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Mickey Virus Full Movie with Eng. Subtitles | Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie | Bollywood Movies

December 29, 2019

‘This is not a fairness
cream add. It’s my life.’ ‘I don’t know how but didn’t
realize when my life got messed up.’ Sir, this is Andrew Webber. From US. Murdered on the 26th. Jimmy Tarkof. From Ukraine. Murdered on the 18th. Both of them, were killed.. ..within 10 days of
their arrival in Delhi. By pricking of a needle.. ..that was dabbed
with a lethal dose of.. ..Radio Nucleotide Cyanide. Sir, both of them were
murdered in a crowded area.. ..and we couldn’t find
any clue or evidence. No fingerprints or
DNA traces either. The only thing we did find
from their fake credit cards.. ..that, these two were hackers. And, they were no ordinary hackers. They were the undisputed
king of their domain. But, sir.. for hacking,
you don’t need to.. ..even step out of your bed. So, what brought
these two to Delhi? One thing’s sure. Something big is going
to happen in Delhi. They didn’t come here to steal
loose change from the ATMs.’s a cyber-cell case. Why don’t you seek their help? Sir, I’ve been working with them.. ..for the past few days. They couldn’t even
find their real names. It’s a long shot, sir. So, what’s the option? Sir, I need a hacker
that thinks like them. Operates like them. Someone who knows in and
out of the cyber-world. Cunning and smart, just like them. And..I need your written
permission to hire him. Apple. Orange.
Strawberry. Blackberry. “No Bill either..” “Love’s made in China.” Software. Software. Software. “No guarantee..” “Love’s made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” This is made in China. Great. The M’s missing. Here you go. W’s also like M. “No warrantee..” “No Bill either..” “No guarantee..” “No warrantee..” “No Bill either..” “Love’s made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” “I have seen America,
London and Japan.” “You will get everything here.” “He is a unique lover.” “This happens because
this is made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” “Love’s made in China.” “Here comes the container.” “Delivered straight from China.” “It could last forever.” “Or maybe just until dusk.” “The tension won’t let you sleep.” “It’ll wreak havoc.” “It could last forever.” “Or maybe just until dusk.”
– No kidding! “The tension won’t let you sleep.” “It’ll wreak havoc.” “In this era, guarantee’s
the last thing to expect.” “Listen carefully..” “Love’s made in China.” We’ve been granted permission.. ..but, where are we
going to find a guy.. ..with all these qualities? A year ago, there was
a news about a hacker.. ..who stole 10 Rs from
hundreds of accounts. And people realized the
fraud only after three months. And anyway, no one’s going
to burn precious petrol.. lodge a complaint
about 10 Rs theft. What was the name of that hacker? Kung-Fu Chameli! I see. Oh yes, sir. The theft was so small, we also didn’t take
any interest in it. I mean.. it wasn’t
worth the effort, so.. I want that small-time
crook Kung-fu Chameli. Don’t you have any shame? Why will I crash your
college server for you? Is the money ready? I’ve just 2000, but please
help us out, bro.. sis.. Who are you calling Sis? Keep the money ready,
I’ll do your job. Despo..just because you
can’t find a real girl..’re settling for her. The things one has
to do to earn money! You won’t get it. For now, let me hack
their college server. This is not a girl’s job. Check out my moves, dude. Oh..flaunting in English. Did you drop your
cousin at the airport? Here you go. I’m forwarding you the link. Now, try delaying the results
without crashing their server. Do it.
– So, take this. Do it. Come on, do it. Oh! Shucks! I’m in for a beating today. Hello. Yes, mom. I’m writing my exams,
I’ll call to you later. You’re such a liar. Let me tell her the truth.
– Stop that. Nothing, the examiner’s
staring at me. He’ll definitely crush my b***. I’ll call you later. Useless. Doesn’t make a difference.
– Come on. Sir, the system of our
country is really strange. There’s a board in
every lane and alley. “Hacker Not Allowed.”
“Hacker Not Allowed.” Yet, we’re looking for one. That’s not ‘Hacker’,
that’s “Hawker”. “Haw-Ker. Haw..” Who are we looking for, sir? “Hac-ker.
Ha-cker.” Hacker? I can’t even
connect to the internet. It keeps buffering all day. They’re just hackers, not hotshots. You can find those
lowlifes at Nehru place. You can find all of
them at Nehru place. They just hang around all day. Good-for-nothing. We need electricity first. Then we’ll look for the hacker. Sir..sir, you? Stop mumbling! I want a sharp-witted hacker. You’re at the right place, sir. This is where Hackers are born.. ..and also get together. Sir, consider your search’s over. You’ll find hackers of
every size and shape. This market on the first
Tuesday of every month. Hackers. Shackers.
Hardware, software. Porn.. You can get anything you like. Sir..if hackers could fly.. ..then, this would
be their airport. So, take a look. Sir, look at that guy. It’s a simple system. But it can jam all internet a second. He’s called the Professor. ‘Prof’.
– Here we go. The ‘Papaji’ (Father) of Hackers. 1..2..and.. Oops.
– Sir, he’ll be perfect. Shall I talk to him? I need an ingenious youngster. Like the ‘Sehwag’ of Hacking world. ‘Sehwag’ (Champion). ‘Sehwag’ (Champion). Hey, fools. That’s ‘Floppy’. Original name, Manjot Gill. Look at my new innovation. The Profiler. Alias, ‘Khol De Pol’. Sir, his list of escapades..
– Inside and outside. Takes out information from
the mind as well as the heart. ..are longer than
the arms of the law. It can tell you everything,
in just three minutes. So the challenge is, either
you hack it in three minutes. Or, he’ll expose you
publicly in three minutes. Anyone up for the challenge? That’s Palvinder. ‘Pancho..’ That’s his name. His audio doesn’t work. Doesn’t speak much. He’s more complex
than his brawny looks. Anyone else? Come on. Give it a try. Floppy the fool! That’s Chutney, alias Shalu Sharma. She’s a logistics expert. Since she turned 16, she’s
been doing everything.. ..that’s not allowed at 21 either. Girl. This is no ordinary profiler. The FBI and the CIA use it. Hey! Mickey. Aren’t you
going to give it a try? Are you scared? Mickey Arora! Useless-bum! Bite-your-tongue! Come on. What’s gotten into you? Can your devise sense every expression?
– Yes. Floppy. Sir, that’s Mickey.
Mickey the Virus. It’s the wrong finger,
but the same feeling. King blabbermouths. Why
don’t you give it a try? He’s known on line with many names. Hold it. Sir, this is an option. Professor’s laziest student. He’s one of those boys that
studies at the last moment. He’ll take up your job
but, never complete it. He hates even the mention
of the word “Work”. Forget him. Look at Floppy sir. Oh my! Did you make this? It’s a super-system. You’re a genius. Floppy! You’re my best friend. Thank you, bro. Mickey! Here you go, sir. His new scam. He just hacked the college server. Call him.
– Him? Yes, sir. Don’t tell him about us?
– Yes. Sir, why won’t he
tell him about us? He might get scared realising
that we’re the Police. Here comes Mr. Pile on!
– Mickey. Listen. Come with me.
– Get lost. Hear me out. He’s my uncle,
just come meet him once. Get lost.
– Please, bro. Just once. Get lost. I’ve done so many favours,
just do this for me. I’ll slap you.
– Please, just this once. You’ve two uncles.
– The other one’s paternal. Come for just 2 minutes! Hi. I am Siddhant. You’re cop?
