Medicine and surgery at Lancaster University

February 13, 2020

“One of the biggest things that brought me into medicine was the combination of science and helping people.” “I grew a passion for working with people. I grew a passion for wanting to learn about the human body and health.” “I have a strong interest in science but I also feel that I’m continually humbled by my experiences on the wards, and also through work experience and that made me realise that I wanted to help people.” “I’ve always been amazed by the brilliant services the NHS provides and it’s always been my desire to give back.” “You get to be around people when they’re at their most vulnerable, and just having that trust between a patient and yourself is so rewarding.” “You feel really close to your year group.” “I’ve loved my time here at Lancaster, it’s a brilliant community feel.” “There’s always somewhere there that you know that if you’re having a problem with any part of the course, you can go and speak to them.” “Because you get to know not only your peers, you get to know your teachers, the staff, the hospital, so you’ve got your community here at the university and then in the hospitals that you go to.” “You get to know all the staff, you get to know all the students and it’s like a big family.” “I think for me making a real difference would be to make sure that it’s patient-centred care that I do deliver.” “The thought that I can make such a difference in someone’s life means so much to me.” “Lancaster really puts an emphasis on learning, not just the human body but the aspects around it.” “I just want to make sure that I’m a really responsible doctor, look after my patients, and put them first.”

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