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Mariska Hargitay – “I Am Evidence” and America’s Sexual Assault Epidemic | The Daily Show

December 12, 2019

Please welcome Mariska Hargitay. (cheering and applause) Welcome to the show. Thank you.
I am very happy to be here. This is so much fun having you,
because, I mean, like, Law & Order
I’ve watched my whole life, and I watched your show
in South Africa. -It’s big. And I always wonder,
-Hmm. like, when you’ve played
a character like Olivia Benson
for as long as you have, do you sometimes feel
like you, like, know the law? Like, do you ever feel
like you are in law enforcement -sometimes?
-No, I… Absolutely, I feel like I do. And I’m also somebody
that jumps in and gets confused about what my real job is.
(laughs) There-there have been times
in my life where I’ve seen something
on the street and I jump in. Like, “Hey! Put that down! Get in here! Come here.” And I’ve done it so many times. I’m like, “Mariska,
you need to calm down.” -Yeah, but I-I feel like you
play your character -Seriously. so convincingly that if you
did that to me in real life, I’d be like, “Yeah,
it’s Law & Order.” (cries out) I’d be like, “It’s Law & Order.” No, it’s been fun, you know. This-this…
When you do something -Right.
-for 19 years– I started the show
when I was four– and when you do… -(laughs)
-No, but when you do some… Why is he laughing? That feels weird. I’m gonna be 23.
Anyway, um, I… I, um, when you do something
for this long, -you know, your body
sort of reacts to it. -Right. -Right, right.
-So when I get… When there’s crisis,
I go into crisis mode. I like that, I like that a lot. I go into lieutenant mode. -Go into lieutenant mode.
-I’m not in that mode right now. (both laugh) The, uh, the show is-is
an interesting one because, you know, Law & Order
has so many different spin-offs, but Special Victims Unit is one that connected
with so many people -in a visceral way.
-Yeah. Hmm. Because we were used
to glamorous crimes. You know,
it was always all the murder. It was the this, it was
the swindling, it was the… But Special Victims Unit
tackled something that, like, a lot of people
have experienced, unfortunately. -Hmm. -You know,
the #MeToo movement has exposed how pervasive sexual assault
and harassment have been, and that’s-that’s what your show
has been covering -for so long.
-Mm-hmm. You went through
an interesting experience where people who were victims, uh, and survivors
of sexual assault or harassment reached out to your character, like, they wrote you fan mail -and asked you for help.
-They did. Like, they actually went,
“I need your help.” Did people not know
that your character wasn’t real or-or was it something else? You know, I think that,
for so long, um, survivors have been living
in a culture of, um… of shame and isolation. Uh, when I started the show,
I started… -I’d come off E.R.
-Right. And so when you’re, you know,
getting normal fan mail, you get, “Hi, I love your show.
Can I get an autographed photo?” And… (clears throat) all
of a sudden, when I started SVU, after the show had been airing
for a while, I started getting a very
different kind of fan letter, um, with victims
actually disclosing their stories of abuse. And many for the first time. And in those letters, there always was
the same theme, again, of shame, stigma, and isolation. -Isolation.
-Right. And them saying
“I’ve never told anyone before” and not feeling safe
to tell anyone or feeling scared
that it wouldn’t… they wouldn’t be believed or
it wouldn’t be received right. -Right. -So I think
that they went to this… f-fictionalized character that maybe was the first person that showed empathy
and compassion. And they knew that Olivia was
always for the victim first and felt safe there. And hopefully now
that is indeed changing. Right. And that’s a powerful
connection for people to have with a character and with a…
with-with a show. And it’s something that I think many people
would find overwhelming. I don’t know if I’d be able
to handle that. I don’t know
how I would handle it. But you, you took it
and turned it into something really positive. You started your foundation,
Joyful Heart. What is Joyful Heart all about? Thank you. Well, I… You know, when I started getting these
letters, as you can imagine, I was, um… shocked and wanted to respond
and was so, uh… -It was very painful, receiving
these letters. -Mm-hmm. And I-I didn’t know
how to respond. So I tried to-to educate myself. And, uh, I was so… enraged when I learned about the
statistics of sexual assault, that-that one in three women
and one in six men will be abused
in their lifetime. I mean, this wa…
these were crazy statistics. And I thought, if-if those were
the statistics, uh, one in four women will be
assaulted by her 18th birthday, h-how is it that everybody
wasn’t talking about this? -Right.
-This was an epidemic. So that’s when I started
educating myself. And when I did, um, my research for the role
of-of playing Olivia, besides hanging out…
(clears throat) in police, you know, precincts and
with cops and doing ride-alongs, I also went
through a 40-hour training to become
a rape crisis advocate, -which taught me how to deal
with survivors, -Wow. because I knew I wanted
to play this character, um, in-in a different way, with all of myself and all
of my humanity and empathy and-and femininity. And not in, you know,
a-a female in a man’s world, -and not in a…
in a sort of male way. -Right. Um, you know,
playing this hard-ass, you know, badass detective who, as we all have different sides
of us, also has compassion… -Yes. -empathy and humanity,
as I said. So, um, that’s when
I sort of put a… structure to…
to my anger and started
the Joyful Heart Foundation to help victims reclaim,
you know, their… reclaim their lives, or reclaim
