remember. It’s not every game something like that happens. I think for some reason in March though stuff like that seems to always happen all the time. So but yeah, it’s, it’s just feeling that you can’t you can’t buy. [play-by-play announcer] They win it! The U of R won it! I’ve seen a lot of things but that was unbelievable. Unbelievable finish! A production of the University of Rochester. Please visit us online and subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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