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Malayalam New Super Hit Full Movie | Nonsense [ HD ] | 2019 Upload | Ft.Vinay Fort, Rinosh George

August 16, 2019

– Good Morning.
– Good Morning. Get up. What is this? Look at me. For the past one and half hour…
this is what he was doing. Nonsense! You are such a disgrace
to the school. What’s the use of taking this?
You haven’t written anything. Get out. Get.. Out.. All of you tie your papers. Bag? Ajeesh! What’s happening there? You also want to go out? Ajeesh. Give me your paper. MGR? Not MGR. Did the streets welcome
the silky morning light? As these paths clear off As these tiny grass wears the
dew drops on their forehead. Did they shine? Is the soul prepared? Did my eyes get splashed
with those seven colors? Did you spread those
unseen sights in me? Your dreams aren’t
always far away. The story is always yet to end. There’s always another day. Did you know? I wanna breathe. I wanna fly. I wanna reach up
and touch the sky. I wanna begin now This road is my way… I wanna live. I wanna show. Nothing can stop me
and that I know. I wanna begin now This road is my way. It’s my way. Lets go flying
along the breeze. Lets search for the boundaries
of the unending sky. All your pain will go
away with a dream. Then these stars will also
start shining on the land. It comes from inside. Hope. It slowly blossoms. In your life. And again for that. Let’s wait Oh! my heart. It comes from inside. Hope. It slowly blossoms. In your life. And again for that. Let’s wait. Oh! my heart. I wanna breathe. I wanna fly. I wanna reach up
and touch the sky. I wanna begin now.
This road is my way I wanna live. I wanna show. Nothing can stop me
and that I know. I wanna begin now. This road is my way. Its my way. – Will see you in the evening.
– or I’ll come by Tipu Sultan arrived. Which newspaper
did you deliver at the DySP’s house? Mathr Rajyam And I got all the scolding. Now don’t change the order. I
have arranged them properly I never change the order. You all are the same.
That Jinto is on leave. Now I will have to make all
these deliveries by myself. You get on the cycle,
I’ll drop you. On this? Now where will I throw this? Wait. Give it to me.
I’ll put it in my bag. What will you do with this? I have my reasons. – You just get on the cycle.
– I am getting on. Put your foot on that. – Ready? Move your feet back a little.
– Okay. – Check if there’s any vehicle behind us.
– No, It’s clear. Let’s go. Shibuetta, hold on.
We are already late. Don’t go too fast. Did you notice the front
page in the newspaper today? It was about our place. Our place? Yes. It was all
about communalism. Like? One was about some clash
between IDF and JHS. – Then?
– Then about that priest. What was it? Jobin? Sobin? Father Jobin, right? Yes. Now, Jobin is a
father by all means. I had certain
commitments or else, I would have gunned some
people down already. Give me the paper. I don’t understand why you
have to struggle this much. Dear Vellu, When you earn your own money, there
is some value to it. Understand? Yes, great value indeed. Is there anything? Hasn’t dried yet. Jeans then. I don’t think you will get
the 9:10 Johnson bus. Don’t waste time predicting Mr.
Vellu, I will get the bus. Yeah, right! This is exactly for that. Wait. One moment. Buy a Mrithasanjeevani when
you come back in the evening. Take. No need. Will buy it. I have Rs.
150 with me. Whatever. I just need
it here by evening. Okay, okay. I will buy. Edoor route will take around 2 to 2.5km.
That’s a risk. Nonsense! Stop right there. I will get you one day. Venu Etta! Give me back my book. Not only this book.. I have other things too that belong
to you along with these junk. You can keep the rest. Just
give me back the book. Get lost. Leave, if you
want to catch that bus. – Just leave.
– Totally an unlucky day Khader Ikka. Has
the Johnson left? Yes it already left. We
just got down from it. Take the 10:15 Sharanya bus. Thanks Ikka There’s never an auto
when you need one. Auto! Auto! Bro! Bro! Auto! Please stop! Bro! Benhill School. It will cost you Rs. 45. Later don’t
say that I never told you so. Ok, just give me a minute. – Hurry up!
– I’m coming. Brother, please keep
an eye on the cycle. Let’s go – Hey! Put your head back in.
– Don’t they teach all this at school? Just keep your eyes on the road
or we might crash into something. What’s with all these bananas? Move your feet. Hey! keep
your legs off the bunch. Its for a shop. They won’t
take it if it’s damaged. What are you writing
in such a hurry? – Imposition.
– What? Imposition. So you aren’t that
studious I presume? One would think different. You
being well-dressed and all. If you have any doubts, ask me.
I am an old 10th standard. By the way, on what
is the imposition? Speed and Velocity. Imposition on speed? Then you tell me. What
do you mean by speed? You don’t know what speed means?
When we are moving fast.. Some bystander will scream, to whose
bloody funeral are you off to. Now that is speed. Well, that is not what it means. What is the equation of speed? Speed is equal to? I’ll tell you. What is the distance
from here to Thalassery? To Thalassery, it’s somewehere
around 43 to 45 km. How long will it take
for you to get there? If we are moving at 40 km per hour.
Somewhere around 45 min to 1 hour The 40 you mentioned earlier.
Now that’s your speed. So what you did there was. You
divided distance with time. So speed is equal to distance
traveled by time. Understood? That’s it So, I knew that. If you knew all this. How
did you get the imposition? I forgot when Miss
asked me unexpectedly. Which Miss was it? Her name is Sheena. She’s
also my class teacher. Is this Miss on Whatsapp? Why? Does she? Why? Then there’s no need of
writing all this down. Just copy/ paste
and message her. Just speed up. I’m already late Fast right? Will get
you there in a jiffy. Hey! [Cursing the other driver] I’m fasting, else I.. How recklessly are these
people driving, right? What will I do? If I don’t submit the imposition at the first
period.They won’t let me in the class. Nowadays we can’t drive safely on
these roads. Because of these idiots. Do you have a blue pen with you? I had a new Lexi pen with me. I gave it to that Lottery Shop owner
Diwakaran and he never returned it. I haven’t used it for
more than 3 months What will I do now? You don’t worry. I will stop by some
stationary. If you have money buy it. That’s all. Oh! That’s Sheena Miss’s car. Please, start the auto Please, just get me to
the school before her. You were talking
about this teacher? Yes. I haven’t even completed
the imposition yet. Over that, if I’m late,
I will be in trouble. – Please, just make it fast.
– I’ll be as quick as a rocket, so hold on. Ok, fast then. That was awesome. Peace out. This was nothing.
Overtaked with care. Right here. This is fine. – I’ll drive you inside.
– That’s ok. How is my speed? Assembly started. It did? School pledge begins
[ Background] Don’t you want the change? You buy a Lexi pen with that. School pledge ends [Background] Thought of the day [Background] Science is the beautiful
gift to humanity. We should not distort it. This is a very popular quote.. by the late scientist.. and our former president. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Student’s speech
begins [Background] Student’s speech
ends [Background] Principal’s announcement begins.
[Background] Get down already Jessu. Mummy is already too late I’m always late because of you. Come. You just go to your class. No need to worry over being late.
I will talk to Lovsy Miss. Where’s you I.D. card? It broke off Mummy. Who is picking me up today?
Daddy? I already told you in the morning.
Daddy will pick you. You just go to you class.
Assembly will be over any minute. Principal’s announcement ends.
[Background] National Anthem
begins [Background] National Anthem
ends [Background] Assembly dispersed. Sorry, It was a mistake. During the National anthem?
Nonsense! I won’t repeat it. Sorry. There is no Physics
or Maths class today. That’s good news. – Both teachers are on leave.
– Physics teacher is here. Saw Sheena miss on the way. Sheena Miss is here? You
are in trouble again. Totally. What happened? You
are late again. Yes, missed the bus. You wrote the imposition? I made Rose write it,
yesterday itself. Great. I haven’t finished yet. Where is Anna? He is in the bathroom. Didn’t you wear your tag today? One minute. Let’s have the combined
study at your house today? Mom has told me to stay
away from bad influences. and it would be a problem
if we’re seen together. Good morning sir. Good morning. Put your tie properly. Good morning sir. Come with me. Come. The bell has rung. Get
back to your classes. Kevin! Enough with the charts.
Go to your class. Ok, Mam. Yadhulal! – Go to your class.
– Ok. Miss. Melvin! Go, go, go. Didn’t you hear the bell?
Go to your class. He’s rushing as if he will swallow
the whole library up as he goes. Going sir. Arun. Move there. Move right there. You understand
what this was for? Where is your uniform pant? It’s at home. – Uniform pant is?
– At home. In English. Pant is at.. home.. Haven’t dried yet? What? Say it in Malayalam itself. Say. Didn’t dry after washing Sir. Am I supposed to blow
it dry it for you? Idiot. Go to the principal and write an apology
letter. Then get into the class. and don’t ever repeat this, ok? Go. That book is with him. Arun! Come here. Where is the ‘Wings of Fire’
book you took last month. I remember Miss. Forgot to take it today. Will you atleast to return
it before his birthday? They need it on Monday. Will definitely
return it on Monday. Miss! Do you have any of
Richard Dawkins book? Richard Dawkins? First you return the book you took.
Then we’ll think about it. I’ll give it to you once
he returns it Monday. Sheena Miss is inside. Okay. Sheena Miss. Just Wait. What happened Mam? Sheena, what exactly
do you do here? Teacher. Actually, guest lecturer. If you keep coming on your time.
You will remain a guest. Actually Mam, today
morning there was… I don’t want to listen
to any excuses. It’s not the first time, is it? I’m reminding you once again. An effective teacher is
proactive rather than reactive. Always keep that in mind. Sorry Mam. Miss… I… Bus… Missed it. Look Arun, I won’t
have anymore excuses. Now it’s not like we can
make up for lost time. Tomorrow I want you in class on time.
