Mélangez le café et ke bicarbonate , les résultats vont être très surprenants

October 15, 2019

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to like, comment and also think about the bell notification Coffee is one of the most popular drinks
consumed in the world this is for this reason it is not strange at all
that it is part of our daily life, But you knew that with coffee you can
prepare masks to reaffirm the skin of
face and fight wrinkles in addition to remove the stains on the face, the coffee
is one of the most popular ingredients
in the cosmetic industry actually
just take a look at your beauty products and you will notice that
many of them contain caffeine so many lotions
soaps and creams that contain this ingredient because caffeine is really
exceptional when you know how to use it, I will show you some simple ways
d use coffee for cellulite
dark circles and gray hair and if you stay up
the end of the video, I will also give you a
special coffee recipe with the preparation and I’ll tell you what it can do
in number 1 coffee is an ingredient powerful against cellulite
It is practically the king of all remedies anti cellulite, he beats a sewing dish
all the anti cellulite remedies that you could know also know that most
anti-cellulite creams and lotions for cellulite contain
caffeine and these works a lot better than
those who do not have this ingredient because it helps eliminate liquids from the spaces
between cells that induce the lipolysis, thus mobilizing fat
and forming orange peel or even cellulite , Caffeine has a powerful effect
draining when applied for the purpose to deflate, thin, or reduce some
precise parts of the body, thus helping to reactivate the
blood circulation at the same time that helps break down fat cells
that accumulate on the skin avoiding well the water retention the only thing that
you have to do before applying It is
take a shower, rub some seeds ground coffee in circular motion having them
previously mix with oil of olive or even any other oil available
make movements Circulars in affected areas
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it reaches a maximum of people Say goodbye to dark circles if you wish,
nothing but coffee Decrease dark circles in a way
natural and without the need to spend of the
Fortune in treatments and creams best option is the coffee action
Caffeine to reactivate the the blood circulation is miraculous, know
that the cause of that the odious spots under the eyes this is
simply fat and water which accumulates under the eyelids of a
poor blood circulation you can do a
simple remedy with just the coffee in the way that follows you take two
spoons of ground coffee, in a glass lukewarm water, you mix everything, and let
spend at least one hour cool once that it is good, quenching two cotton disc
inside, and applies on the eyelids , eyes closed while lying down during
at least 10 minutes Do it again as often as necessary
Same for gray hair, I talk about it a few days ago, this eliminates hair
Grey Indeed if you want to get rid of it
without resorting to chemicals, cosmetic beauty salons so follow
these simple steps prepares between 2 and 3 cups of coffee very strong and leave
Rest wash your hair like Usually and then rinse with
the three cups of coffee massaging gently the scalp leaves
act about 30 minutes, with a swim cap and leave for 30 minutes
, repeat this as many times as necessary now let’s talk about wrinkles, in
effect it is very good for wrinkles and imperfections
In mask number 1 you will need coffee and
honey and yogurt by combining these three ingredients you can eliminate cells
Dead, work the skin deep Coffee, as well as yoghurt have properties
antioxidants that can fight signs of age such as wrinkles and
age spots, honey as it promotes the regeneration of the skin
has antibacterial properties that can protect the skin of all
infection caused by bacteria For the preparation
Instant coffee one tablespoon, 10 grams
yogurt one tablespoon or 20 grams honey
organic preparation the first step is
to mix all the ingredients wash your face and
then apply it all over the face act 20 minutes then rinse with
hot water giving a gentle massage after that apply a cream
moisturizing your preference Solution number 2
mask with coffee, baking soda and honey this mask with coffee and baking
helps to reaffirm your face and is the best option for people who have
skin prone to appearance black dots this recipe offers two
super important benefits the the bicarbonate cleans the skin
in depth by eliminating fats and facilitating the reduction of pores
we will add sugar to complete the
effects of bicarbonate thanks to its granulated texture
ingredients needed a spoon to coffee
ground coffee 5 grams a teaspoon of baking soda
5 grams a teaspoon of honey 25 grams 2 teaspoons of sugar mix all the ingredients
until you get a thick paste wash your
face and neck and apply by giving gentle circular massage let
stand for about 20 minutes and then Remove with a damp cloth or water
room temperature, dry after rinse with cold water to close the pores
to finish applying a cream moisturizing your preference these
simple masks can reach excellent results in the care of
your skin and significantly improve your appearance the best thing is they are
natural simple to do and cheap tell me the
comments which of these five recipes with coffee the ones you have the most
love As usual I thank you for having
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