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Manjool Shah, M.D. | Ophthalmologist, Michigan Medicine

December 17, 2019

– So, one of the benefits of
patients coming to Kellogg is that they can leverage the brain power of some of the smartest
minds in ophthalmology across all specialties. So, we have the brightest retina docs and the brightest glaucoma docs and the brightest cataract surgeons and everything in between. As a glaucoma specialist, we’re seeing this real dramatic change in
how we provide surgical care for our patients and I’ve been able to tap into a lot of these new technologies and leverage those for our patients. One of my areas of interest is microinvasive glaucoma surgery. Again, this new branch
of glaucoma intervention that really emphasizes
safety, patient recovery and individualized care. It’s always demanded of me to up my game and bring my A-game every day and that culture of positivity, of support and of excellence is really something that permeates the whole building from the moment a patient walks in all the way up through their
examination and surgical care. And so it really pushes
me to be at my best so I can be the best for my patients, we can provide the best
comprehensive care for them.

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