Alright? Get in. Arun, just wait. Did you complete the
imposition I gave you? No Miss. Only wrote 67 times. 100 times. That’s
what I said right? Oh sorry, maybe you left
the remaining 33 for me. Or is anyone else coming
to write it for you? Why are you behaving like this? – You are not in class on time.
– Won’t finish the impositions properly. You think you can do
whatever you want to? Such a waste. Actually Miss, my… I lost my pen. Nonsense! I haven’t seen a student
like you in my life. Get out of my class. Show me the imposition,
then get into my class. Sheena Miss start’s her class.
[Background] Where will I throw this? Three.. Two.. One.. GO! What are you doing? Learning.. listening.. Sir.. Oh! you’re learning
from outside the class? No. Miss told me to stand outside. Is it? – Excuse me madam.
– Yes Sir. If you have no particular use
with him can I take him? No use at all, Sir.
You can take him Oh! Thank you. Come Keep your bag there itself.
No one is going to take that. – I’m taking him, okay?
– Okay. They were all kicked out
of their class like you. Each have been given a job to do.
I’ll give you one too. – How is the collage going Mirza?
– Just started Sir Ok, make it quick. You… take the pipes and the flags… Here.. here.. Fix these flags on these pipes.
Take these. Take them. I will show you. Take all three of these threads
and tie them on the pipe tightly. Tie them carefully.
These are white flags. Don’t get them dirty. You know what will
happen otherwise. I am very very strict. Stop there.. Stop there.. How dare you play around me? On your knees. On your knees. Hands up. Both of you. You have to remain like
this till the bell rings. Understand? Kashi. Understood? Who is Kashi in this?
Both look the same. Whatever, stay there
till the bell rings. You tie them properly ok. Come fast. – Carrying this isn’t easy.
– Then you come and stick these. No need. Your hands are already covered
in glue so its better you do the rest. Don’t mess with these, ok. Peace? Curse hat baldy for making
us stick these underwears. You are right. It does
look like an underwear. What the heck are you doing.
Start sticking. Why are you sticking
them like this? – August 15th is Abdul Kalam’s birthday.
– It’s Oct 15th. Yes, Oct 15th. I
got it mixed up. That’s why that idiot P.T. sir
is making us do all this. – Unni Krishna, pass the glue.
– Just to waste our time. That guy has nothing
better to do He does this everytime. But why are you sticking
them like this? I just explained it to you. Didn’t you understand? Actually bro. Why are you
doing it the hard way? Take that rope and dip it in the bucket.
It will get covered with glue. – Then we can stick these one by one.
– He’s right. I will also join. So, peace then? This is much better right This is better than than that
Rajesh sir’s chemistry class. Who was taking
your first period? Sheena Miss. You are lucky. For us it’s Physics, Stella Mary.
The Vice principal. Don’t step on those. Take this. Unni Krishna, you are still
five minutes behind. – Get back to pace.
– Get lost. Will they have the flag
hoisting on Monday? It usually happens on
Independence or Republic day. No idea about this. How long will this flag post be? I’m not sure either.
Will have to measure. How do we measure this? I don’t know. You don’t? He might know. He usually
knows this kind of stuff. Yes, he might He’s exhausted. Poor guy. Flag post’s height.. How do you.. Measure? Do you know? – This one?
– Yes. This one. Do you have a pen? Does he want to write
down it and calculate? Pen.. Is a scale enough? Enough. – Scale is more than enough.
– It’s only 15 cm. Come. Is he going to measure
it with this 15cm scale? Where are you taking us? Enough. – Just tell us already. The sunlight is unbearable.
– Sunlight? Wait man. What? Is he trying to say the
flag post is 15 cm long? Shouldn’t have asked. What are you doing exactly? What? Can you move a little forward? Why? Just a little forward. – Forward?
– Is this ok? A bit more. Okay. Now. The distance between
her and the flag post. That must be.. The approximate height
of the flag post. You are a genius. – Really?
– Yes. – Seriously
– Yes Can I go now? – Wait.. Wait! Don’t go yet.
– Can you show me once again? Like this right? The flag post? Son, can I go? I have
lot of work to do. Wait, don’t go yet.
I’m almost there. – What game were you playing there?
– We were playing science. Hasn’t this Sheena miss left? Oh, the Maths teacher
is on leave today. I might have to stand
outside this period too. This is a 10 meter long Flag post. Arun! What are you wondering there? – Nothing.
– Get in. Looks like he’s back
from working the fields. Anna! As I was saying.. It’s a.. What is it Ajeesh? What Miss? What is it? Nothing. Then sit down. Okay What was it you fool? Sorry Anna I was checking if you were asleep.
You lay down. I will lay one on you Checking if I was asleep. This Sheena didn’t leave yet? No Anna. Maths Miss
is on leave today. Anna, there is something
on your face. There’s something on your face. – Where?
– There. Here. Wipe it off. – Silence! What’s happening there?
– Anything can happen. Arun, do you want to
go outside again? Na… Nothing Mam. Then pay attention here. This is a flag post
around 10 metres long. Suppose Arun… In one minute… If he climbs up 2 meter and in that same minute… He climbs down by one meter. If so… How long will it take Arun
to climb up the flag post. Miss! The flag post Arun climbs
is 10 meter long, right? Can’t you hear? 10 is what I said right? Felt.. Like I heard 20. Ok, students. I’ll explain again. This is a 10 meter
long flag post. Suppose in 1 minute, Arun… is climbing 2 metres
up this flag post… and in the same minute… He is also climbing
down 1 meter. If so.. How long will it
take Arun to grab the flag? Mam! Answer is 8 minutes 40 seconds Okay. Can you come
explain to on the board? Yes Mam. Actually there is no
need of all these steps. Very good Vikas. – Please, go back to your seat.
– Thank you Mam. Miss! It won’t take me that long. Stand up. Then how long does it take you? Miss, for me… around 6 to 7 minutes
would be enough. What rubbish? Extremity of stupidity. What answer is that? Silence! Arun, come explain on the board. Can I explain from here? Don’t waste my time. Come up
and explain this on the board. Go already or else I’ll be next. Don’t you understand. Come fast. Sandra, move in. Come on quick Explain it. – Saved
– Miss, the bell rang Let it. Everyone will get their
break only when Arun finishes. and here my bladder
is about to burst. Miss.. Now I am
standing at its base. Miss, like you said. If I climb
2 metres up in one minute.. and if I come down 1 meter. In the 1st minute I
will be at 1 meter. Then.. From there I will keep
climbing till I come around.. the 6th meter.. It becomes 6 minutes Then… I will climb
up 2 more metres. My height is around
1 to 1.5 meter So… If I extend my hands Can’t I simply grab the flag? Arun, didn’t you
understand my question? Yes Miss Did I ever mention
height in my question? Miss my… name was mentioned. Arun… So then I can grab
the flag right? You are asking me that? Are you trying to be oversmart? You don’t teach me… Miss, I just said what was
on my mind. Enough. Are you trying to insult me?
Nonsense! I have never seen a
student so disrespectful You don’t even know the
definition of speed. Do you? If you don’t show me that
imposition by evening. You know those
upcoming mid-terms? You won’t be writing that. Not only Physics. I won’t
let you write any of them. Understand? Vikas. Rub the board. Yes Mam. – Sumi, are you on Tinder.
– No. Thought I saw you there. Did you have to do that? Why did you have to
make Sheena mad? Anna. Do you have a pen? I don’t have any pen. Then why do you have
this book with you? That? To keep seeing my sweetheart. Sweetheart? Haven’t you seen her? My Katrina? I draw her earrings and all. Haven’t you seen? Anna, let me go find a pen. Are you coming to our hangout? You go, I’ll come. Come when the bell rings. Ashwathy! Pen? Your answer was correct. – Rose. Do you have a pen?
– Is this enough? But this is black. Do
you have blue pen? Sorry, I don’t have blue. These jeans look
really good on you. P.T. Sir said the same thing. Thanks Ok. Open. Who was that? Get lost if you have finished. Ok. Close it. Close it fast. O. K. Okay. Peace. – Are you okay?
– Nimish! Anna. Isn’t this Corduroy? Yes. Corduroy. So? P.T. Sir hasn’t caught you yet? I have been wearing
these for many years No P.T. sir has ever caught me. Check this out Only the hook It’s all an adjustment.
That’s all. I was caught today. They only let me in the class after writing
an apology letter to the Principal. People do have the
tendency to catch you. Get lost. Why are you taking
so long to pee? It’s a little hard with
everyone standing around. Still try letting out a little? No Anna It’s ok, I’ll try
the one inside. Peace Peace Anna! What’s that? Come here. My phone vibrated. I set it here cause
it’s risky in class. You’re a sly fox, aren’t you Which model is it? Iphone 7 Plus Yet you keep it in
your nasty underwear. On the camera. Like this Come, let’s take a selfie. Anna not here. It might
cause a problem. What problem? No issue at all.
You come here. Most people are waiting
to get a photo with me. Come Some Sara Samuel calling. You just cut the call. Didn’t you hear the bell.
Get back to your class. – Hide.. Sir..
– On the way, Sir. Where did he go? Is everyone inside this? Why haven’t you
gone to your class? To pee What’s in your hand? – Nothing.
– Mobile? – No Sir.
– Take it out. Take it out So this is what you do here? Haven’t you been told at the assembly
not to bring mobiles to school. I was absent at
that assembly Sir. I was talking about today’s. You
only open your mouth to lie. No Sir Handover the mobile. Give it to me. Iphone? This isn’t the uniform pant.
Where is your uniform pant? I didn’t get it back
after ironing. They should iron you. – Pay Rs.100 fine at the office.