– What the.. He’s smart. How did I find out? He’s scared sh**. He’s wearing sports
shoes under your uniforms. And you’re demeanor clearly says.. ..that you are a
government officer. Police officer. Inspector. Constable. Right?
– Wrong. I am the Inspector. He’s a constable? I’ll slap you silly. Can’t you see? He’s ACP. He’s wearing better clothes. Now that we know
how sharp you are.. ..then, let’s get to the point. Will you work with me?
– Work? No. This not a question, it’s an order. Will you come along quietly or
will I have to drag your a** along? Sir.. No need to say yes now. Take a few days. You see..I don’t work
‘with’ or ‘for’ anyone. It’s my rule. Think about it. Give it a thought. Like you guys say. ‘Sleep over it.’ See you.
– Come here. Listen..
– What did you say.. Hear me out.. I’ve a problem. Sir, at least half a dozen
have tried since morning. They’re all useless. Here he is. Welcome. So, what’s the outcome? Tracking hackers
was quite tricky sir. I tried to track the trailes
of both the dead hackers. But, couldn’t find a clue about.. ..why they came to
Delhi? Who called them? What was their motive? Sir, I suggest..
– No, no. Don’t suggest anything. Get going. I can guess
the rest from your face. In all you failed to score, right. Come on, get going. Go, go, go. Don’t jump off! Take the stairs down! Sir, they can’t
even find their way. Sir, it’s not their cup of tea. They can’t even
hold their pants up. Their pants keep slipping down.. ..and, their underwear
keeps coming out! They’re
good-for-nothing. – Sir. Sir. This is Mickey the Virus’ history. These days this slimy bastard.. ..been playing games under
the avatar of Kun-fu Chameli. Shut your crap, Chutney. It’ll only take you five minutes. Take your Goddamn
scooter and get here. I am a super hacker. And my mom sent me
out to buy vegetables. ‘Life was busy, handling
mom’s store by the day..’ ‘..and creating fake viruses
for the antivirus companies.’ Oh, come on. – ‘That’s how I came
at Govindpuri vegetable market.’ ‘Where I met that knockout-beauty. Oh, my! I wish I had read Mills and Boons.. my childhood instead
of Milli and Babloo comics! What do you want? Gourd. 1 litre. This is a vegetable
market, not a milk booth. We sell by the kilo.
– So, what? How much for it?
– 50 Rs a kilo. Shall I cut it or
will you eat it here? 50 Rs? You’re ripping us. It costs only 10 Rs.
– It’s the wedding season. Sweetmeats are the
delicacy of the season. Wedding season! That’s a great season! No. It’s too expensive.
– Right. It’s too expensive. That’s not done.
You’re selling it at a high rate. You can’t sell something
worth 10, for 50. It’s too expensive. Do you want to buy it or
are you just looking around. Oye your vegetable has
made me a vegetable! Bird watching again, you pervert! Chutney! Opportunity always hit poked,
mailed, spammed and liked me. And, I kept waiting for
her to knock on my door. This time I won’t let her slip. Are you listening?
– Yes. Just upload the gourd! Excuse me. ‘When a gorgeous
girl’s in front of you.. ..then, there can actually
be a huge difference.. ..between what you
think in your mind.. ..and actually what
you wanted to say. ‘Stop wasting time on
thinking of a Facebook status. ‘And think about the right
pickup line to impress her.’ ‘Ask her name.’ ‘Move your lips, idiot!’ Mickey, you should get
a kick on your bums. Rascal. I’ve been
carrying that gourd around. While you..
– To hell with the gourd. Where did she go? The original version
of my Kung-fu Chameli. Come back on earth! Every fair-skin looks like
Kung-fu Chameli to you. She’s vanished! Chutney. Please. Gimme one
pickup line to impress her. Are we brothers?
Please. Please. Please. I’ll have to Google for it. Forget the flour
and start Googling. And send me the pickup line, now. Hey! Hi. Hi? May I help you?
– Yeah! By giving me your number. Name! Address!! Are you crazy?
– No. Fine, how about a
photograph of yours. You see, I want to tell Santa
what I want for Christmas. Merry the Christmas. You..are mad!
– No, I.. ‘Why didn’t God put a
‘Backspace’ in my mouth?’ ‘Couldn’t you find a worse line?’ ‘Mickey, you should definitely
get kicked in your bums.. ..and all other parts of your body. I was trying to send you the
line, but it isn’t going through. Your system had to
buffer now, right. It was such a
disastrous pickup line. Madam, your card. Kung-fu Chameli! I will return her this card.
– Here. Take this along. Read the line from this. Thank you. Wait, wait, wait. You forgot your card. Fate brought you to me Miss. Fate brought you to me Miss. Mutual funds are
subject to market risk. My card? I see. So your fate
brought us together. So, if you’re lucky,
we’ll meet again. I am on my way. Your Vegetable has made
my mind a vegetable! I just told you stop
helping the police. Run away! Couldn’t you give me a better line? First you ask for help
and later crib about it. But Floppy. She was just amazing. From the moment I saw her,
everything went into slow-motion. What’s happening? Turn on the subtitles,
I can’t hear a thing. I’m getting that
‘falling-in-love’ type feeling. He’s dying in love. Do you have a plan to find her? To hell with the plan. But, there must be
a way to find her. You don’t know her name, her
address, or her phone number. How are you going
to find her? Stupid. The professor always
says, if you’re stuck.. ..then hit rewind, and
review the events again. You will find the
solution in there. ‘Madam, your card.’ ‘Wait, wait, wait.’ ‘You forgot your card.’ Palwinder. Your audio’s
got super speakers! Find anything? Everything. She’s Kamayani. Kung-fu Chameli. Your gal’s a real hottie. Why do nerds always end
up with the best girls? Fate did bring us
back together, Kammi! My fture childrens Mummy!! What is it? Floppy, you know. Your ‘Profiler’ was really good. I just uploaded the
latest antivirus. Then why did you screw it up. Dog! Did you forget the
Professor’s first rule? ‘No matter how good
a hardware you build.’ ‘If your software’s weak, your
system will definitely crash.’ ‘Elementary.’ You remember all the
Professor’s rules. But, everything he hands you a
job you disappear in thin air. You two are the
Professor’s ass lickers. Why do you need me? And anyway, I’m not like
the universal charger.. ..that, you can
plug me in anywhere. Since you’ve fell for
that Kung-fu chick.. ..even your thoughts
have become triple X. Kung-fu chick You find this lame joke funny, is it!
– Are you crazy? What are you doing? Hello. Yes, Professor. We’re on our way. Professor. Come fast.
– Hey? Where to? Sitting idle and doing
nothing is your job. Come on. SUVW. Where are you going? Sit down. Before you pin this bill
on me, I’m running away. I’ve such useless friends. ‘Our fates have been written
with the donkey’s bottom.’ ‘But I had to see this time.’ ‘Whether fate’s with
me, or with the police.’ Junior. Here you go. Why don’t you open
a account for me? You’re my uncle. Onions are getting expensive. So, using cauliflower instead. Should I cut pigeons in it? Is your brother okay, now? Enjoy. We’ll manage it. Mickey. Enough fooling around. You’ve a meeting with
the ACP. Let’s go. What meeting? We gave you two days to think? But you sent no message. You made a run for it. Come on. I’ve bought a bottle
of oil along to rub it on you. Now, we’ll take you for
a our style. Come on.
