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Measles Symptoms | Nurse Stefan

November 30, 2019

Measles measles measles you wittle wittle
weasel you snuck into California now didn’t ya? Didn’t ya? This ain’t long after measels outbreaks in
other parts of the country have gone down namely new york, oregon, and here in washington… so should we be scared??? Let’s talk about measels how not to get it it, what to do If you got
it what not to do if you got it, and how not
to get it in the first place Measels is its a super contagious virus and
you don’t need to even touch a person to get it, it’s airborne You’re in the same room? You’re breathin the same fumes, you are considered
exposed my friend. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got
measles. You might be immune. Now according to the CDC in order to have
immunity and not catch measles ya have to have already had the measles vaccination Children get two doses, adults that didnt
get it as children get one. Also if you’re an adult who got your measles
vaccination before 1968… check in with your PCP cause there was somethin shifty going
on with that vaccines and you may be susceptible and not as immune as you think So what does measles symptoms look like? You could have a runny nose, sore throat,
cough, conjunctivitis which is pink eye, fever, weakness and a reddened rash that usually starts on
the face and works its way down to the rest of your body. Something you might also see in a person with
measles are Koplick spots. Koplick spots are these little white or gray
reddened bumps that are usually on the inside of the cheek, Kinda looks like if you were to salt some
red meat, or sand on a sunburn. Now all those symptoms sound annoying… so
what’s the big deal? Well the complications of measles could be
deadly measles suppresses your immune system and
leaves you open for secondary infections to coming in and doing some real damage like pneumonia, which is infection of the
lungs, and encephalitis which is inflammation of the brain and these can lead to death This can be very serious so measles should
not be taken lightly. So you’re feelin fine but your buddy Tom calls
you says, “Hey man I just got diagnosed with measles. Ya today when I noticed this red rash start
all over my body.” No you’re thinking, “When’s the last
time I saw Tom? Hmmm I think it was about a week ago.“ You might be in the clear because usually
it’s 5 days before and 4 days after the rash is when someone is really contagious. Lucky you… but now we’ve got a mom saying, “My child’s got a rash my child’s got
a sore throat, my child’s got Koplick spots, my child’s got tee time at noon. What do I do?” Let’s start with what not to do, do NOT
bring your kid into the doctor’s office slapping hands with every kid in the lobby
on the way in. Call first. Their gonna ask a bunch of questions to determine
whether or not your child may or may not have measles. You may have to come to a separate area of
the clinic or hospital, where us healthcare providers can be properly prepared. And, you’ll be away from other patients
and staff. Cause you don’t want your super contagious
child infecting other children and adults. It’s not right. It’s not responsible. So you’re like, “What do I do then?! How am I gonna get my antibi—“ mmm almost caught ya. Remember measles is a virus and antibiotics
do not treat viruses, I repeat Antibiotics do not treat viruses. And unfortunately, there are no antivirals
approved to treat measles. So, how do we treat it then? Well, if you got it, you ride it out baby. by staying hydrated, staying well rested,
and because you’re staying contagious, staying the hell away from anybody else You can choose to use something like Tylenol
or NSAIDS which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help with the body aches and fevers but do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT give any aspirin
to anyone under the age of 18 this can cause Reye’s syndrome which is a whole ‘nother
can of worms that you don’t want to open. A dangerous can of worms that deserves its
own video. So no aspirin under 18. People that have been known to have a vitamin
A deficiency may have more complications from measles and unfortunately in the U.S., most of our
children have low blood levels of vitamin A. So don’t be surprised if you’re given a vitamin
A supplement. if you are pregnant, super old, super young,
or immunocompromised, I’m sorry to say but you are at high risk of major problems from
measles. If you think you may have been exposed, it’s
said that the MMR vaccine can stop measles in its tracks before it’s too late
or at least dampen the severity, if you choose to go that route. The moral of the story is: if you think you’ve
got measles, quarantine yourself, call your doctor amanage your symptoms the best you can with
rest fluids and pain relievers. Go ahead and slap that subscribe button for
more, and share your story down below, because that’s part of what helps other people. Until next time, I’m clocking out so I can
go clock in.

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