– Sir, please don’t do that – Take your ID card
– I do have ID card – Take.. Take..
– Honestly, I have it Sir. What a miracle. I had it till now Sir. – You are around my age.
– Can’t you pass out already. I will show you. Let me just urinate first. What the heck did… lower your voice. Are you crazy? Who told you to
give me the phone? Get my phone back
or I’ll beat you up Why? Any doubt? Listen It’s been a while
since the bell rung I know For now you get
back to your class. I will get the phone
and come to you. What if you don’t? If I don’t? – I will definitely bring it.
– If you don’t, I’ll come to you. I’ll get people to beat you up. My fate.. If he comes out, it
will be a problem. Will lock him in. Which one was he in? Just in case. Who locked it? Hello, Sir. What is it? Miss! – May I come in?
– Where were you? Why are you so late? Went to show Sheena
Miss an imposition. Is my class the time
to do all this? Then what are lunch
breaks and intervals for? Sorry Miss Get in. Did you really go to
submit your imposition? No Anna. Someone locked me
in the bathroom Who was that? How would I know? I was inside. That’s a point. Today is horrible day. Even the Library Miss
caught me today. Everyone take this down for what? Because I haven’t returned
that ‘Wings of Fire.’ Can’t you give all that back How? Abdul kalam is in
that Venuettan’s tea shop. Abdul Kalam? That’s a long story. If I don’t submit that
imposition by evening, I’ll be in trouble
with Sheena Miss. Miss is watching. Take a book
and act like you’re writing. Who wants to talk there? Keep looking at the book.
I’ll show you a trick. Trick? Look at Miss Look there. Mixture. Nice. Anna, you need a knife? No need, keep it away. Be patient. I will give you. You want the groundnut
or the other one? The other one. You want some mixture? – Or atleast groundnut?
– What’s going on there? Last bench! Nothing. What’s happening here?
Both of you get up. Mam, table right? Show me. It’s all there. Sit down. Did you write? Show me. – Miss…
– You didn’t write? Show me. Why haven’t you written? No pen. Why do you even come to school? No reason. Do one thing. Go and stand at the back
and listen to the class. Is there anyone else
without a pen here? If so, you can join him. Peace out. Do you have any doubts Shivil? Miss, is that O under A? I am the breeze in search for
that cute little flower. You are the desire that spreads
that magical fragrance. I will give you the wings. You give me those
petals of smile. Lets fly towards that dream. Waiting for your reply. I have been waiting long. Would you say a
sweet word or two? As the sky rains all over me. A kind of pleasure. A new kind of pleasure. When you are close to me. There’s a new fragrance in life. Trapped in some dreamworld
is my tiny soul. Why is it taking long for
both our souls to join. I will give you the wings. You give me those
petals of smile. Lets fly towards that dream. Waiting for your reply. I have been waiting long. Would you say a
sweet word or two? They will only let the class
go after one more period. No need to pack up right away.
Take your notes. Take your notes. Only Malayalam period is left. I’ll be in trouble if I don’t
submit the imposition. Anna, pass me your refill. – Don’t empty it.
– Just give it to me. Anna! Anno! Don’t look there. Isn’t this you? Yuck! Good one right? Got around 23 likes. Who is this? Annul Pale Amul Paala? Actually, I was going
to come see you. I have talked with P.T.
sir and it’s a deal. Suppose if P.T. sir
doesn’t give it back What will we do? Beat you up. – Till you bleed.
– It’s only a possibility right? Nothing like that will happen.
I just told you. – Whatever, just get me the phone back.
– I will, come. Till the school finishes, sit here.
Understand? The place he found to jump. Sit properly. He ran away to sit here? P.T. Sir is also there. Arun! All this during my period? So, it’s your period? Who is his class teacher? Sheena Miss I will be seeing her soon. Arun, you sit here itself. Tell the class to be silent. Okay Mam. He jumped from there to here Miss you are off to
the staff room right? – Yes.
– Me too. Even I have class. I
need that phone back. – Don’t worry. I will get it back.
– Ajeesh What trouble are
you planning here? We were simply… I will get it back First that Bindhu must
go, then only I can… – Ajeesh Mathew!
– Yes Mam. Why are you hanging around here? I was about to go to the class. Come to the classroom. I
will deal with you there. I’ll come. Come here. You? Not me sir. – Not you?
– Promise, it wasn’t me. Okay. I will deal with you later Sir mobile? – What?
– Mobile? Why do you want a mobile now? See me after the classes. I’ll think about giving
the mobile then. Okay? What are you doing here? – I came to see him.
– No sir. What do you think
after seeing him? Go to your class! Ajeesh, go to your class You go now,
I’ll deal with it. Get my phone back Deal! Idiot! Anna. Who is this? Annul Pale. Who? Annul Pale. Wait. I won’t jump here again. Annul Pale Annul…. Paala…. Annul Paala. This coming Monday. That is Oct 15th. We are planning a programme in
respect of Dr. Kalam’s birthday. I just wanted to discuss
what we finalized. The programme is mainly for
students from 1st to 10th standard. Why are you staring
at me like this? You also know what
happened right? You and your toilet selfie. If I don’t get
my phone I’ll stab your eye with a compass. Don’t get violent. Don’t worry, relax. I have some groundnuts in my bag.
You want some? Groundnuts! I might call you something else. You dare use your
tongue to curse me. Not only my tongue, I might use my fist
and foot. You want to see Perunthacha? Peruntachan? Are you hearing any of this? I was going for that Justin Barber
style and this guy is.. If you have any idea, tell us. Every student is granted permission
to stick charts in their classroom. They should take it down
the next day themselves. Don’t tell me to do that. Our principal will share
the rest with you. We are helpless till
the meeting is over. I know everyone has
to be some place. I regret to have set this
meeting on such a day. There won’t be any
bus if we are late. Just get me my phone. Don’t shout. He’s right Anna. He won’t get any bus.. You will get the bus
or I’ll drop you. Who is this kid? I think that’s Sheena
Miss’s daughter She does look like her. I have an idea. It
may or may not work. What? We should tell this kid to go in and
ask Sheena Miss about his imposition.. and P.T Sir about his mobile. Anna.. We are already in trouble. There will be no issue.
Trust me. Anna, don’t You don’t worry,
I’ll deal with it. – Come here.
– Me? Yes. Come. Don’t do or say anything stupid
when I’m talking to her. Understood? What? What’s your name? Jesna. Can you help me? You know P.T. Sir
standing inside right? You should ask him one thing. That this idiot here, brought
a phone in the morning. P.T. Sir took it. He said he will give
it back by evening. So you should go in and ask him. If he can give the phone
back after the meeting? Then there’s this thing
about our imposition. You should also ask
about the imposition. To Sheena Miss. Your mother. About when to submit
the imposition. Will you ask? Don’t get it wrong. Okay? Deal? Deal Ok, go Sir, those boys asked if you
can give their mobile back? Which boys? There. Don’t worry about it. Tell him to meet me
personally on Monday. Mummy! Those boys asked about
the imposition. Who? There. What imposition does he have? I must have forgotten. Tell
him to submit on Monday. Go What did P.T. Sir say? He said you can have
the mobile on Monday. So that matter is solved. What did your mother say? She said that she must
have forgot about you.. and you can submit it on Monday Whose? his. Me? Why should I submit imposition? I told him then itself,
don’t do this. Super idea This won’t be over anytime soon. As always Anymore help? Nothing more. This was more than enough. You can go I had to go to that G.G.
Tailors. I had given a saree
for stitching. It’s for a reception tomorrow. You should have done it earlier. But no one expected this hartal. We’ll submit it together. If I don’t submit this today they
won’t let me write the exams. Nothing like that will happen. Who is she to prevent you
from taking the exams? Come with me. I’ll drop you. Anna, me too. Please. Anna? You called me something else before?
Triples isn’t possible. Anna, please… It’s already late.
I won’t get any bus. Please. Should reach there
before the shop closes. Not only that, Jessu is
staying with her dad today. And never utter a word about
the mobile again. Understand? You go and take the
mobile from P.T. Sir. Our relation ends here. Perunthachan? – Anna can I come?
– No need Where’s the bike Anna? My cousins shop is on the way I’m going there anyway. Let Jessu get down
there with me. Tell your husband to come
and pick her from there. That’s a good idea. That’s enough. He’s coming through
that route anyway. Then don’t waste
time and call him. Will call him once
we leave here. What a relief dropping
that nutcase at his home. Now he won’t bug me
about the mobile What’s that guy’s name in your Instagram?
Who does all that circus cycle acts. Anna. Not circus. Cycle stunt. – Whatever. What was his name?
– Annul Pale. Yes, Annul Paala. He is from Paala? My sister and brother-in-law
might know her. Should ask them. Anna. Not Pala. Pale Annul Pale Who is he? He is one of the top
BMX stunter of India. By BMX you mean? Bicycle Motocross Oh! Bicycle Motocross What is his relation to that? Annul Pale was brought up
in the slums of Mumbai. He started cycle stunting
with a Rs.300 cycle. Oh! Pity. And now Red Bull sponsored him and he’s riding a BMX
cycle worth 1 to 1.5 lakh Won’t we get a top model
bullet with that money. We can get many things
with that amount. There isn’t much hype or value
in India for this, right? It’s not like there isn’t. but not as much publicity
as cricket or football. Now there are stunters in Pune,
Mumbai, Chandigarh and all In Chandigarh? BMX is also an Olympic Sport. It’s there in Olympics? Yes. It started off at
2008’s Beijing Olympics I had no idea about that. That’s because you don’t have much
interest in General Knowledge There’s not one person at school who’s as good as me at G.K. What’s with that sarcastic tone? Nothing. Like I told you. Annul Pale is an
inspiration to me. So? My wish is to become a
professional BMX stunter. Then I have to ride or stunt
at an International event. Another wish is to participate
in the Olympics or Nora Cup. You have very very small dreams But do you know anything
about cycle stunts? Somewhat. I also do them sometimes. On cycle? On my activa. I lift the front or
back or a twist. And like this, you want to see? No, it’s ok Got scared? I don’t even apply
brakes during traffic. I just drive my own way. Even
the police can’t catch me. There’s Sheela Miss. Stop her. I need to show her the imposition
or she won’t let me write the exams. She has already told that
Monday was ok right? She said that to you. Not me.