– Can I finish the noodles? Get it packed. Mom. Hey, you. I’m going on a field trip. Yeah. I’ll be back by evening. We all know that. could even
take a day or two. Brought it here. Where will I get the gourd? I don’t want any sweetmeat. Hello. I can’t hear you. Hello.. I like sweetmeats.. There’s a saying in
our Police station. When a big vegetable is cut Everyone gets a piece of it Right. One of the most.. Sir, here’s your Virus! Stand straight.
– I knew it. I knew it. I knew it, Mickey Arora. You’re behind this mischief. You destructor. ‘All of you are
good-for-nothing slackers.’ ‘When you rack your
brains at dial-up speed..’ ‘..then, no need to
bigmouth like broadband.’ ‘Instead of using dead
brain cells, just follow me.’ ‘You can’t understand
such a small thing.’ ‘Why..’ ‘Hey Bull worker, what’s so funny?’ ‘Mr. Arora.’ ‘I hired you make
our process manual.’ ‘When are we going to
see something in print?’ “I recognise your..”
– ‘Sir, very soon.’ ‘You spent half your
life saying that.’ ‘Hello.’ Dear, Priyanka Chopra. ‘Who Priyanka Chopra?’ What is it? ‘Do I sound like Priyanka Chopra?’ Move. ‘This is Pinchoo Banerjee
speaking over here.’ ‘Keep the bloody phone.’ Dear. ‘Nonsense.’ ‘You..
– “I recognise..” ‘Hello.’ How are you, Priyanka? ‘Who Priyanka Chopra?’ Say something. ‘Keep the phone down
you no-good.. Please.’ Please. Please. Take t. ‘Mickey, I’m warning
you for the last time.’ “I recognise..” The bloody heroine perverted
fans are not letting me sleep. I had to change my mobile
number because of your antics. I’ll have you thrown behind bars. I won’t spare you, swine.. Bhalla..
– I’ll get you arrested. Take him some place to cool down. Come with me, I’ll
buy you an icicle-pop. But no sugar in it! Ok! I’ve diabetes.
– Come along. Sid. There’s an amazing
sale at Sarojini Nagar. Let’s talk on the way. You said you never work
‘for’ or ‘with’ anyone. So, it was a slip of tongue. But I soon mended my mistake. Sir. It’s finally on print, sir. Pinchoo!! Mickey! Have you always been making
these photos of girls.. ..or, did you just hit puberty? This are just.. Extra-curricular activities. This is a list of all your scams. And your boss is keen on
lodging a complaint with us. So, either you work
for me, or go to jail. This? This is rubbish. Don’t take me for a fool. Try linking me to any of
these, and I’ll bow to you. Have you heard that saying.. Heads is mine and tail is mine ..and I own the coin So here I own all the coins I can make you run between.. ..court and jail for all your life. Don’t get sentimental. Just tell me the job. I got this installed for you. It’s cool. Have you heard about
the ‘Bhram gang’? ‘Bhram gang’? What sort of a name is that? Which gangster is he? They aren’t gangster,
they are hackers. Hacker gang? Nop! What system is this?
I can;t even open it! It’s just a can
with a lot of wires! Sid, tell me one thing. You could’ve taken the advice.. ..of the one you buying this for? If I work on this, I’ll
never get the job done. We’ll have to upgrade it. Okay. What do you want? I’ve a solution to problems. I know a guy. He’s an expert in cheaply
upgrading computers. The biggest jinx of my life. What made you call me? I need you to upgrade a system. Yes. 8gb Ram, Ting-Ting-Ting
1.7 processor. 4GB graphic card
and..2TB hard disk. This will cost you..70,000 Rs. 150,000? Are you crazy? Always hogging the bigger share. We won’t pay you a
penny more than 125,000. Cut it. They are the Police. Better do their job. Make a healthy relation with them. It’ll come in handy some day! Okay, add the 25,000..
– Okay. Sure. Done, done. Sir, I’ve done your job.
– Cheapskate. Once Antoo does his
job, I’ll do mine. Can I go now? Mom was calling. We’ll meet a week or two. Sir. You let that boy go. Surprising, sir. He made the
Bengali run for his life.. ..saying that you’re filing a case
of mental harassment against him. What’s this, sir? And I reached to my
to be children’s mom. “Do I stop..this moment?” “Or do I..let myself go?” “What do I do?” “What do I do?” “What do I do?” “I can’t think anything right now.” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “It started a series of events.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” People follow on
Facebook and Twitter. But my feet are tired
following you around. “It started a series of events.” So you won’t give up.
– Me. It’s destiny after all. See, we meet again
because it was destiny. By the way, how about
coffee after office? Isn’t that too fast?
– No. Not tonight, tomorrow. Just one.
– You’re so stupid. “Sweetheart..” “I’ve lost my senses.” “I’ve lost my..heart.” “You dwell in my heartbeats.” “Sweetheart..” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “I am in love.” “I found you after losing myself.” “That’s how I learned to live.” “I found you after losing myself.” “That’s how I learned to live.” “I forsook everything
for your love.” “That’s how I learned to live.” “Your smile’ happiness.” “My happiness is only with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “It started a series of events.” “Do I stop..this moment?” “Or do I..let myself go?” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with
you.””Love’s made in China.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” “Since I fell in love with you.” Mickey’s missing again? What, sir?
– Mickey! He’s disappeared, sir. Is Mickey’s supplier here
yet, to upgrade the machine? He’s out of town, sir. Visiting the temple. Goddess mother, bless us all. He’ll do it once he’s back. Sir, I’m curious to know. What kind of a case are
we working on exactly? No identification, no
investigation. It’s been so long.. ..since we last tortured
someone in the station. We’re taking help of
a crook to catch one. And, sir. Assign the
boy Mickey under me. I’ll set him straight with a stick. I don’t think Mickey can
be handled with a stick.. Might doesn’t work
everything, Bhalla. Sometimes we need to be more
fluid like water to find a way. Didn’t like what I said. No, sir. Just.. didn’t
understand what you just said. You? At this hour? I’ve got a gift for you. A gift for me..stolen
from my own building. Don’t stolen gifts have sentiments? Try to understand the feelings. But, we’re friends. Ok? People only give a flower. I gave you the entire pot. And you say we’re friends. Fine. I’ve to get to my office now. Go. I proposed to her. Watch it you bloody.. Rascal. Stop
flaunting your English. Good for nothing,
I’ll thrash you black and blue and throw
you out of Delhi. And you, are you crazy? Don’t lsut for a
girl you don’t know. Just see it from my point of view. And you’ll definitely blow a fuse.
– I see. No wonder I didn’t
see you for so long. So, why don’t you tell her,
that you’re a crook-hacker? Chutney, it’s time I turned
back from Mickey Virus.. Mickey Arora again. But, how are you going
to mend your ways? By joining the police. I even have an offer. Now Police is hiring
crooks in their department? Then this country
definitely needs improvement! There are cops ahead. Shall I race ahead?
– No. Chutney, no. no. No, chutney. So, what exactly do you do?
– I.. ‘I run my mothers
departmental store in the day.’ I handle my family
business, part-time. ‘That dog even sold the Qutub
Minar over the internet.’ ‘I’m not on the computer.
Who told you that?’ ‘He’s a big thief. He can even
steal from the flea-market.’ ‘Bloody silly-con.’ ‘Who can dare steal anything
in front of me from this shop!’ ‘..when I am here.
