Married to Medicine: Who Really Started *Those* Rumors about Darren? (Season 4, Episode 15) | Bravo

February 12, 2020

>>I think she looks
good, tonight. Tonight.
>>You better say it. >>Tonight. >>Kristin from Seattle,
Washington says, “I get it, Heavenly. As a kid you were picked
on so you created Lil Kim. But you’re an adult now
and can’t keep blaming your temper tantrums on
your childhood. Grow up!” What kind of bullying did
you experience?>>Well I was-
I was heavier. I didn’t have the clothes
or the shoes. So when kids picked at me
I would get them off me real quick.>>And now you
the bully. And now you’re bullying
other people. >>I’m not bullying
anybody. You the one talking about
people behind their backs! I say it to their face. You’re a coward. You’re a coward. >>I’m not a coward, I’m
a lot of things but a coward it not
on them. >>Talking about her
behind her back, you talk about her
behind her back. You said that she
was homeless!>>She called me every
single day asking me why was I loyal
to you. >>That is not true! I asked her why she
is loyal to you! >>You’re the dissension
in the group! You cannot be Heavenly’s
angel when you’re doing the devil’s dirt. >>And what are
you doin’? >>What are you doin’? You sittin’ here,
lying. You were the first one
to say her husband was gay! >>Are you kidding me? >>Season two we did
our stills, Andy. And Lisa Nicole was just
gorgeous, honey! She had a feathers on! And Lisa came to me and
said Mariah is in the room calling my
husband gay. >>I would never. And you know. And that’s the problem
I have with you, Heavenly. Is that you didn’t hear
me say it but you were perpetuating
the bullsh–. >>Okay guys, guys. >>Lookin’ like a
damn bullfrog. That’s why I don’t f—
with you. That’s why I don’t f—
with you. >>Okay guys, guys. Let’s take a break.

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