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Mandy’s flu story

November 24, 2019

My name’s Mandy Bowden, I’m a healthcare assistant
at Lydney Hospital and I’m soon to be a trainee nurse associate. To protect myself foremost and the vulnerable
patients around me. Yes, absolutely. Lots and lots of patients
come in through our wards at Lydney with exasperated pneumonia resulting from a chest infection
or a cold. I do stress, you have to have a flu vaccination, absolutely, to protect the
people around you and the vulnerable patients that you work with. Feeling a bit rubbish, after a long stretch
of shifts, couldn’t shake a headache and it was New Year’s Day, of all days, I had to
ring the ward to say “no, I actually haven’t got a hangover, I really do feel poorly.”
And, I spent the day in bed having to ask my daughter to take me up to Gloucester Royal
with my neighbours. Unfortunately, I got really poorly on the way there and we had to call
the paramedics. Kirsty and Mark, thank you very much! They very quickly whisked me up
to GRH, possibly Southmead, because they thought I had a bleed on the brain. I was triaged
very quickly from the great staff in A&E and GRH. Within an hour, I had antibiotics put
up, flu swab done, bloods taken and on my way to a CT scanner and a lumbar puncture
booked. And, the result of the flu swab, I actually did have influenza type A and I had
traces of meningitis in my lumbar puncture too. So please, please you must have the flu
vaccination. Protect yourself. Well, I thought, I’ll be back at work in a
few days. No, absolutely not. My ward sister said “I suggest you do a phased return.” Thankfully
I did and listened to her. It took me two weeks to get back to work and possibly near
enough a month to be feeling one hundred per cent again. It really did wipe me out. Definitely, one hundred per cent, consider
having it done because I am a person that’s resulted from flu earlier this year. Protect
yourself and protect all service users, especially the vulnerable ones.

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