Go fast Anna. This is all the speed this has. Don’t move around. – Jesna get down.
– Okay then. Anna, they stopped
the car there. – Why did you stop?
– I have to go right from here. Please Anna, it isn’t that far. If it isn’t that far you
can get down and walk. – Anna!
– Get down. Nonsense! Hi, it’s been a
while since we met. I had training for 4 days. – What do you want? Facial?
– Clean-up. You sit here ok? Your
dad will come now. – There is one person to finish.
– No problem Me? Can I come there? Okay. Hi. Why did you follow our car? You saw me coming? But tell me first,
why did you follow? To submit an imposition
to Sheena Miss. She said, if I don’t submit
the imposition by evening, your mother won’t let
me write the exams. Mummy’s just saying that. She will let you write. She’s a good person. Good? I never felt so. You see that small shop? From there.. You get Khannas Jeera
Mittai from there. What if we go there? Sure, Why not You see that Ayurvedic Shop. I also need to buy a
medicine from there. So we can there and buy both together.
Peace out. What’s that? You don’t know what
peace out means? No Shame. Make your hand this way. Like this Say, peace out Peace. Out. Now give me one. That’s my sweetheart. Come. Baby, hold my hands tight. Okay? Is your name Nonsense? Who told you that? I heard Mummy saying
to Lakshmi Miss. Sometimes, some people
do call me that. and my name is Arun. Why did you go with
Lakshmi Miss today? I’m going with my dad today. Okay One Khannas Jeera Mittai. One cigarette Give change. We are
about to close. That’s not a problem – What’s not a problem?
– Give a matchbox and 4 vicks. These guys Hartal, is it of any use? Thank you These guys have
nothing better to do. Was there any
problems on your way? No, I didn’t see anything Give. How much is it? Rs. 7 Here. Thank you What is this? This is a star Mummy
makes only for me. Come Now we can buy the medicine.
Okay. Do you have Mrithasanjeevani? Yes One bottle. Mritha? Mritha Sanjeevani. Take the bigger one. How much is it? Rs. 85 Here Do you have change, Rs. 5? No. Will this Rs. 3 be enough? – Is Rs. 3 enough?
– No. I need Rs. 5 I don’t have Rs. 5 If you come with a single note around
this time, what am I supposed to do. Where am I supposed
to change this? Today both opening the shop
and closing it was together You go to the next shop and
change it before it closes. What timing Baby Sit here ok. Go fast. I’ll go and ask that other
shop and come back fast Where did it go? 2 4 5 6 Carry it properly Shajan,
Don’t bend it. Slowly Would you have change for this.
I need Rs. 5 Get lost Shaja! What was that sound? Shaja hurry, we need
to stop that Jeep. Take her. Taker her to
some hospital fast. Please help me. There is no space in this. Let me catch that Jeep. There’s a car There’s an auto coming Stop that auto. You remember me from today.
Morning. Ok. Get in. Taluk
hospital is okay right? Ok… Ok.. Let’s go Hurry They took the kid to
Anjarakandy Medical College. Why are our people like this? None of them have any sense. You are the one with no sense. Would anyone do what you did?
Today is Minnal Hartal. Then why did you stop the auto? You
could have also left like them. Can you take some cotton
out of the first aid box? There is no cotton
in the first aid box You just give it to me All there is a mosquito
coil and two Aggarbathis Your towel is enough. Get lost Please. Get lost, its’s not a towel. – Please give it to me.
– No. Take..Take it How long will it take? We are almost there.
Two more turns. Come. – Is this auto available, son?
– No, this is the last stop. Where is the casualty here? Casualty is straight then take a right.
There will be Dr. Manoj there. Thanks. Why are they going to the
casualty through this way? Straight then right? Hello! Take that right. This one? What happened here? Move aside Accident doctor… She was hit by a car? Where? – In a junction near by –
Call that on duty nurse. There’s no one in duty Where did they all go? No one came because of hartal Meera might have not yet left
after her shift. Call her. lets go Who are you guys? relatives? No. When we saw an
accident on the road… Please stay outside. Will
check and get back to you Stay outside How are you going? I’m going. Just five more minutes. I’m going. I don’t want
to get in any trouble. Please. Sit down.
Just for five minutes Sit down. Please. You put me in a tough spot. The cannula is set as well as the
blood is taken too. Now what? I have written down
an X-Ray and a scan Call me when the result comes
along with the blood results too If there is any other
emergency call me How is the kid? Who are you? nobody and this guy? I brought the child here after
an accident. That’s all Unless the kids father, mother or other
relatives reach. You can’t leave. What justice is that? I have no idea who her father or mother is.
I have other things to do. I know. She’s my
teachers daughter Which teacher’s I told you in the Auto
right about a Sheena Miss Made me write an imposition You asked about the
Whatsapp number also. – We need to take X-Ray and Scan.
– Whatsapp number? The teacher’s? Me? The doctor has asked
for X-Ray and scan. You have to take the kid there Okay Do you atleast know
the name of the girl? Do you know? One minute The girl’s name is Jesna.
Her father’s name is Nizam. They have the number here. All
you have to do is contact them. One minute. One minute. Will take a photo, just in case. Take it. We’ll try this number. For now you come with me. I can’t come. I have
other things to do. Please. Just five minutes. You have to go with the
attender for the X-Ray. I will Please This is not fair. Please!! Will it take time? Can I go? We can’t tell all that now. I have other things to do Then leave Nurse! Haven’t you gone yet? I tried and couldn’t find the
doctor you told me about. That’s not a person’s name.
Ophthalmology specialist. What I said was to
meet an eye doctor. Come. Nurse! How many days has it been since
I’m coming and going here. Please help me out nurse. Before this also you have tested your
eye and found out there was no problem. and the doctor already said he can’t
give you this disability certificate Please don’t say that. I can’t make out day and night. Both of you stay here.
I’ll come now Ambili. Oh God! What will I do now? This is the ID card of that
girl, the accident case one. Right. Turn right Have you taken the X-Ray? Attender went to eat and
hasn’t come back yet. The guy will be
coming in a while I’ll come now What’s your problem? What is wrong with you? Problem is that I can’t see. Really? I need a disability
certificate for that. I’m trying to get that. What’s the benefit of that? Benefit? We get a small loan sanctioned by the
government in the name of Self- Employment. I need to get that certificate. I have three daughter whose
marriages I have to take care of. Brother, If you can somehow Talk to the nurse and help
me with the certificate. What did you say? I mean. Brother Brother? Yes Why are you calling me brother? You are older than my father Hello, I’ll call you later. Our native and our friend the
PWD clerk, Mr. Khader Moideen during the road construction… tar fell into his eye
making him blind Is not able to do any kind of job.
Therefore please. Help him. In the name of Eeswar,
Jesus and Allah. Yours, Aanakuzhiyil Residence
Association, Kanjirapally. You old fraud, have you no shame
cheating people like this. You want disability
certificate for this? Please don’t say anything. It’s all for a living Get lost. You have to fill your name and phone number
in this column. For police verification. For police verification? I won’t give. This is why we shouldn’t
help anyone these days. You are the one who brought her in. Now
who knows it was your auto that hit her. Don’t talk to me like this. I’m a God fearing auto driver. You see this necklace? I have worn this to
go to Shabrimala. You go where ever you want.
Just fill this. Don’t talk that way. Nurse, don’t talk
to me like that Enough dialogues. Fill this. – Enough?
– Phone Number Her stomach is bloated. Hello sir, this is the duty
MO calling from casualty. We have a RTA case,
6 year old girl. Yes, 6 years old. Now the patient is unconscious. There’s a B.P. fall. Plus the abdominal
distension is slowly rising. No sir, she was okay
when she came in. I myself checked the vitals.
The vitals were stable. It felt like an Intra
Abdominal Hemorrhage to me. Yes, the emergency
laparotomy is done. I have shared the
details at the theater. Yes sir, you just come
directly to the theater. You didn’t leave yet? Why are you following me? I’m not sitting on
your lap or anything. Come, I’ll let you do that too Why do you keep staring at me? Didn’t you get any other ride? I tell fortunes. I tell fortunes
looking at faces. Are you a palmist? Son, are you Hindu? Can’t you read my
fortune and tell? Show me your hands. Why? Not only this life, I will also
tell you about your past life. Who was I in my past life? St. George George.. St. George… Me? Yes. Then who was I lady? That dragon. If you don’t want to die by my
hands, go sit somewhere else. What a disturbance. Let’s go. There’s internal bleeding
in the kid’s stomach Doctor said she needs surgery. They are saying it should
start as soon as possible. It’s a critical situation There’s an injury in her
stomach from the accident. We have informed the surgeon and he’s on
the way. But that’s not the problem now. Then? We need a lot of blood for the surgery.
We need atleast 3 units of A- blood. We can’t start the surgery without
leveling the blood pressure. What should we do about that? You should arrange 2 units
of blood immediately. – Blood… We must arrange?
