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Michael Houghton recounts his discovery of the hepatitis C virus

December 19, 2019

I started trying to identify The hepatitis C virus in 1982 It ended up taking seven years A lot of false leads, a lot of frustration But in the end we managed to identify One small piece of nucleic acid That was derived from the hepatitis C virus That single small clone as we called it Was really the breakthrough We were able to build up a good knowledge Of the virus From which we were able to develop Diagnostics, blood screening tests Start to design new drugs And start to design vaccines What keeps you going is the fact that If you’re successful You can open up a completely new branch of medicine More importantly, you can actually help Millions of people around the world Who suffers from hepatitis C We discovered that humans that received A candidate vaccine against hepatitis C Produced antibodies that can actually neutralize The infectivity of all strains of the virus That occur around the world That was unexpected The literature in the field was suggesting That antibodies would be strain-specific What we show through our work is that is not true You can neutralize all strains that occur In all countries around the world It gives us a lot of enthusiasm A lot of encouragement That we really can make an effective vaccine


  • Reply keith allen June 27, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    hi in 1989 feb-i was in Rockefeller and gave the cure for hep c-it was Interferon and secondary antiviral-i said the secondary antiviral was the white horse with wings-the female doctor(doing ultraviral light treatments for yellowing)said Pegasus=I said yes-I see ,years latter the medication did get the pegasis name-i have many many many cures,that were never given-i was in the endocrine study-been looking for my old doctors ,i told them The cure would make them the most famous doctor in the world

  • Reply keith allen June 27, 2016 at 4:40 pm

    even this date feb 8th was the day i went into rockefeller to push the cure on them-my birthday feb 10th-i also have the vase i made their. with the story of the cure(to be made in near future)hidden into the hyroglyps(the young doctor was about 28ish very blond hair(and very cute)would love to talk.can not believe pegasus is the name today-most people have no idea how bad america would be without liver treatments-america would have fallen apart

  • Reply keith allen June 28, 2016 at 2:21 am

    was looking at the interview the doctors I gave the cure to where at rockerfeller.the young blond doctor had blue eyes.but but curing hep c in feb 1989, I made the fastests cure ever for a virus in the history of mankind.then they put their names on my cure.did not even put me down as the donor-they gave me hep c during the study.and would not let the inventor of interferon with secondary antiviral(pegalated )into the study -its been 27 years.they are living off my cure-it was given by me Keith Allen 298 bayveiw ave. east patchogue new york 631 219 8015

  • Reply keith allen September 10, 2016 at 12:08 am

    feb 8th a good day-in 1989 when keith allen gave the cure for hep c to Charles R-it was interferon with secondary antiviral -me and charles were only 29.I got in by the endocrine study -new york hospitals clinic.Charles and the doctor female doing the light study on the same floor of rockefeller institute.ask what was the secondary antiviral-I swear to GOD-they saw this -it shocked them-I pray God give me the cure"Now is the time.I see a horse with wings -they say Pegasus-I say YES!The cure is PEG(3 months after I have to go home look it up and bring )its Braintree

  • Reply keith allen September 10, 2016 at 12:17 am

    it took a while to remember the past-i met vilcek at the cornerpharmacy 1981 and he told me about it.cures are very easy for me to make.i see people die from bird flu(are you kiding me?)i have easy ways to keep people alive until the immunsystem kicks in-its not expensive-and is vital for epidemic-i know my story is very out of the norm-but all my dates and names are good-its time they use me again(also I am dylexic, the writing is not perfect)I better not write a gnome)

  • Reply keith allen September 10, 2016 at 12:23 am

    i also-they spent far more money and time then i thought(after 20 years of work,i give the theory)not everyone was so happy i think-it made some look bad-it was the fastested virus ever cured-by me.i do not work with anyone.i read at home-so much is so easy(and we are not talking stick treetea oil or any of the crap-from 1900 or the 1500,s-you can see i have contact with vilcek-the scripts are from the store-my boss was 92 and 94 milton and marty isreal-i lied at 79th 71st and 1st avthink about it-Canada needs cheaper medical care-why do think one day-the feron study just popped up-no-it was me-and they should put my name down for at least donating the cure-my God its a giant population saved from this

  • Reply keith allen September 10, 2016 at 12:28 am

    this is the story-of the virus-they will never tell you-why don,t call me 631 219 8015.its a great story-i really liked charles-i still do-after going over the story alot was going on around rockefeller institute at that time-that does not today-it is possible we were not safe-because that–mafia family-with a G was there-i hope im right and can help-there were many things I had to learn-the numbers were so big they spun me around for a while-its strange giving a cure for maybe 10,000-and seeing 80,000,000-in 2014

  • Reply keith allen September 10, 2016 at 12:34 am

    the real story will come out soon anyway-i will do as a friend of the virus hunters-i am on your side-i undrstand how important this is now-i am reading the history of plagues and virus.people do not have to sufffer in africa or china anymore-some cures are very cheap-just bed time.and we can not have retrovirus living in people for 10 to 40 years-i can fix that-please let me help you-this is no joke-call me and speak to me-its your history-i know most people will never thank me-the thankless public-i understand-we save the world -and they forget-i feel-but for me its worse-i have no proof-i have nothing -and people all over are alive from me

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