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Mark Wahlberg Surprises Viral Adoption Family

December 7, 2019

So there’s a family
in Athens, Georgia, whose story is a real-life
version of Mark’s movie Instant Family. Earlier this year
a video went viral of the mom and dad telling
their foster daughter that she was being adopted. Look at this. All right. Well, there’s one gift. You have one more gift. It’s not from Grammy, but it’s– yeah, it’s another gift. I’m going to be adopted? We love you, sweetheart. We’ll always be your parents. I love you so much. I love you. Please welcome Paige,
Daniel, and Ivy. This is Mark Wahlberg. There’s Mark right there. Yeah, it’s crazy because
this is really the story. You heard about the
movie, obviously. You can’t wait to
see it, I’m sure. Oh yes. Yeah, we’re like,
this sounds familiar. Yeah. Yeah, OK, so– and it’s
not just Ivy you adopted– her siblings as well. So how long ago,
how did this start, how long have you been
a part of their family? Yeah. Yeah. You don’t have to
answer the question. Yeah, so we knew
we wanted to grow our family through
adoption of some kind, but we had never ever
considered foster care. We kind of had the approach
that many people do, that oh, I would get
way too attached, my heart would be broken. You know, but then
we had the chance to actually talk with
someone who fostered, and they really
challenged us on that. They said, you know– you know, we’re adults,
and were the most equipped to deal with
heartache, not children. And that kind of started us
on the path to fostering. Yeah, and then immediately
we got back home, we started looking into it,
started doing some training. And at that time we heard
some staggering statistics. In our area there were over
250 kids in foster care. And there were only 11
homes that were open. Wow. So that blew our minds,
and we thought, well, we don’t feel ready
to be parents, but we’re better than,
you know, nothing. And did you know you were going
to adopt her from the start? Well, when our home opened up,
we got a call about a little African-American boy,
baby, his name was– his name is Kai. He’s our– he’s our
young– our middle son. And so, yeah, we were just
head over heels for Kai. But we also found out
at that time about Ivy. And she was in a foster
home down the road. So we started getting
them together, and then shortly after
that we learned about Lita. Well, the birth mom was pregnant
with Lita, and so Paige– Yeah. –at that moment. So we got a call from the
hospital– would we take Lita. And I said, yes, but
I didn’t ask Daniel. I just kind of said yes. I knew he would say yes anyway. So we were– just had the
two babies for a while, and loved Ivy, but we weren’t
sure what direction the case was going to go. But then when it started
to go towards adoption they asked if we
would adopt all three. And of course we were like, yes. We love them. Yeah. And so– [APPLAUSE] So– Now, OK, here’s– the
little boy is Kai? Yeah. OK. So I heard that you go through
training to be a foster parent. You finished your
training on a Friday, and on Monday you
got the call for him. Mm-hmm. Yeah. So you had to, like, go
out and get everything? Like you had to get diapers
and bed and everything. Did you have anything? Well, we– the good thing that
we did have is at our church they put a support team
around us, actually. So we had, you know,
people who were dropping by that night
with diapers and toys and things like that. Wow. But, yeah, we did not have– we had no experience. I’ll tell you that. It is instant family. It’s the movie. All right, so Mark is not
just here to listen to me talk to you. Mark has something to say. Oh yes, well, on behalf of
the movie Instant Family, we would love to donate a
check to you guys for $25,000. [APPLAUSE] Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! We have more with
Mark after this. Mark was just saying
this is going to inspire so many people to do this. I mean, there are so many kids
just that need a foster family, but adoption is just
so important too because there’s a lot
of children out there that need homes and, you know. I mean, just look at the joy
that you get to experience every single day on her face. It’s just– and she’s
saying she feels so lucky because y’all are
such good parents, so. We’re the lucky ones. Yeah, really great. OK, so the last
time Mark was here we filmed a commercial
for his car dealership in Columbus, Ohio, which I was
responsible for a lot of sales. And it went so well
that we thought we would do another one, and
we would put you as part of it. This gets a lot of pickup,
so it’ll help people, you know, go buy cars from him. All right, let’s over here and– [CHEERING] Oh yeah. All right, y’all
going to get in. We’re going to get in the car,
and we’re going to be here. You drive. Where are we? Right up there. And then you got jackets too. All right. Try to both get in this
window at the same time. OK, OK. We want to sell the
family experience here. This is a family car. It’s really responsible to
show a child driving, Mark. [LAUGHTER] All right. Brr. Do you feel– brr. Do you feel that chill
in the air, Mark? I sure do, Ellen. We need some more energy
out of you though. We’re going to sell some cars. (SHOUTING) There’s snow on the
ground, and bourbon in my mug. That can only mean one thing–
it’s cold here in central Ohio. (SHOUTING) Then you and
I should heat things up around here, Ellen. You’re right. Let’s look at this
shirtless photo of you. [CHEERING] And we can tell the
good people of Ohio all about the hot deals at
Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. Take that down now. All right. You– you’re not going to
believe these prices, folks. I haven’t see numbers– Energy, energy. (SHOUTING) I
haven’t seen numbers like this since my body fat
percentage in this picture here! [CHEERING] Listen here, folks. We have to get every one
of these cars a new home by Christmas Eve. And here’s the good news. We’ve only got the percent– perfect car for everyone here– here’s– Keep drinking the bourbon,
I’ll handle the rest. Everybody, on your
holiday list, now there is something for
your jealous sister– Your cousin Linda and
her roommate Shelly. Wow, and don’t
forget mom and dad who are going to need some
more space now that they’ve adopted three amazing kids. Look at this family right here
sitting in this pretty brand new 2019 Chevy Trax. Now folks, like
I say to my wife, give me one honk if you like
it, two honks if you love it. [INAUDIBLE] hard. [HORN HONKING] [APPLAUSE] Sounds like they love it. So come on down to Mark
Wahlberg Chevrolet. Located at 3900 Broad
Street in Columbus, Ohio. Where our motto is if you
pass the Chuck E. Cheese, you’ve gone too far. [LAUGHTER] All right. Come on out. Thanks for helping us
make that commercial. [APPLAUSE] All right. That was awesome. So you like the car? Love the car. Well, I happened to see the car
that you’re driving at home. So we figured you
need a brand new car. So this is your brand new car. [APPLAUSE] Yahoo! Hey, you [INAUDIBLE]. Now you can drive it. Thank you, Ellen. Merry Christmas. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas. Look who’s here! What! Want to give her a hug? Can I have a hug? Hello. Say hi. Well– [APPLAUSE] That’s your new car. We’ll be right back.

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