– Yes. On hartal day, you took my
information for admitting that kid. Now you are saying she needs
blood and we must arrange that. Didn’t you hear
about the new law? Let me ask this Doesn’t hospital require to have
stock of these blood groups? There is only 1 unit of A-
blood in our blood bank. And like I said the
kid needs 3 unit. You have no choice but to
arrange it from somewhere. Are you A- ? Mine is not A negative. I have
other things to do. Come lets go. Are you coming or should I go? Brother please. Isn’t O group a
universal donor? So can’t we do that? We already have O- group. But we can’t use that. Why not? After AB- blood group the most
rarest is the O- blood group. Not only that, it’s already booked
for an operation at 9 tomorrow. This A- blood group
isn’t that rare. If you try you will get it
from somewhere close by. Nurse, it’s hartal today. There won’t be a single person outside.
Where will we go and ask? You can just say
whatever you want. What will we do now? You want A- blood right? No need. It’s a waste of time Is your group A- ? Not mine. There are many people
I know close by. Within 2km itself.
In this panchayat. If you come with me I’ll
show them to you personally. There’s nothing more
to think about. Since she’s that sure,
we should go with her. I won’t take the auto without
knowing who or what she is. Diesel is low in the auto. Please brother. I know
this teacher very well. If your problem is money.
I’ll help you. Please. Not money. Then what’s the problem? There’s no one else to help me. Who did you say
needed the blood? Can’t you tell by
looking at his fortune? It’s not because I don’t know Then? This fortune telling and
all is a scientific. It isn’t some auto’s
gear to use at our will. Auto’s what? Believe if you want to. Don’t teach me about beliefs. Please, instead of
quarreling with each other think about a way to find a
person with A- blood. – We are calling from the Thaluk hospital.
– Hello – Isn’t this Santosh?
– Yes. Aren’t you the one that admitted
that accident case of Jesna. We aren’t able to contact the
number on the I.D. card you gave. It isn’t clear. Do you
have any other number? We too have the same number. They are saying they don’t
know any other number. No problem. Just arrange the blood donor.
We’ll call you if there is anything else. Ok. We will arrange. Isn’t it clear. Give it to me. Give it.. No wonder. This last
digit isn’t clear. One second. If you use this you can
see it much better. No need for that. All we need to do is use
our hand and pull it like this to enlarge. Is this 5 or 6? Just check it. What do you think this is? Isn’t that 8? It feels like 8 to me too. Sure I’ll try calling
one of the three. If you have any book or
paper please give it to me. Check, if this is enough. Enough It’s showing some
Meera in Truecaller. Meera? A lady right? Don’t call any Meera and all.
There’s only Rs.6 balance. Let me try with 6. It’s showing Nizam. I think it’s her
father, talk to him. You do it yourself Please, call Take this. It’s her father itself. He said it will take hm around
30 min to reach the hospital. Someone gave him wrong information and
he went to Anjarakandy Medical College. Some people are like that. They just say something made up
even if they don’t know anything. Son, who is that kid to you? Is there anyone who knows about
blood donors in your knowledge. I don’t know much about
people who give blood. but I know some who take blood.
The goons in my area. Stop joking around. Aren’t there Whatsapp groups? There are numbers
of donors in them Right, Whatsapp? If the blood is
needed at Trivandrum. You will get the number of
someone from Kasaragod. There’s no use checking
that on Hartal A – I have a friend, let
me try calling him. Manoj, it’s me Santosh. – What is it?
– Where are you now? I hope you are not
driving during Hartal. I called to ask you something. If it’s about Georgekutty, you
already know that I’m broke. It’s not about that.
Your blood is A- right? Yes. I need some blood urgently
for an accident case. Just tell me where you
are and I’ll come there. I was actually celebrating hartal.
Had a peg or two. So I think till 24 hours.. 48… 48… No, 48 hours till I can donate blood.
Right? Does anyone you
know have A- blood? There is someone but he’s
drunk and out of it. I’ll call you back if
there is someone else. Okay. You didn’t get it, right? No. Why? Who is this kid to you? My teacher’s daughter. Why? What kind of place
is this, isn’t it? Filled with selfish people. Don’t waste your time on
others in a place like that. Why do you think
everyone is like that? Not that.. We are surrounded by people who have no
gratitude even after you do everything you can. Sometimes God is also the same.
But can we give up that easily? That is why, I tagged
along with God and got out there with
my bird fortune telling. Oh! so you do bird
fortune telling? And where is the bird? I had one. For some years. How old is it? Once I opened the cage. She flew to Germany. To Germany? – The gates closed.
– I can see that. Isn’t that Binoy? What? Binoy! Stop there. I’m coming with you. Stay there. Come. Move your legs. What about the blood? If you go forward to around
1.5 to 2 km’s from here. Turn east. and as you go around 300 metres. You can see a gate with
grape vines growing on it. Thekuparambil House. Both the people
living there are A- Go and say my name there. T.P. Annamma Then only will they know. If I come with you.. There will be two extra
people to take from there. There won’t be any space
left in the auto. If I go with him, I can
reach my doorsteps. You guys leave.Go. I will call and inform them. Come fast. I’m coming. Annamma? Was she christian? Yes. I saw a rosary in her bag. Let this be here. I have to give you credit. How did you arrange this
auto during hartal. I’ll tell you later. Haven’t seen them around.
Who are they? I have no idea. I asked for
a lift and they stopped. I got in and reached
here safely. – Let’s go.
– Nice. I have contacted the hospital. The
surgeon is here. So.. Don’t panic. Drive safe. Yeah, right. Panic. Lorry! 2 km is over. Did you see the turn she said? She said east right? East right? Not so good at Malayalam? It’s an ancestral method. Whats the use of telling
kids in this generation. Doesn’t it mean east? Yeast means something that
Christians put in their pancakes. Not so good at English I guess. You think I’m riding this auto without
knowing what east or west means. Don’t go that way.
It’s dangerous. Why did you stop? He said not to go there. Some
politicians might be causing trouble. There is no problem.
Please lets just go. Things might get out of hand.
Don’t go searching for trouble. Time is moving. The surgery will start
only after we reach. Please. Lets just go
to the house she said. You listened to
that freak right? That if we go way
that it’s dangerous. This auto is for hire. If anything happens,
I’ll be responsible. Nothing happened to us all
during this hartal. Please. Thank God for that. Don’t they say that God is
in every nook and cranny. What if he came in that boy’s form and
told us not to there. It’s trouble. Then was God having a snack
when that kid was hit by a car? Are you an atheist? I don’t know all that.
Take that phone. I think it’s the
father of that kid. Take it and put it
in loud speaker. Hello. Hello, is this Santosh? I’m Jesna’s father. Heard that you were taking care
of the blood. Did you get it? Don’t worry. There’s a guy. We are going to meet him. Will be
back with him as quickly as possible. Thanks. This is very unfair. You see that turn? It could be the one. If you go a little more
forward from there. I told you earlier
right, Hindustan? If you go just a little further.
There is also a mini Pakistan. We’re trapped. It looks like trouble. moving
forward isn’t an option then. I think these people are from the
party conducting hartal today. Some poor kids have fallen
straight into their hands. Watch carefully, then don’t tell me
you didn’t see or hear anything. Now what will we do? If they didn’t see us. We must
get away as soon as possible. We can try avoiding
them somehow. Avoid? Let just go and ask them
they will move away. Are you actually senseless
or acting like one? I won’t let you trash my
auto for someone else’s kid I’m going to turn the auto. Then I’ll get down here.
You can go. Sure, get down. See you in
the newspaper tomorrow. If tomorrow something happens to
the child you will be responsible. They have taken you number and
address for police verification and you are the one who said he
will get the blood for her. Not me? Not me. Whatever So you finally You help someone and
this is what you get. It’s not like that.
Brother please. There is no else to help me in
this situation. That’s why. Are you not scared seeing
all this because I am. I am scared but.. But we have to move
past them somehow. It’s not like we have any other choice.
Get down. Get down. Get down and push. We can’t start
the auto or else they will hear us. You see that path to your right.
Push it towards there. Push. You idiot. Push harder. Aren’t you wearing
a holy necklace? Don’t teach me. Get in. Swami Sharanam – They haven’t seen us right?
– No – We are covered.
– Are you sure. Don’t make any noise. Understood? Get down. What should we do? For now let’s hide the
auto here somewhere. We’ll put it there. Push. Enough. Get in. Life the sheet. This one right? We can see what’s happening.
Lift! Can you see? Isn’t that Sudhi? You know him? Sudhi doesn’t know Santosh. But Santosh know’s Sudhi. He’s JHS’s local
committee member. His bad reputation precedes him. What is it Vinod? Who are these people? Medical students. From Anjarakandy
Medical College. Are you here on tour?
[Background] And did you tour? Where are you all from? It’s a bit far away. By far you mean? Doesn’t this place have a name? Yes. I’m from Thalassery, He’s from Payyanur,
He’s from Taliparamba He’s from Ernakulam
and she’s from Mahe. Mahe. Have you seen
the girls from Mahe. I was waiting to see
these girls from Mahe. By the way, Don’t you
know it’s hartal today. You had to do your
tour today itself? We didn’t know. The what the hell do you know? Where in Mahe is your house? Is it next to that
Blue Diamond bar. Sudhietta… Here. So it’s a party. I mean for you four.. You have just one bottle? Brother, she’s our college mate. Move. Move. Dear son, did I ask if
she was your bed mate? No. I haven’t – Did I ask?
– No. Now you tell me did I ask that? We are just classmates. Classmates! Classmates. Every runaway has an
excuse like this? Look at her. Wearing
mens clothing. Women’s freedom, Socialism,
Democracy, Kiss of Love.. In the end when you reach your
home with a swollen belly. Not one of them
will there for you. Where’s the stick? You.. If you’re a woman stay
at home properly. Understood? which is why you shouldn’t be
roaming around with some boys. We aren’t that kind of people. We aren’t that kind of people. What’s your name? Sayed – What?
