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Mazda 3 คันดีคันเดิม เพิ่มเติมคือความสูง | เดทแรก All-New Mazda CX-30

March 12, 2020

If you have been following Mazda 3, You would know it’s strong points. There are not a single radar and safety feature missing. The interior is the best in the segment. The seats are extremely comfortable. Fold-able rear seats. The Bose speaker system sound great, you could compare it to a German car. But the cons of the Mazda 3 is quite annoying also. The rear is rear space is quite small and cramped. And some people complain that for this price, there should be a sun roof. Some complain that the electric tailgate is also lacking. But with the CX-30 Mazda seems to “helped” with those problems. If you’re facing those problems in the Mazda 3. Prepare your money to get this car bro. Because the price of the Mazda CX-30 is identical to the Mazda 3 Starting with the C 989,000 THB The top trim with all the radar features and other amenities it’s a bit more expensive than the segment. But I think the middle trim is not as appealing as the top trim or the entry trim. Because the added accessories is not quite as good as it should be. But if you’re ready to get this car. You can make a booking of the CX-30 at We have limited quota for the CX-30 You will know exactly which models are still in stock. And which trim and which colors are still ready to be sold. Click the link at the top right hand corner. For the exterior if you’re a minimalist, you will find the CX-30 very appealing. B-Roll time baby. I will shut up now. So…is the CX-30 an off-road car or a city car? Look at this piece of plastic. The fender here is huge. Looks like a tumor I understand, with out this plastic cladding crossovers will look like a kitty with jacked up legs. But…my point still stands, the fender is too big. For the interior, I think Mazda did extremely well. Premium materials and leather all over the interior. The build quality is also great. The leather is nice and soft all over the interior. Here on top. The middle separating section here is also nice and soft. The arm rest is also very soft. And here let’s check out the build quality. Whether it will be as “wobbly” as Hondas. lol…it’s solid AF. and now what I like the most about this car is this. This padding here for your knees. So your knee don’t have to touch hard plastics, like other competitors. The infotainment here will not satisfy a lot of people. Because it’s not touchscreen system. But personally I like this system more. Because first you don’t have to reach out your hands. and the screen won’t have finger prints on them. So you don’t have to wipe it. As for the User Interface of the infotainment, If you’re used to BMW iDRive system, You won’t feel like a stranger to the Mazda’s system. And I think Mazda Has taken a lot of “inspiration” from the BMW’s system. But it’s a good thing, because the iDrive system is a good system. But strangely for the CX-30. The price is the same as the Mazda 3. But there are more options and features than the Mazda 3. Like this, the sunroof doesn’t exists on the Mazda 3. Which makes the interior of the car a lot more “breathy” Let’s take a look at the rear seat. Ahhh…all things seems to good to be true for the front seats. Because the back seat isn’t a strong suit for the CX-30. But if you’re comparing this to the Mazda 3… Because according to the fact sheet, You get marginally more knee room. 3 CM to be precise. Which might help a bit. But I think headroom is considerably better. Because there are no more sloping roof line. now for the amenities, The arm rest here doesn’t rest on the seat, making it more comfortable. The cup holders also have a locking mechanism. There are two AC vents in the back. and there are two seat storage pouch here in the back. And what I like about the interior here is this little window here. It allows more light to enter the cabin, making it feels more roomy. But what really lacking in this car is the rear USB charging ports. Make your passengers carry USB power bank. And finally, electric tailgate in CX-30. But in the entry level trim will not have this. It’s shame a bit, Mazda has transformed the Mazda 3 into a crossover, with a bit larger exterior dimension. But the rear cargo space doesn’t improve at all. The cargo space is almost identical to the Mazda 3 Fastback. But what is better than the Fastback is this. The floor is a bit more flat making lifting heavy stuffs easier. And if you’re waiting for the driving review. Subscribe now pls. This 19th March we will go shoot some test drive CX-30 videos with Mazda Thailand So…what if we compare this car to the segment. The HRV starts to show its age. But it’s practicality and rear cabin space is unmatched. But the suspension is no good, comparing to the Mazda 3 What about the CH-R? The CH-R has the best suspension, The fuel economy is amazing. The Toyota Safety Sense is also very well implemented. But if you have to use the rear seat in the CH-R Pls. don’t . Game Over… Apart from it being extremely dark and cramped. There is no arm rest. There is no cup holder. But honestly speaking. The CX-30 didn’t really solve the problem in the Mazda 3. Well…it’s a bit better, a bit. But this is like putting a band-aid over a flesh wound. Thanks for watching today.


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