You’re just too much.’ ‘He can even infect a
typewriter with a virus!’ I sweep computers. Hello, Mr. Shin Chan. Yes, hi. Yes, your virus is ready. Very fast! Mr. Arora. Very
fast! You should be in China. He’s a champion of computers. But I’ll make mincemeat out
of him if he faces me directly. Mickey, you.. Which ones? ‘Dal-chini Virus’. ‘Piles Virus’. ‘Snacks Virus’. And ‘Bulldog virus.’ And..Indian sweet virus.’ Look at what he’s done to me. I am on the roads. I also free..lance.. ing.
– Basically you are good for nothing! Hey! Being useless is a big job. Don’t misunderstand. I can read bodies, and minds too. They call me Bond in my colony. Ok, Malviya Nagar’s Mr.James Bond.. you read body language? Body..and language as
well. I’m like a magician. Okay, jhalle. Then tell
me what I am thinking. Every time I look at you.. ..the parental control
of my mind’s switched-off. And my system crashes. Don’t look at that
good-for-nothing. He’s just sitting there
with those headphones.. ..on his ears listening
to cricket commentary. Hold on. Hey! What’s the score?
– Mickey. You always know
what’s going around. It’s been a month since we met. And according to that,
today is our anniversary. Did you remember? What kind of an anniversary
falls in a month old relationship? The eggs in my fridge
are older than that. You will always remain a jhalla. Listen.. If you;ve paid the bill,
atleast take the change! Listen to me. Listen to me atleast! You call yourself a
magician, don’t you? A magician can make
an elephant disappear.. front of thousands of people. The things he shows
us are not real. Can you repeat your words? Couldn’t understand a word. Hello. Turn around. Hi, Sid.
– Siddhant. Let’s sit inside. Your guy has upgraded the system. And, with one slap he took his
share without your commission. Commission? Sid, you can never trust such guys. Can you see something written? You’re my brother after all. Fine. What’s the job? Laptop. Careful. I’ve raised this machine
with a lot of hard work. Surprising, isn’t it? Imagine the chaos.. can cause with
this small tin can. This is the Bhram Gang’ site. Study it, It’s quite a secure site. Fine. I’ll workout
something in a week. We aren’t going anywhere.. ..until you don’t crack this site. Give me four days. You’re going to get me delayed. Multi-layered firewall. If I go any further, its
system will get activated. And they will track
the IP address.. ..of this system in 60 seconds. You mean, after pressing Enter.. ..if you don’t crack
this site in 60 seconds.. ..then, these dangerous criminals
will come knocking at your door. That’s exactly what I said. You’ve 60 seconds. Sid! 58! 50 seconds! 45 seconds! It’s a very secure site.
– Not your cup of tea? 30 seconds. By the way, they’ve
committed four murders. 15 seconds. Come. 5.. 4..
– Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t ever do that again. You squeezed my b*** pretty hard! I had no choice? Your generation.. ..generally doesn’t perform till
their b*** are squeezed hard. Work with me for 30 days. If you like it, we’ll
continue working. I’ll do anything you
say. Can I go now? Tomorrow, 10:30 am.
At my police station. 10:30 am? Fine, I’ll be there. Can I go now? Don’t be late, or I’ll
issue a warrant against you. How much more are
you going to sc*** me? Kammi! Why did you leave? I am going to my office.
– Fine. Don’t be furious. Let’s meet at 6:30 pm,
at the Chinese Corner. Chinese Corner? Why
weren’t you born in China? Well, I’ve a grand surprise
for our anniversary. Your arrangements better be good. I’ll be there at 6:30. Bloody cop, got me in a trouble. I’ve my entire life
to serve the country. If I lose the girl, I’ll
be left with nothing. I’ll have to plan the
anniversary as well. “Cheap goods up for sale.” “Stop racking your brains.” What is this? “Cheap goods up for sale.” “Stop racking your brains.” “Cheap goods up for sale.” “Stop racking your brains.” “One..two..three..four..”
– What the f*** is this! “My heart sways..”
– What? “My heart sways..” “In English..” “My heart sways..” “The body’s no fun.” “Nor the top.” “You can’t buy pizza at
the price of stuffed bread.” “Who’s going through
the emotional pain?” “The cow won’t sing..” “..after it lifts its tail.” “When will you come?” “When will you come?” “You’ll defiantly kill me.” “When will you come?” “I live for you, I die for you.” “What about VWXYZ?” “Sweetheart, when are you coming?” “Coming when you.” “Goodbye. Remember.” “Every time love’s on your list.” “Mutual funds are
subject to market risks.” Kamayani, I’ve been
trying to call you. Mickey, where are you? I’m waiting for you
at the Chinese Corner. Can you come at the office now? What are you still
doing at the office? Don’t ask questions, Mickey. Just come here as soon
as possible. Please. Kamayani?
– Yes. Kamayani? Kamayani, what’s wrong? I messed things up, Mickey. Messed what up? I was just leaving to meet you. My boss gave asked me
to transfer a amount.. ..from a client’s account. But, I don’t know how.. a haste to meet
you, I entered the.. ..last two digits of the
client’s account wrong. Relax, Kamayani. Mistakes happen. Tell your boss, he’ll
make a reverse transaction. Simple. If he finds out, I’ll lose my job.. ..and my career will be over.’s not long
before that happens. My boss has a meeting
with the auditors at 11 pm. And he must be on his way here. Come, Mickey. Let’s go from
here. I can’t face him now. Mickey. Mickey, let’s go.
– Hold on, Kamayani. What are you doing? Ah.. Kamayani, give me the bank
site’s link. – Link? What do you want it for? I’ll try.
– Try? Try to reverse the transaction. You think this is a
joke or a childs play! It’s impossible to
crack this bank’s site. Just give me the link. Will the guard squeal to your boss? Forget him, he won’t say. Let’s go, Mickey. Two minutes. Madam. You.. The boss is in the building. What? Mickey, let’s just go
from here. They are here. Kamayani, almost done. Wait. Yes, done. Here, enter the account number. Do it. “The eyes first..spoke
with each other.” “Later we just
exchange conversation.” “The eyes first spoke
with each other.” “Later we just
exchange conversation.” “Let the journey continue.” “Let these events go on.” “I pray that my heart
always beats for you.” “I pray that my heart
always beats for you.” “May this continue just like this.” “May this caravan never stop.” “I pray that my heart
always beats for you.” “I pray that my heart
always beats for you.” Trouble! I am late. That cop’s going to
beat the shit out of me. There will be fireworks at
the Police station today. So, what’s your
plan for the evening? Evening? All my best evenings are unplanned? What about you? By the way, my wish for today is.. Be careful what you wish for.. Let’s meet in the evening. There’s a surprise for you.
– Surprise? I want to know. A surprise is a
surprise is a surprise. Why did that cop
have to call me today? Fine. Let’s meet in the evening. Next time I’ll thrash you. Don’t worry, I’m there. Where’s Sid?
– Hold on. Sid? Sid who? My brother. The ACP. Where is he? Inside.
– Sorry, Sid. Sorry. I left on time, but
traffic’s a dangerous thing. And then, there are these
bloody cops at every signal. Sorry. Show this sharpness in your work. Take him away. And complete the
joining formalities. Yes, sir. Come on, Mickey.
Let’s start with you. I hope you took enough
rest before leaving home. Let’s go. Do you need a
special invitation? Come on. It’s an expensive system. Yet, it’s showing
images upside down. It’s made in China, use and throw! May I? Sir. Sir, I mean it. Do you think he’ll do the job? Sometimes when a lame horse runs.. Sitting on such an
advanced system.. ..and all you can do is
capture videos of cars. He can leave the
strangest horses behind. If he doesn’t, I’ll stick
the rod up his bottom. He’ll keep jumping
around like an arse. Done.