– Sayed Iqbal So you are one of us? What I asked is…. Why?, Today.. On hartal Did you come out for
a trip like this? – You have a drank a little, haven’t you?
– No. Sudhietta, don’t you see they have drank till they changed
into the color of brandy. – Not brandy…. Pepsi..
– What? – Is your father’s color that of Pepsi?
– No, daddy is Miranda. You bloody…. Who do you think
you’re talking to? Don’t play with Sudhi! I’ll beat you all up. He’s drunk and has no
idea what he’s saying. Why are you scared of them? One of your father’s friends.. has killed one of us Take your hands off me. You’re spitting
all over my face. What? You’re spitting
all over my face. Bloody…… Your!…. I don’t think we can go
through this way properly. What if we go that way? It’s somewhat parallel
to this road. If we go that way, maybe at some
point we can get on the main road. – You take the auto.
– The auto? I didn’t carry it on my head.
Get down and push. Should hide it out of sight. Keep an eye over there. It would be horrible
if they ever catch us. Do one thing, finish everything
here and come to the junction. Check this side, this side. Bash these people’s car up! Stop your honking! You are cruising through the
roads with this cursed one. What do you want? – Sheena, just listen to what they have to say.
– Just get lost! Don’t make an issue about it. I ripped my throat screaming. Give me that.
What the hell is this? Madam, please come out You want to learn driving around
when our friend has been murdered? Please let us go. My daughter is
in the hospital after an accident. Your kid is in the hospital and mommy
is still playing around in her car. These cheap cliched tricks get
away on hartal won’t work on us. We are telling the truth.
Please let us go. Please. Why? Aren’t there
any men at home? To do all these? Aren’t you a Muslim? If so? Pick the stones faster. Dear Showkath, don’t
be this lazy. Can’t you wear your hijab? You are here to be the
match sticks in hell. I have nothing to say to you. Sheena! This much pride. Throw
those stones right away! – Last time I threw, it didn’t break
– Unais! Move! Allah! – Afsal Ikka – What happened? – There’s a small problem.
– What’s your problem? The person I threw the
stone at right now.. She teaches in my dad’s school. Who? She? and moreover she also got hurt. Ikka, just avoid them,
let them go, please. Couldn’t you have
said this earlier? But I just saw her now. Ikka, please ikka
go take care of it. I’ll take care of it. You go
and arrange a bike by then. I have to go to that Jaram (Tomb).
That Sudhi and team might be around. Whatever happens, their flag
shouldn’t be hoisted today. I’ll take care of that. I have already arranged some people to
protect the Jaram (Tomb) Isn’t that enough? That’s enough. Tell them to stand in a circle
around the Jaram (Tomb) – Ikka, just go
– Yes, I’m going. – Unais!
– Showkath! Eda ikka has to somewhere. Be ready with your bike. My god, now I’ve to ride the bike also.
I can’t do it. Just be ready you lazy idiot! He didn’t have to
raise his voice. Now what? I had already told you
that she was a fraud. This is why they say to listen
to someone with experience. What if we are in
the wrong place? No. It’s exactly how she said it would be.
Grape vines. Thekumparambil House. Now don’t waste time here.
Let’s go. What I imagined, was the truth. and that is exactly
what is happening now. Come, get in! That was unexpected of. Pull it… Pull it down – All I have to do is, pull this right?
– Yeah! It’s all fate. Might be that the kid was only
supposed to live this long. There is someone name God. He has written everything. And it will happen accordingly. We cannot change or
rewrite it or anything.. Isn’t there something we can do before
we hand everything over to God? He’s testing us. It’s different with each person.
Unfortunately it got of hand with the kid. Like what we say, its written on our head.
Fate. That’s all. Maybe that’s why you left
this much space on your head Don’t talk like a cheap rationalist
when I’m being serious here. This is what I don’t like,
pull the sheet down. The rain is getting in.
Pull it down. There’s a lady there. Take the auto there. Trouble seems to find me… Let’s go, please. Take that umbrella. This one right? Open it. You are getting me all wet.
Hold it properly. Give it here. I’ll hold it. One minute.. Who is it? What? Isn’t there anyone
in that house? Are you from Germany? Germany? Why? They went to Germany long back. They are staying with
their family there. When that girl got
pregnant they left here. Where are you guys coming from? We live far away from here. A woman named Annamma led us here.
Annamma! Annamma? – She is a little crazy.
– Stop! Annamma! T.P. Annamma
is her name. You came this far
because of her? Why did you even listen to her? She’s a fraud. Do you know who we’re
talking about. Yes, I do You are talking about that
fraud palmist Annamma right? No one lets that woman
near this place. Are you satisfied now? Let’s go. Is your blood A- ? Or does anyone in the house
have A- blood group? No. My husbands is A+
same as my child. – I haven’t checked it yet.
– Why? When they went to treat Gayathri back
then they found out she had blood cancer. After that I’m scared. Gayathri, Who’s that? The lead of Magara Gayathri.
That is why her Midhun left her. Serial. I need my husband. Will anyone else
close by have it? A kid had an accident.
It’s urgent. Like that? Then 4 kms from here
there is a junction There will be some people there. Ask them. Ok, thank you. Remember its hartal today.
There won’t be A single shop won’t be open today
and the diesel is also almost over. I filled the whole tank
full of diesel yesterday. I had no idea Al
this will happen. Now that junction is
the only option left. Please, don’t say no.
Let’s just go and see. I’ll take the auto but I
need to know one thing. If I’m being
reasonable or are you? The road’s blocked. The road’s blocked. Will it be a problem? The road is under construction. Lets put that away. Make it fast. I can’t manage it alone. – Great.
– Come. Watching your eagerness I thought
you would actually do something. I’ll grab this side. You
take the other side. Lift it. This is filled with water. Will surely get infested with mosquitoes.
Keep it aside. You start the auto.
I’ll take care of this. Watch your legs. Lets go. You are happy now. Diesel is over. Don’t do this to me. Do what? As if I drank
all the diesel. Try restarting again. I’m serious. The diesel is over. When we turn the bike on its sides for petrol.
Auto must have something of that sort. You want me to turn
over the auto? Not like that. Like when we pull down the bike on its side.
Auto’s might have something like that. The auto won’t move
forward with out diesel. These is all fate. The more we move forward. It’s showing us more
and more problems. Think about it. First.. That freak kid. Then that woman. Here the road was blocked
and now no diesel. Problems over problems. Hello. I’m talking to you. Which model is this auto? It’s a good model. Not that. What’s the brand? Amme Narayana. It’s
written on it. Not that. What’s the name of this model? Mahendra Alpha Give me that mobile. Give. I’m telling you again.
This is all fate. You have net? Yes. But don’t finish up the data. It’s a three day plan. The English for how to start
an auto without diesel? Why auto’s diesel is not here? Tell. You will get me wrong too. But why? Pick that back seat up. What? – Pick that seat in the back.
– Why? Don’t wreck it. I’ll do it. – Where is this lift bump.
– I’ll show you. You open this. – Inside this?
– Then where did you think it was? Which of these is the lift bump? The one you see under this. Catch this. What are you going to do? There is a science in this. In this? If we push the lift
bump like this. Any leftover diesel will
consolidate and get into the tank. What? The diesel will go into the tank.
That’s it. And it says it might
go around 1 to 1.4 km. Yeah. Right. Why haven’t
I heard about this. Let’s try. You start the auto. I don’t think it will work. Just try starting. It’s not starting. Try once again. It’s not starting. Once more. What am I supposed to do? Started right? I told you right. Okay. Come. Get in before this gets over. The car started right? Good sign. Now straight to the junction. Let’s go. How much? Rs. 460 Rs. 460 Here’s Rs. 500 Keep the change. Use it
against my previous debt. You have won the lottery. Rs. 500 business on hartal day. Is this bread expired? Is anyone buying all these? Don’t check the date.
It’s fresh. Just arrived the day before yesterday.
No chance of fungal infection. No fungus will ever
dare get into this Then? Our guys have had their food, right?
Now close the shop. It’s hartal. Don’t be too late. Stop! Stop! Stop. Today is hartal. You won’t get an auto if you
keep screaming ‘Autokaara.’ Pack up and leave as
soon as possible. Fast. Okay. Leave. Sudhietta. That Bineesh
is being a little feisty. He’s saying that he
won’t close the shop. If we say, close the shop.
You close the shop. Don’t try to scare me
like you do others. Bineesh! Don’t talk on the confidence of
someone who stepped in yesterday. Close the shop and go home! Or what will you do? We will do whatever
is needed to be done. You won’t do a thing. What is it Bineesh?
What’s your problem? Look around. All the
shops are closed. The why you are the only
one being disobedient. I won’t close the
shop Sudhietta. I have trouble agreeing with this
unreasonable hartal you are conducting. Whether you agree or not.
That comes later. If we say, close the shop.
You close the shop. Don’t play your drama in
front of these people. You know I have always hated
these kind of conversations. Close the shop and get the keys. Won’t happen Sudhietta. What good does hartal
bring to this country? How many times have I complained
to you about this gutter. Everytime a car passes here. All these
dirt are splattered on my mirror. And here you are trying
to close my shop. Stop blabbering and get lost. Who are you to kick me out? You dog. You bloody… Do we look like people who came to
measure the dirt on your window? This is a democratic country. When a person with authority speaks.
You listen. Understand? you bloody. Beat him up. Destroy everything in the shop. You were asking for it. Beat him up! Pig. Diesel is over. Now
do what you want. What if we ask these guys? Who? I’m out. There are a lot of people there.
