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Master of Science in Personalized Molecular Medicine Program

March 3, 2020

I’m Renee Yew and I’m an associate
professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine and I’m also the Program
Director of the Personalized Molecular Medicine program. The Personalized
Molecular Medicine graduate program is a new master’s program and it’s for
students that want to learn about kind of the next stage in medicine which is
personalized medicine or precision medicine. My background is training as molecular biologist and biochemist and I’ve always
had a really strong interest in understanding what causes cells to
divide and then divide abherently so my main interest is in kind of cancer
research and the pathways that are involved in regulating cell
proliferation and so I’ve always kind of had that interest in kind of the
underlying mechanisms of molecular biology and biochemistry but also how
could how to apply that in a more translational type of research. If you
get a Master’s in Personalized Molecular Medicine— you could work from university and university academic setting to hospital setting or a business setting.
If you are a student that has any interest in patients and working on research that
would translate into new treatments for patients and you have an interest
in biomedical research than this program is perfect for you.

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