February 15, 2020

hi guys welcome back to my youtube
channel *dog barks* now.. my mum’s just got home, give me a minute hi guys and welcome back to my YouTube now I know I said I was gonna do my tattoo tag video and tell you all about them but
I’ve been really crashing the past sort of week two weeks and I just thought I
would rather do something a little bit more meaningful so thought I’d come on
and tell you how I get over crashes and kind of what my little tips and tricks
are in case any of them help you. I wrote a list because I’ve got massive brain fog at
the minute so my mind is just mushy and if you’ve got like ME, fibro or any
chronic illnesses and you experience brain fog tell people about it because
no one seems to understand that my mind is just absolute mush!! so let’s chat
about that um okay so the first thing that I notice when I’m crashing is the
dehydration and plays a massive massive part in it especially in this weather
where it’s very hot or at least it has been and then thundery. dehydration so the thing
about dehydration is it lowers your blood pressure now I’ve got quite low
blood pressure anyway so I’m definitely noticing that at the minute I’m more
dehydrated. so if I eat a big meal I’m feeling really faint which is to do with my
blood pressure and dehydration so to stay hydrated
obviously drink lots but another thing that some people might not know is you
need to increase your salt intake so grab a salty snack if you’ve been
craving something salty if you’ve been craving like salt and vinegar crisps or
salted popcorn that’s probably why that’s your body telling you you’re
dehydrated and you need something salty um also in terms of that if you are
dehydrated and your blood pressure’s dropping just take a little bit of extra
time like when you get up. don’t just jump up and go straight into doing
things kind of if you’ve been lying down sit for a minute and then get up. And
keep your head elevated with a pillow at night! now I’ve got a couple of drinks
which are my go to so I’m going to share them with you because I’ve got them
right here lucozade I love lucozade so much
obviously you don’t want to overload yourself with sugar but I do feel that
it helps me have a little boost. This is the Caribbean crush flavour now I’m
just gonna tell you now t it is unreal like this is just unreal my second thing I
recommend is 100% NAC powder from I got this one from myprotein so I could do a whole video on this but I’m gonna try and ramble
through it very very quickly so this is an amino acid mix so these amino
acids um I can’t pronounce them so I’m not going to but I’ll pop them here I’m so
sorry if I’m butchering this they help produce glutathione which contributes
it’s an antioxidant and it just helps regulate
and improve your immune system and get rid of all the nasties so I swear by
this I will have this sort of like for 4 or 5 times a week I have this and you
can have it a couple times a day it comes with like a little scoop now you
can have it couple times a day it is unflavoured?? it’s not unflavoured.
its flavoured like fish so when you open it it smells disgusting just to warn you
that’s normal that’s fine you haven’t got an off one. and you can mix it like
juice squash whatever. I mix it with my woman’s best this is the raspberry
rush I did prefer the strawberry and I think it was Kiwi
but I can never seem to get that so I’m raspberry rush at the minute um which is
another BCAA all the amino acids really good for you
but yes thoroughly thoroughly recommend 100% NAC amino acid it’s about seven or
eight pound on myprotein and that lasts hundreds of servings and yeah usually
they have an offer on. so completely non-affiliated, nothing with them I just
really really recommend that so now we’ve chatted about all the hydration
elements I would say we need to get a little bit of fresh air that’s really
hard when you’re crashing because my automatic reaction is to be like no cancel
all my plans I’m staying inside on the sofa which is
great but I do you think just try and sit even just sit outside for five
minutes I know in some places depending on where you live that might be hard but
yeah just try and even just open a little window just let a bit of air
circulate it don’t get nice when you stuck at home, just have a bit of circulating
air you you know you know what I mean I’m consulting my list because – mushy
obviously okay obviously increase your rest I have been resting a lot more and
I’m not gonna lie my sleep pattern and my sleeping routine has got a little bit
knocked out of kilter because of this um but if you need the extra rest and you
can have it in terms of your work or your life balance what else going on
take it I’ve been sleeping probably an extra two
hours a night which it’s quite a like quite a lot I was sleeping probably
about eight hours and now I’m up to about ten so that’s you know 25%
increase is quite a bit um but you know so just do what you need to do in terms
of rest and obviously if you need to cancel some plans please please please
do them and and then the last section that I kind of jotted down is the
mental health stuff I think when we think about crashes and recovering from
crashes we don’t really think about mental side of it we just think all my
body’s been in pain what should I do so yeah I just thought I’d take a few
moments to speak about that really um it’s a tough one crashing I’ve found it
really difficult these crashes the past few weeks have massively massively
knocked my confidence and I’ve been quite cautious and anxious that’s not
necessarily a bad thing I don’t think I think we need to remember that anxiety
isn’t always inherently bad like anxiety is your body telling you this could be a
dangerous situation and sometimes we just kind of need to accept that and
accept our body’s telling us something helpful so for me you know I was getting
a bit anxious and I was feeling like I was scared to do anything by we just
kind of acknowledged it and just go yeah okay body
I got you you’re worried about the situation I appreciate that and then go
either yeah you’re right that situation does seem a bit much although no