Someone will have it. Don’t create any trouble. Can’t you
see all the fight and screaming? I’ll ask them. Never say I didn’t warn you. Don’t create any trouble. Enough. Enough. Stop. Move. He will die. When Hassan and his gang demanded a
mosque next to this jaram (tomb). We were the only ones to
speak or stand against it. If then that mosque
had been built. They would have laid their
foundation on top of your shop. These people who only
represent 40 houses here. would have multiplied t0 400
or 500 and rose to power. You run this shop and sleep
at your home peacefully. because of our charity. This hartal was
proclaimed by J.H.S. No one will open
their shop today. Take your mic and your
belongings and leave. We are leaving. Take it and leave. Can’t you understand? There are enough people
here for a Kargil War. Their flag has been
raised as imagined. Where are our boys? I’ll call you now. Maybe they are late. Is this school to come late?
Idiots. What will we do now? What if we throw
some stones at them? Don’t be a stupid. But that’s all you
have taught us. If you throw two they
will throw thirty back. For now you just shut up and follow me.
I have an idea. – There are only two of you?
– Why? Isn’t that enough? By each day your members count seem
to be coming down. What happened? You guys are the ones
trying to kick us out. We’re harmless. You just let us be. You? harmless teams? Everyone knows those stories
of your cutting and stitching. Our party isn’t as
disgusting as yours. What decent people. Come. Showkath, measure it. How long? – Thirteen feet.
– Then remove it. Take your hands off the flag. Hassan! This is our flag. This flag will fly right here. Maybe in the past. Now
this is at our place. Now if any flag will be hoisted here.
It will be I.D.F’s. What? Your place? Remember the land kept aside for the
jaram (Tomb). This flag is in it. You go and inspect
the documents. Hello.. Sir… Yes, I understood. Don’t play games Hassa. Your jaram
(tomb) is in the land which we gave off. Not for free right? You
were paid generously. You! Raise the flag. Get lost. You remove it. Remove it. Please correct this. Okay. Who is this kid? Ok. Ok. I will call you sir. One minute. One minute. My name is Arun Jeevan. I’m studying in Plus One
B at Benhill School. My class teacher Sheena Miss’s
daughter had an accident and.. is admitted in a nearby
Thaluk Hospital. We need three units of A-
blood to start the surgery. The hospital already
has one unit. If there are two A- donors among you.
Please come with me to the hospital. My blood is A- Thanks. Now we just
need one more donor. What did you say that
teachers name was? It’s not for her. It’s
for her daughter. The daughters name is Jesna. Whatever,
tell me what the teachers name was. Her name is Sheena. Her husband’s name? Nizam. Nizam. Blood for Nizam and
Hassan and all.. can be given later. For now , let your blood
flow in your own body. I realized your agenda.
You are challenging us. Yes. Use the same courage you
had to remove our flag. You give it. No one needs your blood anyway. It’s better for her to die
than have your blood. Please stop! Why are you all
talking like this? Would you say the same if it
was someone close to you? What the child want isn’t some
Hindu, Christian or Muslims blood. but A- blood. Can you give that? No, we can’t. Get lost. Come! Santoshetta. We have one there. Don’t create any trouble We must convince him somehow.
We have no other choice. Wait there. Who are you? We were the ones who got her
to the hospital. Lets go. Oh! Now we’ll take care of that kid. Which car hit her? We didn’t see that. Something about you tells
me it was your auto. Yes it was my auto that hit her. You have any problem with that? That kid is in the hospital
because of your bloody hartal. Your two flags and
your flag post. Fight each other and die. Sudhi I too am a believer A real believer. There is a flag in my
mind too, India’s flag. If you have any guts
hoist that flag here. Let us see if we can help
that child without your help. Come. Get lost. Come. Why did you tell them that
we didn’t need their help That kids father called me. They got 2 units of blood,
now they need just 1 more. Where will we arrange
that one unit blood from I’ll give that one unit. My blood is A- Don’t look at me like that. I
had a sense like these people. I admit. You won, I lost. Come, get in the auto.
Lets go. Come. Let’s not waste time. Come. Where will you go
without diesel? Hold on. Where are you off too? Today is hartal. On hartal day you are not allowed
to use any motor vehicles. If you take this auto. It will lay here burning. Exactly. You cannot
take the auto You were saying big
dialogues there right? If you can, fly. Atleast you joined
hands for one thing. I’m very happy. I’m not taking the auto anyway. There’s no diesel in it. Shall I go then? Come. Are you planning to
walk to the hospital? Aren’t you getting any
bright ideas in your head. – Walk.
– Might get a ride. It’s quite steep. For every way up there
is a way down too. I just hope all this happens.
Could have gone back in auto. – How?
– Just said it to calm myself down. Can you pick me up? Walk, it’s good for
your cholesterol. If we will die breathless,
then what cholesterol. From here its a downward slope.
That’s good. Wait. I have an idea. Come. – Jeevan Kumar!
– Arun Jeevan. Whatever, I have an idea. If it works out
we can get to the hospital for free. What idea? Why are you taking that? Come. Come. Just stand with
me like an idiot. Aey! Aey! Stop! Don’t you know you are not supposed to
take any sort of vehicle on hartal? – We were learning to drive.
– Are you trying to fool us? I had told him. He has a driving test the day after.
That’s why. I was learning to do an eight. Take your license I’m learning to do the eight
for the driving license. – He hasn’t got his license yet.
– Then take your keys. Please. We will
never repeat this. He’s afraid to use a busy road.
That’s why. I was scared of bus and
lorry since childhood. Then why are you
taking the license? That’s because.. There are certain custom right? – She know’s – What? If the one on the bottom knows
what that of the top doesn’t. Wouldn’t people call me Sasi? So for that you will just
take your bike on hartal? Are you making fun of us? For now Sasi, you do one thing Drop us till the
Thaluk hospital. Someone among us got stabbed,
so we are in need of blood. I haven’t filled petrol
because its hartal. Reaching there is doubtful. You are teaching this Salman
Khan to drive without petrol? Don’t you have some common sense
to fill petrol during hartal. Drop us there or else,
I’ll trash this bike. No need. We’ll drop you. Let’s go. We wont reach if we go straight.
there’s a shortcut. Lets go that way. She has always been
good with short cuts. Great. Come. – If we go that way we’ll reach faster.
– That’s enough. – She will drive fast.
– Great. How will we go with 4 people? Haven’t you seen families going
with 5-6 members on a bike? If there is unity.. You can sleep on a stick
or where ever you want. But could we sit? Come on. Let’s go. Be careful ok Is she your daughter? No, wife. Asha, we are four people. If you don’t drive carefully you’ll be on
the handle and these 2 will be on my back. Just keep quiet. How is my idea? You should have told them the
truth in the first place. See, just look into the mirror.
The petrol is almost over. You are right. We have only enough to get back. We are back to being stranded. We have no idea
about this route. Idiot. You said this was a short cut.
Where have you taken us? What did you actually come to learn
without any petrol or anything? Give me that ear. There’s a reason for not filling
the petrol to a full tank. What is that? In case if I do fill
petrol to a full tank. What if she feels that
she want to go outside. Like this, she will stay in my control.
Then I too will be in control. You would’ve seen if she
wasn’t there for you. Stop! – Should I stop here?
– This is enough. – Poor fellow, maybe he needs to take a leak.
– Is here enough? The hospital is still
too far from here. No. It’s close. Thanks. Peace. Shall we go? Sure, be careful while
you drive back. Don’t get into more trouble. We can take the 8 and 16
and all at home. Let’s go. Hospital is still too far from here.
We could’ve gone with them. Let them go. If the petrol gets over
how will they go back? Take your phone. Take it. What are you looking for? You see that tower? – At morning I got into your auto from there.
– So? If we reach that tower somehow. – The you won’t have to walk.
– What? From there we can fly. Fly? Have you parked
a helicopter there? Yes. Ok. How will we reach
there, by swimming? There’s no time and
I’m already tired. I can’t take another step. There’s a science in this. Science again? You remember me writing the
imposition in the morning Check this out.
This is the tower. This is where we are. Both these roads are
almost parallel. That means We are here and the
tower is there. If we can take the
shortest distance here. Then we can save maximum time. Which means velocity. – What is velocity?
– What? What? Velocity means displacement by time.
Understood? That’s it. But there I don’t see
any path like that. We should make one. We’ll run. Through the forest. Run? I haven’t even eaten properly
because of the fasting. Aren’t you the one supposed to be
getting to the top of Sabarimala. That is actually very simple. If you [ray from your heart you
can climb up any mountain. Stop bragging and show if
you can beat me there. Beat you? If you run upto there first then I’ll accept whatever you say. But in case I reach there first. You’ll have to accept
everything I say. – Bet? Was that a bet?
– Yes – Count.
– Let’s see. – You count.
– Are you ready? – Yes – Don’t forget to pray. – 1 – 2 3 I didn’t say go Stop! Stop! My slippers. From first. I have to say. You are awesome. – What speed.
– I told you then itself. Is this the helicopter you said? Yes. You got to be joking. Lets go. Wait. Let me drink some water first. There is no water in the pipe. That is panchayat’s pipe. So? They just fixed it
around 2-3 weeks back. There will be sound
but no water. There is sound. Like this.. Is there any other way to reach a
hospital with this displacement. Way? We have to reach there
as soon as possible. Now it’s your turn. There is a dried up
irrigation canal. If we go that way. We’ll reach behind
the Thaluk Hospital. But it’s a bit risky. It will all depend on how you drive
and there isn’t much high ground. – What do you say?
– That’s good. You get on. – Let’s do it.
– On this? – You stand on that – On this?! Put your foot on that. There is no seat
and all. You can stand on that pipe. There. Get on – Grab my shoulders.
– Is this enough? – Put your feet a bit behind.
– Okay. Okay. – This doesn’t have break okay?
– It doesn’t have breaks?! Bro, hold on okay. I am holding on. Keep playing. We too
need Roger Federer’s Bro, Roger Federer is in tennis.
