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Member Voice: ‘He Had Left Lobe Pneumonia’

October 23, 2019

AMY: My name is Amy Wallace. I’m 31 and I’ve been a Blue
Cross member my entire life. JUSTIN: My name is Justin
Wallace. I’m 33 years old. Had coverage with Blue Cross
Blue Shield for 13 years now. WYATT: I am Wyatt Wallace,
and I’m six years old. AMY: When our son Wyatt
was 5, we went in for a routine tonsillectomy
because of recurrent strep. He had the surgery
on a Thursday. And by Sunday he was just
really going downhill. We took him to his primary care. And he did a chest
x-ray and said that he had left lobe pneumonia. He sent us to St. Francis
Children’s Hospital where we realized that his
condition was much worse. And by the next morning
he had a collapsed lung and his chest cavity
was filled with fluid. It was very stressful
from a mother’s standpoint to have to deal with that. And the last thing that we
wanted to have to worry about was the financial end of that. And having Blue Cross
Blue Shield insurance we knew that we didn’t have
to worry about that. JUSTIN: It’s good to have good coverage
like the Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage because we never had any issues
getting those claims paid, or getting him the care he
needed, to see the doctors and surgeons that he needed to see. AMY: There was no hassle whatsoever. We didn’t have to sit in an office
somewhere and all of that. Our insurance information
was faxed over. And they saw our coverage,
put us straight in a room, and he was given the care
that he needed immediately. And he is much, much better now.
He’s recovered completely. And we were very
grateful for all the care that we received
throughout the process. JUSTIN: We just consider
ourselves very fortunate that we had the Blue Cross Blue Shield
coverage that allowed us to be able to get the care from the doctors
he needed to see and to get the care that he needed, get
him on the road to recovery. WYATT: I feel great.

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