Meet Internist Silvia Vilarinho, MD, PhD

February 5, 2020

– I really enjoy the combination
between being a physician and having the privilege
of also being a scientist, and if we make important
progresses in the lab, that we could translate to the patients. Most of my focus right now is really to treat patients
with liver disease. I am also very interested, because I have a lab and
I do a lot of research, of people with liver disease
that we don’t know the cause. So, we try to really
work on these patients and we have been successful in some cases, using novel technologies
such as genome sequencing. Also, in liver diseases, you know there are causes of liver disease that can be stigmatized in society, so causes for hepatitis C, so they feel really like
this only happen to me and then realizing that’s not the case, and that we will not
have any stigma related to what caused that. I think that helps to build a relationship that we can move forward.

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