– Done? How do you do it so quickly? When you hand a difficult
job to a lazybone.. ..he always finds
an easy way to do it. Find anything? Yes, I’m quite deep inside. Then, you must be enjoying it too. I’ll send tea for you. It’s just like I feared. I’ve lost the track of this case.
– What happened? Last night, someone hacked
Anwar Raja’s account.. the Excalibur
Bank’s Hauz Khaus branch.. ..and stole 100 crores. Excalibur..Bank?
– Yes. Excalibur Bank. They stole Anwar Raja’s money,
and right now he’s in a flight. And will be landing here
in Delhi after 12 hours. And as soon as it does,
he’ll screw us all.. ..but, he won’t spare
that hacker as well. This is definitely the
doing of the ‘Bhram Gang’. They stuck their nose
in the wrong place. Did you find anything? Mickey?
– Yes. Did you find anything?
– I’ll look. Hurry up. ‘It didn’t take me
long to realize..’ ‘..that I had made
an a** of myself.’ “I am Mickey Virus.” Mickey! Did you find anything?
– No, I’ll..look. Hurry up. Come on, Kamayani. Pickup, pickup. Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone. You’ve messages. Floppy’s number you are
calling not reachable. Come on, pick up the
phone. Pick up the phone. Come on, Kamayani. Hey Gadget geek.
What are you doing? Working, what else? Is this how you work,
strolling around the room? Do you take me for a fool? Take your bag. Come along.
– Where? Sir’s called for you?
– Why? He’ll sing you a lullaby. Or give you a lollipop. Must be a girl?
– What? People often look this
tensed on two occasions. Either it concerns
a girl, or money. You don’t look like
you’ve money to lose. Must be a girl. Who is Anwar Raja, Mr. Bhalla? Wonderful. Mr. Bhalla. Anwar Raja is a broker
for the Ministers. He turns their black
money into white. He’s well-connected.
Why? – No, I.. Come on out.. “It’s a tall building..” “Your lift’s closed..” Mr. Bhalla, what are we doing here? It’s a crime scene. Crime..scene? It’s easy to commit crimes
with a tin-can on your lap. Let’s go see a real crime-scene. We’ll see how brave you really are. Come on. “In the breeze, in the ambience..” “’re in my life..” Surprise! “You are in my every prayer.” Sir. Isn’t she the same
girl, from Dubai? The one we arrested
for carrying drugs. Sir. She’s been murdered
just like the other hackers. With the same cyanide poison. Yes, sir. Sir. Yes, sir. She’s a foreigner
as well. From Dubai. Name, Kate George. I’ll inform the Embassy right away. The killing pattern
is similar, sir. It’s difficult to say whether
she was a hacker or not. Sir. But, sir..CBI.. Okay, sir. Sir. What happened? Why are you so silent? Oh.. First time seeing a dead body. I’ll get you a closer look. Come on. Move aside. Mickey wants to take a
closer look at the body. Take a look. Died at a young age. Touch her, she’s completely cold. Touch her. Come on, touch her. She
won’t bite you. Touch her. Go to the bathroom. You will mess up the crime scene. ‘This is Kamayani.’ ‘She’s a foreigner
as well. From Dubai.’ ‘Name, Kate George.’ ‘I’m a highly educated
girl from Pondicherry.’ ‘I am not useless like you.’ ‘I am trapped.’ ‘First, the 100 crores
theft, and now this murder.’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘What do I do?’ ‘Should I tell Sid? ‘Whenever you can’t
find a solution.. ‘..then, wait till the morning.’ ‘Just leave it. Relax.’ ‘No.’ Oh no! The number you’re
calling us unreachable. Sir, if you don’t mind.
Can I touch her once? Is she your mother? Do you want to touch her
feet and take blessings? Just stand there, and
don’t finger me! Smart Arse! The murderer spent the night
with her here last night. The body hasn’t stiffened yet. That means, she died few hours ago. How did she get mud on her nails? Send it to the lab for testing. Attention everybody! The murderer who’s been
giving us the slip.. ..for the last 45 days, and we
had no evidence against him.. ..except for a clue
of a poison needle. Now, we’ve complete
possibilities of apprehending him. Because this time he
has left evidence behind. Search every nook and
corner of the house. Don’t miss a single clue. Just remember. We’ve 11 hours. Within 11 hours, that murderer’s
name should be in our files, and.. ..he should personally
be behind bars. Get going! You’re lucky for us. We’ll definitely catch
that murderer this time. Open the computer in
the girl’s bedroom.. ..and see what you can find.
– Right. And hurry up, you don’t have time. Are you feeling okay?
– Yes. What happened? First time you followed
my orders without arguing. Wear these gloves. Otherwise, we might
not find the murderer.. ..and you will end up
leaving fingerprints all over. “I am oblivious.” “I have lost my life.” “I have made you
dwell in my heart.” “O beloved.” “Since my eyes locked with you.” “Since my eyes locked with you.” Move it a bit. Is the guard, who was
on night duty, here? He’s on the way, will be here soon. Listen.. I want the CCTV footage as well.
– Yes, sir. Of course. What? What? I wonder what he is typing. I told my wife so many
times to massage my knees. I can’t even bend over. Sir! Sir! Sir. Look what I found. The girl’s phone. We’ll
definitely find something in this. The generation these days.. They’ll leave there clothes open
but, their phone’s are locked. Here. What are you looking
at? You’re a hacker. Unlock it. Will you please leave?
– Why? I can’t work if you
stand on my head. What are you.. Hello. Yes. What are you doing? I’ll call you back,
I’m busy right now. Listen.. What are you doing? Listen. I’m busy now.. Bring some money. Why don’t you grow your
bloody eggplants at the back? A lady was murdered here and
you want me to buy eggplants. Who died? Do you know all
the ladies in Delhi? “Who died?” Keep the phone. What are you doing? Find anything?
– Nothing. Nothing? There’s no data on the phone. Then why were you..doing this? That’s how you unlock a phone. Are you trying to teach me? Is
this how you unlock a phone.. hammering on the keys. Mr. Bhalla, why don’t
you do it yourself? Look, Mickey. You talk so respectfully
only when you’re in trouble. Don’t be too over-smart. Smartass from Malviya Nagar. Get to work. The CCTV recording’s arrived, sir. The girl died around 10-11am. Show me the recording after 9am. Rewind. Stop. This man doesn’t seem right. The camera’s angle.. Why can’t I see it clearly? Can’t the image get any better? Mickey. Back at the police station.. fixed those messed up images. Why don’t you work your
magical fingers here too? I.. actually, the
image isn’t the problem. It’s the camera’s angle. There’s no way to fix it. There must be a way to
see his face clearly. What if we send this video
for resolution enhancement? No, sir..
– Then we can see his face clearly. Play. Thank you. Hold on. Stop. Stop. Don’t you see something strange? The girl was murdered this morning. The murderer will enter
the building, not exit it. Confirmed, it’s him. I.. O poor man’s Sherlock Holmes. You aren’t doing
the job we gave you. But, you’ve an advice for us. No, I..
– No, what.. I say the first one’s
the murderer, not him. What can you do? No, sir, I..