actually you’re wrong I’m gonna move forward with that so yeah don’t kind of
don’t worry if you’re feeling anxious and stressed and everything after
crashing that’s completely normal also tearful I’ve cried so much
i-i’ve been emotional whoa I’m feeling so emotional so yeah don’t don’t worry
that is I guess normal I home normal so I saw a really great quote which was
anything worth doing is worth doing poorly it sounds silly but basically if
something’s worth doing it’s worth doing 5% of it it’s worth doing 3% of it so
I’ve doing 1% I think we often get so consumed in thinking I have to do the
whole thing that you forget you can just do a little bit or just try a little bit
or just go somewhere for five minutes or you know if you don’t feel up to hanging
out friend like in person and going out
maybe call them or maybe send them a text and then you’ve got a bit of time
to rest in between replies or take that time to chat when you want to or need to
just yeah remember you don’t have to do it all if it’s worth doing you can just
do that a little a little bit that’s that’s been a big one for me that’s
really changed a lot of my thoughts or my feelings I sometimes feel overwhelmed
saying if I’m looking that like my email and I’m like I’ve got this many to reply
to I don’t have to reply to them all you know I sometimes I’d look at that and
think I can’t do it and I would just shut my laptop but actually even just
replying to one email or you know doing one little bit of work or one you know
cleaning one cleaning one fork or whatever you need to do break your
task down into little bits and it will just feel so much better don’t stress
about doing a huge mammoth task that’s just not gonna be good for you
yeah I think when you’re crashing it’s really important to communicate that
with people and that’s something that I find really hard and I’ve had to really
work on because when I’m crashing the last thing I want to do is tell someone
that I’m vulnerable because that’s really scary so for me I’ve had to
really work on that and learn that it’s okay to ask for help and it’s actually
really beneficial to ask for help I think it’s really important not to
underestimate the mental stress and exhaustion that you can feel during or
after a crash so my recommendations are to get yourself a list of films that
make you overwhelmingly happy I’ve got film dan in real life and I cannot tell
you how many times I’ve watched it it’s it’s really great I’ve heard something I
really recommend it’s Steve Carell and he’s just wonderful and every time I watch it
I feel so warmed but so write down a list of your
favorite films give it to someone write down your favorite snacks as well just
give them a little cheat sheet of some films some snacks some food some drinks
whatever you need to make yourself feel better I personally need a blanket
obviously dan in real life or a disney film
sweet and salty popcorn and then some Lucozade and that is kind of like my
little cheat sheet on how to make myself feel better and I think it’s important
to share that with people. people aren’t mind reader’s
unfortunately so give them a little helping hand. Also connect with people
and share your experiences Instagram has been incredible for this for me I’ve met
so many people who have ME and Fibromyalgia as well or whole range of other
chronic illnesses and it’s really helped me to learn from them learn what works
for them and try to implement a few of those things into my own life so
definitely recommend browsing and the hashtags on Instagram about your chronic
illness or some other ones I also really recommend babe with a mobility aid that hashtag makes my day um
speaking of mobility aids I think that’s a good point to discuss when you’re
crashing I’ve gone I’ve gone off one I’ve gone on I have gone proper off on
one here – swerveball – but mobility aids let’s discuss them or.. should I do.. no I’m
going to discuss them now if you feel that it would help you to have a
mobility aid get one that’s as simple as it is you can have different aids for
different days that’s another great hashtag actually yeah if you need a
wheelchair one day if you need a walking stick it the next day if you need
nothing the day after that that’s absolutely fine we’ve always been very
binary in a society has been very binary and I think
we’ve had huge progression in that in terms of gender and sexuality and I
don’t feel like we’ve quite got that with ability and disability I feel
people are kind of regulated to one of the other and that’s not helpful for us
at all really so please do what you feel is best I’ve
heard a lot of people message me on Instagram and say I really feel that
using a walking stick would help me but and it’s like no stop the
sentence there I really feel that using walking stick would help me so I’m going
to use one that should be your full sentence so if you’re crashing and you
think I could do with a little bit more support get one see how it goes just put
yourself out there it’s it’s difficult and I get that I really do like when I
first was ill I I didn’t use my stick in front of people like the past year I’ve
used my stick in front of more people than I had in the past seven before that
but sometimes you just got to because you’ve realized you get to a point that
you’ve realized that not using it is making your life more difficult
so please yeah that’s that’s that’s a good one so connect with people you
should mobility aids if you need to just do what you need to do during a crash
and yeah I’m really sorry if you guys have been crashing as well recently I’ve
massively struggled with it so obviously it’s nice to know that
it’s not just me but also I really hope you haven’t cause it’s been awful
yeah sending you all so much love and kind thoughts and all good stuff and
remember to do all the things – like subscribe comment. let me know actually
if you could leave your tips in the comments for what helps you during a
crash if you’ve got like a film recommendation, or an app that is good
for meditation or anything that you feel helps you during a crash
please please please leave it in the comments and I shall catch you guys soon

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