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December 29, 2019

namaste welcome to food hashtag life and in to days video I am going to share with you how I organize my medicine cabinet now there is two purposes you need to organize your medicine cabinet one if you do not have any medicine store near your area or locality home so you will be always prepared at night and when emergency comes you need to know where you kept it so that quickly you bring it out and use it which I am so guilty when we first moved in this apartment aprox one year ago that time I organized that then I completely forgot here so it’s high time for me to organize it when I switch our uplink is happy when you share kuru so let’s get started let me give you a quick glimpse of a before picture you can see it’s overflowing with medicines as I have not purged for a long time now here you need to understand that organization is a continuous process and according to our need we need to change the system but not a very frequently as you know first step is to take everything out of the shelf now you have a clean slate to reevaluating and rethink of the space according to your current need second step start grouping items together it gives you a very clear picture that how and where you need to organize them like kids medicine elder medications first-aid etc now third step is start discarding expired medications see back off each medicine and discard them if it has expired step four is very important write down all emergency medicine names which has expired just check them from the expired pile and write it down this way you will not forget what you need to buy for refilling your medicine cabinet here I want to give you a quick look how I organized our previous apartments medicine cabinet now the point here is to give you some idea while you are working with small spaces here you can see I have used shelf riser rack according to the space need I have attached them together with the help of a zip tie and it was a small shelf where I have to minimize the space just group things are together arrange them in a basket and then label them now resuming with the present space we have start organizing according to crew port list you have made to organize them in a certain manner I have made four groups here adult medication kids medicine first-aid basket medical equipments and medical files now step five is start organizing according to the group I am organizing our first aid basket what I keep in our first-aid basket I will write it down in the description box below if you are interested you can check them there for your reference moving on to the next basket here I keep all my daughter’s medicines such as cough syrup nose drops medicines for fever etc always keep liquid medicines in a separate container they tends to drop and it will be easy for you to clean now I am rearranging elder medicines I keep only few medicines for emergency purposes such as balm pain relief gel eno cough syrup favored medications etc in this container I keep all necessary tablets now here you can see I have organized them all there are few medical equipments which I need to tidy up so here you can see I am done with the labeling part too now it’s time for organizing your cabinet put things back in its place and be very careful about the reach of children and here I keep our medical files need of organizing your medicine cabinet should be easy to access easy to see and serve the purpose when you actually need them and the most important part if you are not at home then your family members know exactly where to find them I want to advise keep a list of emergency contact numbers like hospital ambulance friends relatives etc anything can happen any time just be prepared now if you do not have cabinet space then you can organize your medicines in this type of a multiple boxes I will put the link down below in the description box if you wish you can check them there so I hope this video will help you and motivate you to organize your medicine cabinet if you like it give it a big thumbs up and share it with your loved ones don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by clicking here for more videos and if you like you can click here or here to check this two videos I will see you in the next one till then take care bye bye

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