They were playing badminton. Playing opposite each other with a net
in between, right? Both are same. So are both Volleyball
and Tennis same? You ride properly. – Where do we give the blood?
– Did you get the donor? Yes. Me. It’s me. Come. Okay. Come. Bro! – I’ll sit here.
– I’ll come back once it’s done. – Are you Santosh?
– Yes. I’m Nizam. Jesna’s father. We talked on the phone. Thanks. Come fast. Don’t waste time. – Let me give the blood then.
– Okay Come fast. Lift your legs. Did you see an auto driver
here, with a beard? I have seen many with beards I mean.. Wearing a lungi. A black one. Bearded man. Wearing a holy
necklace to visit Sabarimala. No, I haven’t seen him. Did you see an auto driver here? No I haven’t. Sir I had a case and after
that post OP rounds. Doctor! Did you see an auto driver here?
With a beard and all.. Autodriver? He’s wearing a holy
necklace for a pilgrimage. – Doctor!
– Sir, can I go? Okay. There was a discharge
in the third ward. You! He brought that kid here. So it was him. Not just me. There was an autodriver.
Santosh. He was the one who gave the kid blood.
But I can’t find him anywhere. He left. Nurse. Monitor the BP and temperature
of those post OP patients. Don’t forget to call me if
there any issues, okay? Thank you sir. He might have left after her
finished what he had to do. That child is out
of critical stage. And yet why aren’t you happy? But doctor. What happened
to her actually? Internal bleeding. The blood vessel to the
spleen was damaged. It got filled by blood. That’s why her
stomach bloated up. She needed three units of blood. Can I ask you a doubt doctor? Considering the blood here and Santosh’s
blood. It only makes 2 unit blood right? Where did you get the
third unit from? Usually when accidents occur.. The first one hour is important. That is the one hour after the
patient is brought to the hospital. We call that Golden Hour. Only after that, does it
become critical, but.. even after today being hartal. Just because of the courage and
responsibility you both showed. That child is alive today. You will become the
school’s hero now, right? Doctor, everyone at
school calls me Nonsense. But you haven’t said how you
got the third unit yet. Come, I’ll tell you. Human body.. It’s something.. They say that the human body is the
perfect picture of the human soul. He will only accept whats right for him.
Else he will reject it. Works Hard. Defends. The answer to any question All is within himself. The one unit blood she needed
was within her itself. The same blood from her
internal bleeding. We.. Used that. Auto-transfusion. Now.. Is everything clear? Now that name you
are being called. Cut off that ‘Non’ in that. What you did today was
something sensible. What most tend not to do. Okay. See you then. Where are you going? – Came to see the patient.
– Are you a relative? No, not a relative.
just came to see her. You can’t go in now. The
doctor just warned us. Wait outside please. Okay. Did you see a cycle here? No. Did you find that bearded man? No. Did you lose anything else? No. They just keep coming..
asking about lost things. Why did you leave? Why did you do that? I searched for you everywhere.
Then someone said you left. Can’t you atleast tell
me when you are leaving? You were in deep sleep
after I was done. Then I thought to let you sleep. And hartal will be over
after 6:30 night time. I took your cycle. Bought diesel.
Thought I’ll come back with the auto. You started worrying when you
couldn’t find the cycle, right? No. What if something had happened.
Plus there is no breaks to this cycle. – You get in.
– I’ll take the cycle. This has no break, no light, nothing. Not
just that. There is only streetlight here No problem. I have to go this way.
You would have to go to and forth. I have enough diesel to get you home.
Understand? Get in. It’s ok.. Get in Where is your house? Velavana. The shops are open? Today’s hartal was a joke. Why? The person who got stabbed
wasn’t IDF or JHS. It was some issue concerning
land or something. So for that they stabbed each other and the political parties
intervened and made it worse. It took till night for
everyone to realize this. Nonsense. Your house is at
Vellavana right? Yes. I have a close relative there. Who? Venu A.P. He owns a tea shop.
You know him? Do I.. This Venu is the one.. who took my ‘Wings of Fire’ What is that? You know A.P.J.Abdul Kalam? It’s his biography. I took it from the library
because I wanted to read it. Before I completed it that
Venu took it away from me. I can’t go to school
without that. Why did Venu take it? That’s a long story.
I’ll tell you later. Why did you stop here? I’ll be back within two minutes. I’m already late. My
grandpa might be worried. Two minutes. I’ll be quick. Was I late? Let’s go. Why do you look so gloomy? Nothing. No problem right? No. Do you ride this
cycle on the road? Why did you put it like that? You ride it through
peoples shops? You are a bit reckless, right? I didn’t give you
any money, right? No. – This is all I have.
– Rs. 100? Just tell me how much you need.
I’ll.. Give me a minute and I’ll
get it from my grandpa. or.. I’ll arrange it somehow. For now take this. Keep it with you. There are many things in this
world more valuable than money. You tried to settle me with Rs.
100? Let me settle a small debt too. What is this? Something you said you
needed very urgently. That Venu.. Knows your grandpa very well. Which is why he never tells
him about your recklessness. So I’ll be on my way. Happy? Catch this. You won’t give? Do you know the answer to
those ticked questions? No. – Those are the ones I don’t know.
– Mam! Yes. Is this guy copying
straight from the textbook? Paper. Which one’s that? Why have you circled
that answer? Flag post. Which? I explained about a
flag post that day. I can’t see. Give it to me. That’s the only paper I have. That’s okay, ask for another. Excuse me Miss. Mam. Arun needs a paper. Give it fast. Give it to me. Wait. What were you doing for
the past 1.45 hour? You haven’t even written
down your roll number. Nonsense! Enough writing. What could you possibly do
in the remaining 10 minutes. You should listen when
you are in the class. Or you will have
to sit like this. Where is my eraser. Atleast submit the
impositions properly. I didn’t give you the imposition
for me to take back home. Enter the class only after
you bring your parents. Understood? What’s the use of taking this?
You haven’t written anything. Get out! Rasmina. Tie the paper. All of you time’s almost up.
Make it quick. Mam. Ajeesh. Tie the paper. I told you to tie it. Give it. Enough. You’re getting out of hand. Just listen to me. – I don’t want to talk to you again.
– Please. – Please leave me alone.
– What sort of mind you have. Miss, I’m fed up with this Arun. I haven’t seen such a
Nonsense in my life. His eyes are on
others answer papers. My mouth has dried up putting
some sense into him. How is Jesna? She is fine now. We shifted her to a medical college.
There’s Dr. Ramakrishnan there. He’s Nizam’s friend. Not just that, the cleanliness
and service is better here. Is your husband at the hospital? He took 2 weeks leave
just like that. Might be to impress me. Sometimes, such a shock
treatment is necessary. To know ourselves and the people
around us a little better. Yes. Okay then. Okay. The kid who got 1st rank
is from our village. This news is of the welcoming party conducted
by the Chorode Welfare Association. I’ll come now. Name Rahul R. Yesterday the kid and father
traveled in my auto. You are saying this for the third time.
Are they still in your auto? Shouldn’t we promote
people like this. If they become a doctor or engineer
in the future. It’s a credit to us. That’s all good Manoj. What we need isn’t just a whole
lot of Doctors or engineers.. But also some good human beings. Let the new generation
grow like that. Right? Miss. I had finished the
imposition that day itself. You had already left before
I could hand it over. Miss. At home. All I have is an grandpa. As far as I can remember. I have only seen my grandpa.
Can I bring him instead Miss? No. You can go. It’s ok. Miss. Miss. It fell off from
Jesna last Friday. Please give it to her. I had come to the hospital to give
this to you. But you had already left. Okay Miss. Arun. Yes miss. You told me that day that you wouldn’t
take that long to grab the flag. Your logic is right. But Ajeesh Mathew and Vikas and others who
sit next to you aren’t the same height. Don’t the 24 students in our
class have 24 different heights? Then that question will
have 24 answers, right? Which shouldn’t happen, right? Complications of practical physics.
To change that we generalize it. But it’s true. When we generalize,
we tend to miss something. For everyone, Then and now.. Results are important. Marks. Grades. Ranks. A syllabus to understand
students like you We never had one in the
first place, Arun. Keep this. Now what we need. Is a career of
eternal goodness.. and wholesomeness
in human conduct. Which is called
righteousness, righteousness. As we say in India. Where there is righteousness
in the heart. Where there is righteousness
in the heart. There is beauty
in the character. When there is beauty
in the character There is harmony in the home. When there is harmony
in the home. there is harmony when there
is an order in the nation. When there is order in the nation,
there is peace in the world. Achieve your destiny.
I intend to. I will reach my expectations.
Its a promise to myself. Whether problems occur or not. I have the courage. I’ll play and win the game. and if I don’t, I
still live here Confidence won’t brake now. As long as the sky won’t part. I’m alone but all
these paths are mine. Let people say what they want. why should those fear me? Who will remain behind
and I speak the truth. Hey! my destiny, my
dreams remain tough. They can try to stop me.
I am capable. In this path. I’ll
make a difference. You wanna fly high and
leave it intense. They say I’m wrong about my
sense, so they call me nonsense. They call me Nonsense! We make it. We know it. We’re making the effort! Yo! listen. I might be just so close but then
get rolled off the hill but, I ain’t gonna stay here. I’ll pick myself
up and move it like Jack and Jill. Oh my God! Is what you’ll say when
you see me on my flying wheels. Yes, I can fly with this, so call me
Superman, Call me the Man of Steel. Wicked is, what they say when
they see me do a back flip. I’ma do a 360 with a
bunny hop and tail whip. I’ma take over the world. Like an alien cause
this is my space ship. So don’t you try to mess with me cause
you won’t die in peace if I say RIP. Alright.


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