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Michael Tucker, MD, Primary Care – Internal Medicine MUSC Health

February 2, 2020

I entered this field
for one big reason. And that was to be able to serve
people and serve them well. And as a physician,
that allows me to provide excellent medical
care, as well as someone to listen to the things that
are going on in their lives, and be able to try to do what I
can to make their lives better. I enjoy general chronic
disease management. But more specifically, I
have a special interest in diabetes management, which
is a big problem in this area. And a lot of people
suffer from diabetes. As a physician and as
someone with special interest in diabetes
management, my goal is to be able to explain what
diabetes is to patients, be able to develop
personalized management plans for each patient, and be
able to partner with patients to better control
their diabetes. It’s only with
patient involvement that they can control
their diabetes. And that’s what I try to do–
is to be able to include them in their own care. There are unlimited
resources available to take care of patients. From every specialty to whatever
type of surgery you may need, it’s available here. Not only do we have the
resources available here. But we have some of the
brightest minds in the country here, some of the
best physicians here to take care of you,
to take care of your family, and to make sure that you
have the best quality of life possible.

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