– Don’t worry. This is just a
preliminary inspection. We’ll check everyone. Sit. But, why aren’t
you on the computer? Sir, I wanted to tell you.. Sir, the night guard’s here. Call him. What were you saying? I was saying I checked
the entire computer. All of Kam Kate’s
data’s been erased. I could recover just one
folder, and it’s encrypted. Encrypted. I mean, it’s locked and
I’ll need to open it. Then unlock it. You’re
the hacker, not me. I need a software to
unlock it which is at home. I’ll take it home, unlock it
and bring it back by morning. Okay?
– Morning? Are you crazy? Sid, that software..
– You can’t go. Half an hour to go,
another half to come back. Will be back in one and
a half hours, promise. Genius mathematician you are! Go. Why are you going inside?
– To get my laptop. Sir. Sir. I tell you.
That boy’s behind it. It’s definitely that boy.
– What boy? Last night there was a
boy along with the madam. He looked like a hoodlum.
– Can you identify him? Sir, I can tell you how
many strands of hair he had. Note it down. Jakhar. Pen, paper. Yes, uncle.
– He was tall. He had a unshaven beard. His eyes were round like a frog. And he was wearing torn jeans. And, his hair was straightened. And his T-shirt. There was long-eared
cartoon drawn on it. Just like on a kid’s t-shirt. That’s it. Sir, that’s the description
of any 24 year old boy. Uncle. Tell me something
unique about him. Sir, then you just
bring him in front of me. I’ll identify him in a jiffy. I can assure you
he’s behind all this. Mickey! Mickey! He ran out through the back. Call the sketch artist. I want that boy’s sketch. Now. “Move on..” Let’s go..
– I don’t want to. Come on, you don’t have a fare. No, I am busy thinking. You can think on the way. Come on. You seem to be in such a hurry
as if you’ve committed murder! What’s the hurry?
– Shut up and let’s go! Will you run faster than the cbn? Son, where to? ‘Does the problem too big?’ ‘Seems difficult
to find a solution.’ ‘Start from where it all began.’ Take me to Ber Sarai. “Come with me in my field, damsel.” “We will enjoy.” Give me your phone. The battery of my phone’s dead. I need to make an
urgent call. Please! All the smart ones are in my car. Keep this Rs.500. Please. No, no, there was no need for this. Here you go. Oh no! Hi, you’ve reached the
voice-mail of Bombay Bakery. Please leave a
message after the beep. Bombay Bakery in Delhi? Yes. Bhalla? ‘Yes! Enter the account number.’ Excuse me, Excalibur?
– 8th floor. 8th or 7th? – It’s been on
the 8th floor for 4 years. Well, it’s the month end. So, we need to put in more hours. Forget that. Yes.. Forget that.. 7 up and 2 down. Excuse me. Bank’s closed, come back tomorrow. No, not you. No, I..
– I wanted to know if.. ..Kate George or
Kamayani works here. Look, we’re not allowed to
give employee information. Not you. Now, two up.. Yes.
– Excuse me. Ma’am.. And three..
– Just listen.. Ma’am..
– Right. Ma’am..
– Right. I’ve been asking you
something why don’t you answer? Mummy. Guards! Guards! Come quickly. Where are you? Guards! Come quickly. It’s on the seventh floor. ‘Have you seen a magician.. ‘..make an elephant
disappear in a crowd.’ ‘What he shows us is not real.’ Where have you been
since yesterday? I’m in a big mess.
– What happened? Kamayani’s been murdered. What? How? Who? Where?
– I don’t know. All I know is I didn’t do it. 100 crores have been stolen. And, I’m being blamed for it all.
I really don’t know what to do. Where are you now? I am in the bank’s building. Mickey, so much happened. And you’re telling us now. They hired the entire floor.. .and setup a duplicate bank,
right below the same bank. They just changed the name. From Excalibur Bank to
Excalibur Securities. Didn’t you visit her floor?
– I did. Three times. She called me twice, and once I
had even gone there to propose her. What?
– What? The entire thing was pre-planned. So that when I hack their system
I wouldn’t know that I’m hacking.. ..the Excalibur Bank system
and stealing 100 crores. Mickey. But, they
could’ve made you do this.. ..from anywhere. No, Chutney. The Excalibur Bank systems
couldn’t be hacked externally. The plan was simple. Get me inside to do this job. The firewall inside the
bank wasn’t strong enough. That’s why you hacked such
a secure site internally. But, didn’t you ever notice.. ..that, you’re going
on the 8th floor? I looked..I pressed 7th floor. When they can plan
such a big charade.. ..can’t they manipulate
the lift system. The boy knows a lot now. What do we do with him? Mickey, that girl Kate.. Kamayani.. Or whoever she is. She couldn’t have done this alone. Someone was definitely helping her. Try to remember. Her office staff. Her boss. Who was supposed
to come that night. ‘Madam. Sir’s
entered the building.’ All those employees were fake. ‘Sir’s entered the building.’ Chutney! There was a security
guard that night. I’ve seen it earlier too. Pancho?
– Yeah. I sent him. Now, he’ll be a big help to you.
– Thanks, Floppy. I just need to find
that mastermind. What’s the plan? Wait, I’ll call you back. Siddhant, I’ll be there in 20
minutes. My battery’s very low. Siddhant! Yes. Chutney. Do one thing. Check out Kamayani’s
Excalibur Securities site. And Floppy, I’m forwarding you.. ..a number I found
on Kamayani’s number. Track it down.
– Okay. There’s nothing here, Mickey. The site’s missing,
just like the office. If someone created a fake site.. ..then, the domain must
be registered to someone. Check it online. Arora. The number
on Kamayani’s phone.. ..belongs to some Babloo. The Excalibur.. The Excalibur domain’s also
registered in some Babloo’s name. Oh no. Mickey, check your phone. Babloo? He’s that guard. He’s no guard. He’s
a software engineer. Why was a software engineer. ..working as a guard in a bank? Is he..the mastermind? I’ll track phone through GPS. Oh no. The location of his phone is
close to you. – What? Mickey, get out of there. You can get in a mess.
Somebody is following you! Mickey, stop. Listen to me. Hello, Mickey! Listen to me. Why are you there? Why
don’t you do something? He’s closing you. Do
you hear me, Mickey? Listen to me, fool. He’s close to you, stupid. Don’t just stand. Why are you there? He’s coming towards
you. Be careful. No.. Do you hear me? Listen. Hey, you.. So, this was your plan.
– I was after them for a year. But these Bhram
Gang stole my plan.. ..and ruined my game.
– Bhram Gang? Pancho.
– Run, Mickey. Catch him. That guy’s your lifeline to
freedom. Don’t let him escape. Mickey, run! Take the next left. Are you sure? Get going. Move it. He’s approaching. What are you doing? Floppy, where now? Take a left. Left. Your left or mine. Left’s just left.
What are you saying? There’s a left up ahead as well. The left that you left
behind. Mickey, left. Hey, it fell. You
crazy, go from that side. What are you doing? Go from there. Get going. Straight. Just go straight. It’s a dead end.
– Dead.. Oh no. It had to come now. Come on. Oh dear. Yes.. Go straight.. I’ve been going straight. I mean right. Take a right. Get going. Come on.
– Bravo. Run quickly. Right. Right. Mickey, he’s getting
ahead of you. Run. No, no, no. Don’t
run in that direction. Hey.. Tell me. Turn around. Where now? Where’s the link?