possibility and joy. And then in 2009, I learned about
the rape kit backlog. Right. In 2009, I learned about… Uh, there was a study done
by Human Rights Watch that exposed this… (laughs) unbelievable travesty
in our nation that when a woman
was brave enough and courageous enough to come forward
after being assaulted, and would go through
a four to six-hour… often completely invasive, -and often retraumatizing
examination… -Mm-hmm. And they would do, you know,
a sexual assault evidence, you know, collection kit, and poke them and prod them. And, you know, it’s a
humiliating, painful process. And then we found out that these kits were sitting
on shelves in police storage facilities. And you would assume that
in America, in this country, obviously if the evidence
collection kit was-was taken, -it would be processed.
-Right. And we found
that that wasn’t the case. And I found out
the first case was… Um, the first time I found out
about it was the study done in-in California,
in Los Angeles that there were 12,000,
I think, 669 kits. So, the following year, I went to testify
before Congress, and that’s when I met this amazing badass of a woman named Kym Worthy who was
the Wayne Country Prosecutor… -Right.
-…who was also testifying. And when we met, it was… -We were done.
-You-you… You know, it was a little bit
of a match… -Right.
-…made in heaven. And you’ve been on a journey
ever since. And this documentary, I think,
is in many ways a culmination of that journey, because this story
is illuminating in so many different ways. We learn about these rape kits
that are taken. Uh, we learn about
the experiences of these women who have survived
these horrific incidents. And then we learn
that there are just backlogs. There are kits
that are sitting on shelves, and rapists are walking free
in the streets. Some people may say,
“Okay, that-that’s bad.” But there’s a story
in particular where one woman’s rape was tied
to another woman’s rape… -Yeah.
-…13 years later. Is this a story
that you come across often? Well, you know, the… the rape kit backlog,
which of course, after we found that there were,
you know… This was the same…
the same story in every city. -Right.
-Right? And there are estimated
hundreds of thousands of-of rape kits sitting
in police storage facility, and there are so many reasons
to test these kits. But not testing them clearly
sends a message to survivors, saying, “You don’t matter
and your kit doesn’t matter and your case doesn’t matter,” and it certainly tells
perpetrators, -“Well, it doesn’t matter.
Continue.” -Right. What we learn is that
by putting the DNA in the CODIS, which is the national database,
we kept finding hits, and that there were
so many serial rapists. Kym found, in Detroit,
I think out of 11,000 kids, there were… eight hundred… 879 serial rapists. So in the movie,
which was very, you know, difficult to put together–
this was my first documentary, and we interviewed 14 women,
all with the most… who were
so extraordinarily brave, but with these
compelling stories– and I’ll tell you,
I could have made a documentary -on each one of these woman,
with their stories. -Right. But, you know, a documentary,
how do you tell the story, how do you weave it together? And then…
we found that one of… one of the rapists was indeed
a, um, truck driver -who, uh, had…
hadn’t been apprehended. -Right. And one of the women
was waiting, uh, 11 years… 14 years for the precinct
to call her back. They never did. And in the meantime… he was busy assaulting
other women. -So…
-It’s… yeah, it’s a story -that… that is enraging,
-It’s enraging. it’s frustrating, um,
and at the same time, uplifting, because of what
we see in the documentary. We see the work that
your organization is doing. We see the work that
these women are doing, fighting this process. What can be done, though? Some people go, it’s a backlog, the police department
cannot do anything, -Oh, we can. -but New York City
has done something. -What can be done?
-And I wanted to make this movie because it’s so hard…
hard-hitting. And again, when I found out
about it in 2009, you know,
my head almost exploded. I just remember going,
“This can’t… this cannot be.” -Right.
-It can’t be. This is America. How… It can’t be. And I remember doing
a satellite media tour the following year, and none
of the journalists, nobody knew. They’d go, “Wait, what?” They would stop me and say,
“You’re telling me… “that the woman goes
through this examination and they’re not testing
the kits?” And so… this is an incredibly… You know, how do you measure
sexual assault in this country? How do you measure
how women are being treated? And that’s what I thought–
this is a perfect -sort of microcosm
of how we treat women, -Right. how we treat survivors. And, uh… it’s sort of, like… sort of holds a mirror
up to the country, and says, “This is what we’re doing,
so let’s change it.” The good news is, it’s fixable. The good news is
that Joyful Heart, my foundation
that I founded in 2004, has been… has made
the rape kit backlog our number one
advocacy priority. And so we have made
these six pillars of legislation that we’re trying
to push through, and we are changing legislation
in every state. Um, New York doesn’t have
a backlog. Thank God. And, um, certain…
certain states by states and cities by cities
are cleaning up their backlog. -Right. -So you can go
to and find out what you can do,
write to your legislators, write to your congressmen,
and we can change it. We just have to be persistent
and never give up. I think that sounds amazing. -Thank you so much for being
on the show. -Thank you so much. I Am Evidence debuts
Monday, April 16, at 8:00 p.m. on HBO. And for more information
about how you can help, visit Mariska Hargitay, everybody.


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