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Maria Bamford’s new series highlights affordable mental health care

February 8, 2020

– Women, likely we’re not as conditioned to express our anger. – That makes a lot of sense to me because I come to anger very easily. – One of the producers had the idea, and she said, she thought of me as somebody who’s
willing to talk about it, then yeah, thought it would
be a great idea to just talk about mental health and I was down. It has helped me get to know more people that I didn’t know as well in entertainment and comedy. It was a lovely day, I
interviewed Baron Vaughn who is a colleague but I don’t think I knew him as well. It was great to hear his experiences and just what helps everyone and what free help, that’s
my most important thing, is I just want to know what’s free that has been helpful, ’cause who cares, yeah if it costs 900 bucks it’ll probably feel great, you know. (laughs) I bet it was awesome,
I bet Ohai was awesome. Fuck you. What was free? I would love to talk to people, ’cause I think it is really interesting to hear how people manage
mental health issues when they don’t have the
access that celebrities or people who are in an
industry that is very welcoming of eccentricities like
entertainment industry. ‘Cause I think this is a place where it’s much more accepting. I called my manager from
the psych ward and he said Oh yeah I got two other
clients who are bipolar. Just call me when you’re out. Like no big deal. Whereas I would assume in other industries that it is not as understanding or. Although I know my manager would dump me if I ever I stopped being a cash cow. It’s just business. Elyn Saks is one of the interviews
and she has schizophrenia and she’s one of the only professionals, people you know who work full time, who talk openly about
having schizophrenia. And that’s just so valuable and special. I know I haven’t had any close
friends who’ve experienced that and so to be able
to talk to her about that and the prejudices she’s experienced. And then how to take care
of yourself within a job, and then also to make requests of like, well this is my thing so just heads up. This is what I need for
my work environment. And that I think is hard for
people to ask for anything, even though it’s supposed
to be in the ADA, America, you know nobody wants to be any trouble. Or you just aren’t hired. They go oh, we just want the person who doesn’t need anything different or. I’ve had friends with
physical disabilities who say how clear it is
when you don’t get a job because they just don’t wanna make a ramp. – It was very easy for me to the point where I would go to it very easily and sometimes directors
would take me back. They’d go okay we got an angry take. Let’s do one that’s a little. Let’s do something with a different shade. – Lot of times if you’re
shooting a TV show they’ll do a minimum has to be
eight hour turnarounds. So even you’ve worked 16, 18, 24 hours, you just will have eight hours
until the next shift begins. And I said, I’m going to
be mental if that happens. So I gotta have 12 hours between that. And I had to fight for
it every single time. Every single day say
yep, I’ll see ya in 12. I will see you in 12. And it was an ongoing constant thing. And peer pressure just because, I guess it is a big financial issue when they’re renting machinery and stuff. But it was very also
interesting to experience that even on a show about mental health. ♪ But now there’s no need for regret ♪ ♪ ’cause I’m about to get a diagnosis ♪ ♪ A diagnosis ♪ Look I hadn’t known very much about borderline personality disorder
and that was so helpful to see that portrayed. I mean not that that is, that’s one person’s experience with it but it was, it was really
helpful to see that on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And DBT therapy and all the things her character goes through. And she herself doesn’t have
that but I think she has people that she knows
that experience and she’s been affected by that, so. – [Cameron] The Wipes Your Aces is great for that reason that we can do that. – And it’s the cheapest
form of mental healthcare. Really, I mean it’s only, what is $2.99 I think for a subscription. That’s almost cheaper than the free clinic really when you think about it. Like, ’cause you’re gonna be
at the free clinic six hours. You’re going to be there
six hours waiting in line. So at least you have
something good to watch. – It’s usually towards men
– Yeah and – That I feel like think
they’re better than I am. That’s my trigger. – Interviewers make a wonderful face, like of interest or their
face smiles and stuff. And I’m just like, I can
barely look at people while I’m, honestly like,
interview, is that any good? Ah, so silly. But they never, they
never called me on it, so. Yeah, if you want to
feel good about yourself as an interviewer, please watch the show. ‘Cause you’ll go Oh my god, – [Cameron] Is that how I look? – That’s shockingly. But yeah I feel like I’m an okay listener. I’ve read a lot about listening. – [Woman] What’s your ailment?

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