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Medical City Healthcare Flu Fighters Proactive to Quell Epidemic

September 16, 2019

Our emergency rooms are seeing higher
volumes. We’ve planned accordingly with physician and nursing coverage, extended
some hours, and are planning opening extra rooms in other areas if possible. Most flu does have cough and congestion as well as fever with it and most of my patients do have significant pain in their muscles. The complications that we do see and would be important to come to the emergency room if you are developing
more work of breathing or shortness of breath, as well as you’re noting just
some confusion or difficulty with your family members. We see the most complications
in our newborns as well as those that are pregnant and elderly
patients. Directed emergency rooms at hospitals may not be your best option. we have 30 different urgent cares, CareNow, which are Medical City affiliates
that can more appropriately care for the healthy walking individuals with flu
symptoms. We also have some standalone emergency rooms. Seven different ones
across the Metroplex which are really good options and can see people and have of the full capabilities of any emergency room. It’s highly recommended
that all of our employees do get influenza vaccinations every year.
If they decide not to get the first recommendation is that they have to wear
a mask throughout their entire shift when they’re encountering patients. The second thing is obviously hand hygiene or any hygiene in general is to reduce
the spread of viruses by touching our patients. It’s important and necessary that each
of our employees before and after every patient encounter, they’re washing their

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