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Mike shares his flu story | MyShot

December 18, 2019

I feel differently about the flu today
as a result of my heart disease and my type 2 diabetes. I just thought the flu was
something you got every year a couple times and you would suffer through it
and now with the chronic conditions that I have my doctor told me that if I did
not get the annual flu shot that I could potentially end up in the hospital from
the complications or I could even die. If I caught the flu it would impact what
I’m able to do. I love going antiquing with my wife Joanne. We go as often as we can. I feel protected by getting the flu shot. I’ve gotten it every year since my
bypass surgery in 2003 and I have not had the flu since. To me it has worked like a charm. Today I spend more time with the family.
We do more outings and life is looking good. My name is Mike and I make sure I
get MyShot. If you are 50 years of age and older or have a chronic health
condition ask your doctor, “Why am I at greater risk
if I get the flu?” and “What flu shot options might be right for me?” Go to to learn more.

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