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Mer0k0k Mencegah Wabah Virus Corona! Apakah Benar!

March 9, 2020

Hello friend FIVER, back again on the VIVAV5 channel Udut Can Prevent Corona Virus Outbreak! Is it true? To know the Truth, We need Facts But before we go into the video, don’t forget to SUBSCRIB and LIKE it So that you do not miss future video updates. The following information. We already know that several countries in Asia and Europe Lately, it has been a commotion with the spread of a very deadly virus Namely the Corona Virus Novel or COVID-19 Discovered on December 31, 2019 And all believe that this virus originated from Wuhan City. In China. This new type of virus has not been previously identified in humans and is Zoonotic That can be transmitted between Humans and Animals Some Virus Experts, have concluded that the outbreak of this virus originated from Animals One of the most dominant animals that are the source of this virus is bats and snakes How can this virus spread? Animal-to-animal interactions can be a factor in viral outbreaks Then indirectly these animals transmit the virus, if they come into contact Likewise, interactions between humans are common or direct contact with an infected patient Imagine, this virus outbreak can spread through the air Therefore if you cough or sneeze It would be nice to cover it with your hands, mask, or tissue The incubation period of the virus is 24 days If someone contracted this virus Will show symptoms such as Difficulty breathing, fever, cough, sore throat, and weakness, or in some cases vomiting and diarrhea If you feel these symptoms, immediately see a doctor Check yourself for further examination Say immediately if you experience the same symptoms as the symptoms above All Virus experts in the world have conducted various experiments to make vaccines As an antidote This seems like good news, but it takes quite a long time Therefore it’s good we must be vigilant, to prevent the effects of this virus One example is to avoid traveling far abroad Wear a face mask when leaving the house Wash hands with antiseptic soap or wash under running water Avoid crowded places Don’t eat raw meat or eat exotic animals So Udut is not a fact that Corona Virus can be prevented If you are not sure of a valid source of health information Get accurate information from trusted sources Be prepared for an umbrella before it rains, let’s prevent Corona Virus together By doing a healthy lifestyle Take care of your health by consuming balanced nutrition Exercise and adequate rest An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Greetings VIVAV5 channel

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