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Membersihkan Virus Segurazo di Windows 10

December 29, 2019

Without realizing it, this laptop feels very slow I go check to the task manager Apparently there is a program called Segurazo When i search on google This is an Antivirus Then I thought, I’ve never installed an antivirus on this laptop Apparently this is a virus or can also be called malware Because after I find out Segurazo is a software that is installed unnoticed Which means it’s malware This is the only way I can tell, Besides having to reinstall windows First, you need to download AdwCleaner Because Segurazo makes my laptop so slow, So I will download AdwCleaner using my computer Just search “AdwCleaner” on Google Go to Malwarebytes website and click “Free Download” Because I downloaded it on my computer, So I will copy the file to the laptop I save it on the desktop so that it’s easy to find Because after this we will enter Safe Mode How to enter safe mode in Windows The easiest one is Because the laptop still works Now we open System Configuration by pressing the Windows key + R or just search in Start Menu “msconfig” When msconfig is opened then enter the “Boot” tab Check on “Safe Boot” set to “Minimal” then OK and restart Another way to enter Safe Mode on Windows 10 is to use Bootable Windows 10 But I did not explain this method in this video I hope the previous method works For Windows 7 users You can enter Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key when you turn on the computer If you have entered Safe Mode On every corner there is “Safe Mode” Oh yes, you must be wondering Why do you have to enter Safe Mode? Because in Safe Mode, Segurazo virus is not active We can see in Task Manager There is no Segurazo If Segurazo is in the Task Manager, It will be difficult to remove it Incidentally on this laptop, Segurazo is not active in Safe Mode So, just open AdwCleaner and then Scan it Look, there is Segurazo the file is quite a lot huh Ok just Next If a warning appears like this It only tells that, This laptop has pre installed software But if pre-installed software is from the laptop brand For example, this is pre-installed software from HP So I ignore because the laptop is an HP laptop But if you know and want to delete it, no problem Just click Quarantine The laptop will restart later After restarting, the laptop is still in Safe Mode I checked again to make sure that Segurazo had been deleted By scanning again with AdwCleaner Now it’s clean Segurazo is gone I check again to be sure. In the Task Manager there is no Segurazo. Means it’s safe It’s time we return the settings so they don’t go into Safe Mode again Press Windows + R or search directly in the Start Menu type “msconfig” Then OK Go to “Boot” tab Then uncheck “Safe boot” and then OK and Restart. Now it’s back to Windows Normal in every corner there is no Safe Mode Now we check again by opening the Task Manager We are looking for “Segurazo” is still there or not “Segurazonya” is gone If “Segurazo” is still there, the only way is Reinstall Windows Or some of you know the other way Comment below if you know Ok Thanks for Watching ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a Nice Day~

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