– What link? The link that you used
to transfer 100 crores. That link. You’re trapped, just like Kamayani. Don’t you have the money? What do I look like to you? Where are you going? Why did you kill Kamayani? I didn’t kill her. By the time I arrived at her
home she was already dead. Oh no. Who killed Kamayani? Must be the Bhram Gang. Bhram Gang. Take the photo. Wait. I’ll record. He’ll kill him. ‘Look. Life’s like a wheel.’ ‘To keep it in balance,
one has to keep moving.’ ‘If you stop..’ Take me to Begh Sarai. Hello. You’ve reached the
voicemail of Bombay Bakery. Please leave a
message after the beep. Chutney. Floppy. Bombay Bakery is our last clue. Find out where it
is, and who owns it. I’m coming to see you two. So, are you done? Sir, here’s the sketch. So, let’s see who you are. An hour ago you said
you’re coming in 20 minutes. Sid, I’ll be there as
soon as I unlock the file. Sir. Sir, take a look at this boy.
He looks just like Mickey. Sir! Sir. He’s Mickey. Bloody.. Mickey Virus. Now I get his game. He’s the guy, Bhalla. He’s the guy. One of them Speaking in rough
shoddy dialect consists of it, pick them up. Floppy. Did you find anything
about the voicemail? I am on it. Hurry up. Professor?
– We called him. Don’t worry, Mickey. The Professor has
studied your case. From Kamayani to the theft
of 100 crores, everything. Case study.
– Whoever sent that girl after you.. ..did an extensive research on you. Chutney. Look, Kamayani. Look. Kamayani looks just like
Kung-fu Chameli in-person. Kung-fu Chameli. But..she loved me. Maybe, just like you fell for
her, she fell for someone else. But..who could that be? Right now..we’ve to think
of a way to save you. Okay. That girl’s dead and these
mysterious people are still after you It means that, they still
don’t have the money. If we can find the
money, we can save you. Do you remember where
you transferred the money? No, Prof. I just
hacked the account. Kamayani transferred
the money that night. Think, Mickey. You might remember something. Anything. Something. Something she said. A link. Anything that can
take us to that money. There’s just one
link. Bombay Bakery. That’s it.
– Arora. The voice on this
voicemail isn’t of a girl. It’s been doctored
using a computer. What? Listen.
– Voice Modulation in progress. You have reached the
voicemail of Bombay Bakery. Please leave your
message after the beep. 20%. You have reached the
voicemail of Bombay Bakery. Please leave your
message after the beep. 50%. You have reached the
voicemail of Bombay Bakery. You have reached the
voicemail of Bombay Bakery. Please leave your
message after the beep. Professor. This means all the messages were.. ..being recorded at this
number for that mastermind. I recognize this voice? What?
– Who is he? Where are you hiding?
– You were the one hiding, Sid. Mr. Bombay Bakery. Kamayani. Babloo. 100 crores. I know everything. It was a nice plan. But,
you chose the wrong guy. No, I chose the right guy. Now, all the evidence
is against you. So, better tell me
where are the 100 crores. Because, only I can help you. You want the money. Come see me below
Moolchand Bridge in an hour. Are you out of your mind? Will you..
– One hour, Siddhant! One hour. Otherwise, I’ll disappear in
thin air with your 100 crores. You can keep looking. Your time starts now. But, you don’t have the 100 crores! I know that, but he doesn’t. Great idea, Mickey. Let’s corner him
at Moolchand Bridge. And, we’ll shoot everything through
a hidden camera and get him arrested. Police! Mickey. They came
here looking for you. Mickey. Without the money,
we can’t do anything. Chutney. Do one thing.
– Yes. Hack the Bhram Gang site.
– Okay. Sid and Babloo suspected them. Floppy, give me your car keys.
– Here. Prof. It’s settled under the bridge. Do it, please. Do one thing.
– Yes? Go to Pancho’s house,
he’ll help you. – Okay. Mickey.. Sir. The place is locked. Pancho. I heard you got beaten up. Babloo thrashed you like a dog. Yes, Chutney. Mickey. Send me a site to
crack the Bhram Gang site. Yes. I’ll message it to you. Ok. Bye. “Eyes say to weep..” “Wipe out the pain in the heart.” “Lord is angry, My beloved
who is like God is angry.” “Why did this happen?” “My shadow of my soul is lost.” “Why has my love deserted me?” “How to stop weeping?” “How do I stop breathing?” “I await you, please come.” “My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you. “O My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” “Even if I want to live, I can’t.” “There is nothing without you.” “My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” “O My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” “The watchful eyes..” “Wipe out the pain in the heart.” “Lord is angry, My beloved who is
like God is angry.” “I will not accept defeat now.” “I will defeat destiny.” “The pride and attitude.” Where did this mud in her nails
come from? – “I will erase it.” “I will attain you.” “Or I will erase myself.” “But this is the play of destiny.” “I will destroy it.” “Eyes say to weep..” “Wipe out the pain in the heart.” “Lord is angry, My beloved who is
like God is angry.” “Why did this happen?” “My shadow of my soul is lost.” “Why has my love deserted me?” “How to stop weeping?” “How do I stop breathing?” “I await you, please come.” “My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you. “O My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” “Even if I want to live, I can’t.” “There is nothing without you.” “My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” “O My beloved, I don’t
want to live without you.” You’re stupid. She had a point. Sid. Change of plans.. Meet me at Nehru Place
Parking Lot in 20 minutes. Why are you trying to
fight a war you can’t win? Just do as I say. Floppy. I’ve found the 100 crores. But, there’s a change in plan. Meet me at Nehru Place
Parking Lot in 20 minutes But, why are you changing the plan? I’ll tell you later. And, why isn’t Chutney
answering her phone? Wait, I’ll find out. You? That’s him. Got you Mickey the Virus! Game over! What a disgraceful place. I wonder why that fool
Mickey chose this place. He said he’ll tell
us once he’s here. But, where is he? Where is he?
– Must be on the way. Professor, please try to relax. Come on, I mean.. What can I say? Oh no. Is that Mickey? Is that Mickey? Take a look. Take a look. Mickey. You bas*** why did you kill him? Stop abusing. You should thank me instead. I just saved your life. Otherwise, he would’ve killed you. ‘Don’t ever do that again.’ Bhram Gang belongs to
Floppy, Professor and Pancho. They’re the original
mastermind of this story. They killed those
Hackers and Kamayani. You killed Kamayani. You killed Kamayani. Why? Mickey..we didn’t want to kill her. She’s Mickey’s girlfriend. Listen! Please tell
us where the money is. Listen! We don’t have
a problem with you. We’ll leave. Just tell
us where the money is. Why don’t you tell us? Let’s go. But..
– Let’s go. Come on. There’s nothing in it. She deleted everything. You killed Kamayani for money. It was a grave mistake. You knew they’re the Bhram Gang. Then, why didn’t you catch them? At least Kamayani
could have been saved! You’ll ask and I’ll
tell you everything. So that you can capture
our conversation.. ..on the parking
lot’s CCTV cameras. What do I look like? I’ve cut the CCTV wires. Where’s the money, Mickey. You want the money, don’t you? Bhram Gang’s Mastermind. You want the money
as well, don’t you? Come out. Mickey..give me the
link to the money. Professor. You’ve brought
the entire Bhram Gang along. Snatch it. Professor, don’t come any closer. Otherwise, I will
press this button.. ..and the money
will be transferred.. ..back into Anwar Raja’s account. There were two teams in this game. Team Bhram Gang, led by Professor. Floppy and Pancho. But, Siddhant. When did you enter this
game with your team? When two hackers were killed.. A thought crossed my mind. Hacking means money. There’s a saying amongst us.
