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Medical Device Design and Innovation At Yale School of Medicine

March 13, 2020

(gentle music) – I’m a mechanical engineer, I’m an orthopedic surgeon. To be able to teach a class where I can bring those
two passions together, it’s really unique. The class, it’s a partnership between the department of orthopedics and the Yale School of
Engineering and Applied Sciences. It’s a senior-level engineering class, in which myself and my
colleague, Steven Tommasini, a biomedical engineer within
the department of orthopedics, in which we teach the students the medical device design process. Students are taught by
Yale orthopedic surgeons who are experts in total joint replacement or orthopedic trauma, and then they’re also taught by the mechanical and
biomedical engineering faculty. It’s really unique to bring two of these creative domains together. We’re able to partner to work on problems where we share our different expertises, but similar passion. Students spend a
considerable amount of time looking at how medical devices
are designed and built, so they actually build
computer simulations, and they’ve designed their own implants to fix hip fractures. A great deal of the class is teaching students
different perspectives. We bring them into the operating room, so they meet surgeons
who are treating patients and they learn about
different medical challenges. We actually bring them to
different manufacturing sites of different medical device companies. The class gives them all
these varied experiences within healthcare, and as engineers, they are able to grasp all
these different perspectives that they didn’t have before. The class also partners
with a lot of Yale alumni. We have alumns who are physicians, we have alumns who are entrepreneurs, who are running medical device companies, and we also have alumns who are engineers who work for a lot of the
large medical device companies. We bring all the strengths together. We’ve really built this incredible
ecosystem of innovation. And then I’m able to translate innovation from the class into how
we treat our patients.

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