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Match Day 2019 UC San Diego School of Medicine

December 29, 2019

like a drum I always wanted to go to
medical school growing up you know I loved soccer but I also loved school and
science and in college I was pre-med and and thought that that was gonna be my
next step after college I actually kind of in parallel I was studying for my
MCAT when I got my call up with the national team my first opportunity to be
with the national team and kind of as I was studying for my MCAT the national
team stuff just took off and all of a sudden I was going to do the 2008
Olympics soccer was such an amazing fun wonderful
just experience for me but I feel so lucky now to be able to be
you know very close to becoming a doctor and that’s just just really excited you
know it’ll be fun in a few days to figure out like where I’m going for the
next you know three years of our lives and you know I have my family involved
too so it’s obviously been you know a lot of discussions with my husband and
my parents and everybody that’s involved but um but just really excited to figure
it all out and begin that next step so tomorrow morning our senior medical
students fourth-year students will find out where they have matched which in
essence is finding out where they will be spending the next years of their
professional training and after a few very short speeches so as not to delay
the most exciting part they will all at the same time nationally open an
envelope that contains the match the place that they will be going to next
year in their training I’m feeling very excited nervous and get some bad if not
worse for him you know the anticipation of it all and just kind of waiting to
know the future and secondly not simply to convey to you
all the extreme admiration and pride we have to our graduating senior medical
students so without further ado new doctors of UCSD open your envelopes Yaaaay, Scripps Chula Vista. I’m staying UCSD, yeah so I matched at Scripps Chula Vista here
in San Diego I am very very excited I love the program so much and I’m so
happy to be going there and staying here in San Diego with my family and I just
feel so fortunate and so happy

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