Only be honest till a limit. There was too much at stake
for me to remain honest. During the hacker investigation
I came across Babloo. Corrupt power broker Anwar Raja’s
got an account in the bank.. ..where he’s stashed
billions in black money. The small time software engineer
Babloo couldn’t hack the account.. ..he even tried to take
Bhram Gang’s help online. But these guys hacked
his email instead.. ..and stole all his information. And, when Bhram Gang couldn’t.. ..hack Anwar Raja’s
account either.. ..they called
hackers from overseas. But, why call them this far? Come on, Mickey. Don’t
be such a bad student. We called them to India because.. ..tomorrow if the news
of the theft breaks out.. ..these corrupt politicians
In India won’t let it leak out, But, how could one
thief trust another? After those hackers failed.. ..sending them back was not
an option for Bhram Gang. You didn’t have an
alternative so you killed them. You could’ve employed the
Bhram Gang for this job. Then, why me? They were outsourcing
hackers from outside.., they couldn’t have helped me. And, by hacking their
secure site under a minute.. proved, that I
bet on the right horse. I just had to do a
little research on you. Because your rules are different. ‘I don’t work ‘for’ or with’
anyone. That’s my rule.’ ‘What’s that, sir?’ So I felt..I’ll have to do
something about your childish heart. And you sent Kamayani. Right move at the right moment. ‘I don’t want to get stuck
in these legal procedures.’ ‘Sir, please.’ ‘I’m ready to do
anything you want.’ You used Kamayani.. ..and, made Babloo stall
her, to keep an eye. It was necessary. The virus called love is a bad one. And used this pressure against you. First time, you were in a hurry.. throw your girlfriend
an anniversary party. And the second time, you were
under pressure to save her job. ‘I messed up everything.
– Kamayani, just give me the link.’ You used that police mind
in the right away, ACP. And we bookworms were trying
to hack it from outside. But, you trapped him and
took him inside the bank. ..where it was
comparatively easier.. break the bank’s firewalls. And, at the right moment
you pressurized me.. ..and I hacked the
bank’s secure site. That’s the problem
with this generation. They don’t perform until
you don’t apply pressure. And you pressurized me
again after Kamayani died. Knowing that..I wasn;t
involved in Kamayani’s murder. After Kamayani’s death
my plan was foiled. I didn’t know where the money was.. ..nor did the Bhram Gang members. All they knew..that you
can track this money. And I
salvage the situation.. ..I need to find those 100 crores. I’ve worked really hard
for those 100 crores. I won’t let go of it. Don’t give him the
money, he’ll kill you. Shall I give it to you, Professor? Will you let me go? You’re the bigger fraud here.
– Yes, I am. I had to be. What could I do? What’s the value of a Harvard
genius in this country? Nothing. It still takes minutes
to download a video. Politicians like Anwar Raja.. ..have stashed away
millions and billions. Is it fair? Is it? Does that mean we steal it? It’s not wrong to
steal from a thief. They stole it from the people. The Professor shouldn’t
get his hands on this money. Mickey, tell me where’s the
money. Otherwise I will kill you. If you give him the
money, I won’t spare you. Mickey, what’s wrong? You slimy virus!! He’s been recording our conversation
from behind that wallpaper. Come on. “Look at the swagger of fox.” “It’s illusion.” “It’s made in China.” “It’s made in China.” “It’s made in China.” “It’s made in China.” What now, Virus? Your tin-can’s broken. Are you going to
come out after I die? Come out! Bhalla’s here. Bhalla. Arrest him..
– Sir. I tried explaining you.. ..but you could never
understand this virus. Sorry, Mickey. I’ve been
trying to come out for long. But, so many bullets
were fired here.. ..I’m allergic to gun-powder.
I start sneezing. Really. Don’t mind. Sir. This Virus had already.. ..arranged for an anti-virus. This program’s being
telecasted live on Youtube. I’m sure you must have got
half a dozen hits by now. So,’re sc***. In Hindi, you’re in a mess. Sir, I went to arrest
him. At the girl’s house. So, you aren’t
involved in this game. I’ll give you a punch on your face. How dare you doubt me! I received a call from this girl. She wanted to tell me some secret. Then, she never called back. So,
I also didn’t take an interest. By the way, what are you upto? Hello. Bhalla. You want to
know the game, right. He said to me. Give me one hour..
– I’ll expose everything. But, this is like
the scoop of the year! You know, Professor. We slow-pokes are better than.. internet virus like you. What was the point
of your education.. ..if you wanted to
be a thief in the end? Remember, even Raavan lost
his pride. You’re just virus. My son’s a big fan of yours. He always says “A
real police officer..” “..should be like
your ACP, not you”. He doesn’t want to be like me. And, I won’t let
him become like you. Would you prefer to sit
up front or the back? Mickey. Floppy, Pancho..they are.. Mr. Bhalla. Details of the 99 crores. The root of this entire problem. See you. What is this 99, a lucky number? I mean, sir could’ve
stolen 100 crores. Why steal 99?
– I thought about it to, but.. -then the bell rung? Phone’s ringing. One minute. Hello. Yes, mom. Yes, mom. I kept lying to you. I am telling you the
truth for the first time I was stuck in a big mess. But, I am out now. Yes.
– Fine. Bring gourd when you come home.
I’ll make sweetmeat for you. I just got out of a big mess.. ..and all you can
think about are gourds. Fine. I’ll get you 5 kilos extra. Listen to me. You can make sweet gourd
for the entire colony. Oh yes. By the way, Mr. Bhalla how
does it make a difference. 100 or 99! And, like you say.. When a big vegetable is cut..
everyone gets a piece of it.. “Oh Mickey Virus! Digital freak!” “He looks innocent,
but he’s dangerous.” Saurabh Varma Who
do you think you are? You want me to act. I won’t do it. You can do anything you want. What do you see when
you buy a computer? Forget it, Mr. Bhalla. There
are lot of technicalities. Like the graphic card, what’s
the ram, how many GB’s.. Forget it. I just bought a
computer for my son. I see. Which one?
– The black one. He was saying silver. But my wife didn’t agree. The sofa in our room is brown. So are the walls. So she said black
will match the colors. What’s this? Mickey.
– Yes. Will you do a job for me?
– Will I have to move for it? Yes.
– Then ask someone else. Come on, lazybones. You
can’t do a simple thing. Just drive the scooter. Don’t get so close. Why don’t you buy a proper helmet? Why buy just half? Did you sell the other
half for a cup of tea? I’m going flat
broke because of you. My life’s ruined. Without asking without telling Listen. There’s a
petrol pump up ahead. Fill up 10 Rs of petrol. My wife’s a hacker too. I’m always missing money
from my purse every other day. The time your wife
takes to steal money.. ..hackers can hack
someone’s account.. ..big secrets, sexual fantasies.. ..and sc*** someone’s entire life. Sir. How can someone’s
sexual fantasies get stolen? If the world is whacking
you and you’ve no option.. ..then sit peacefully. Enjoy. He said give me an hour,
I’ll expose everything. But, this is like
complete disclosure. Who’s going to say what
happened to Anwar Raja? Siddhant. Someone tell me. Hello. Anwar speaking. Anwar Raja. This Virus boy
stole our 100 Crores. He’ll get 1000 tomorrow. Before it gets out of control.. ..finish him. “Mickey Virus.” “Mickey Virus.” “Mickey Virus. Virus.” “He looks innocent,
but he’s dangerous.” “Mickey Virus.” “Free Worm.” “Spreads in no time.” “Mickey Virus, be careful.” “You might run into Anti-virus.” “Mickey Virus, be careful.”

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