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Making MUSIC again after 15 years of CREATIVE BLOCK ? Bye Epidemic!

December 24, 2019

Hi guys! Welcome to another video! Today I
want to talk to you about something a little different which I think I may have said
a few times already, hmm! Okay, the thing I want to talk about is music. As you might
know I have recently started making music again [Ukelele sound] and the reason for this was
these videos actually! Because you know YouTube copyright is very difficult and
basically you can’t use any popular songs or anything like that. You always
have to have a license to use the music and finding free music can be really
difficult! And lately I have needed like almost as much time for finding music as
for editing so it was getting really out of hand! I tried a subscription service
called Epidemic and the problem with that was … Well, it didn’t really make
things easier, I have to say! The music was better than most of the royalty-free
stuff I found, but at the same time it was also more generic since this kind of
music has to fit to a lot of content and not necessarily only to mine. So I found
myself hearing songs that I’ve heard elsewhere so many times that I can’t
really hear them anymore and yeah it didn’t really improve things!
So, in the end the only solution that I had left was to make my own again and,
yeah, for most people this is not really an option, but I used to make music some
time ago, like 15 years ago? So this is where we come to the actual topic of
this video, which is creative block! 15 years is a long time of not doing
something, especially if you were as obsessed [weird sound] ]as I was with music! My life was
music! All my friends were musicians and I used to make music all the time!
From a very early age on I went to music school to learn the most useless
instrument ever, which is the recorder [glass breaking] and later on I picked up the guitar. And
while I was never very good at playing instruments I’m reasonably ok with
software and I used to make a lot of music back then, which all got lost in a
hard drive crash! [Spooky sound] And yeah I did have backups … I did have backups of perfectly
corrupted files that wouldn’t open anymore! So, well done! [Cheering] Hmm ugh! In any case I
was at an age where you take such things as a sign from the universe,
so I stopped making music and concentrated on other things including
photography for example. A long time I didn’t make any music and I really
thought that part of my life was over. Completely over, done, finished! But I was
wrong! Because right now 15 years later I’m suddenly making music again and I’m
having lots of fun with it! So, creative blocks can be really annoying, I know
that from photography. I go through it periodically every few months, the winter
months usually. With photography it’s always the winter months. I also didn’t
draw for, well, probably also around 15 years to be honest. And this stuff
happens! People lose hope. People give up. People think they’re not good enough! So
maybe you can see this as a little motivational video saying: You never know
when it’s gonna come back! 15 years later I now got myself a new guitar: It’s a
Squire, a Mustang I got myself a new ukulele which is the
silliest word ever and surprisingly hard to pronounce. Ukulele, uke-lele okay
whatever! UKE-LILLY! It’s the perfect instrument for me! I
also got myself a new little MIDI keyboard that is so small that I can
keep it near the bed so that I can play it in bed whenever I feel like it. And yes I
play my instruments in bed, don’t judge me! So I’m now here 15 years
later after the longest creative block of my life and I’m back making music
again! So if you think right now: I don’t want to pick up a camera, I don’t want to
make music, I don’t want to draw, I don’t want to make anything: that’s normal! And
sometimes it takes a few years to get over it! Maybe you’re out of ideas, maybe
you need a break, maybe you need to focus on something else for a while. It happens
to all of us! It’s okay to take a break! I think that’s something that in our day
and age we sometimes forget, because social media requires us to share and
share and the algorithm usually punishes us if we stop sharing! The YouTube
algorithm wants us to post like twice a week and that’s way too often! Instagram,
Facebook every single platform wants to have more and more and more content, but
that’s not how humans create! We need to recharge sometimes and we forget that!
And sometimes we need to get over the problems that we have with our
self-esteem! I often see fellow photographers beating themselves up over
not having picked up a camera for months. I myself
have taken about seven rolls this year compared to 2016 where I shot more than
300 rolls. Is that a creative block? No, I don’t think so! I’m just doing other
stuff! I’m making videos, I’m making music, I’m making all sorts of other stuff. So
it’s okay to take a break sometimes and do something else. All of this eventually
leads back to where you started. So don’t be afraid of taking a break! Just do what
you have to do to stay creative! Sometimes that means not creating for a
while! Today I’m signing off in a bit of a different way than usually. Normally
you just see me saying to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE
and stuff like that. The usual YouTube stuff. But today I’m gonna do something a
little different which is to leave you off with a recording of when I was
playing with my new MIDI controller and one of my recent tracks. You may have
heard that track at the beginning of the last video! You’ve only heard a little
bit of it so far because I didn’t need that much of it. So I hope you enjoy it!
And if you do don’t forget to like! Bye!! And this is actually where we come to the actual topic of this video which is … sirens apparently! [sirens in the background] I can’t do
this without laughing!! HAHA


  • Reply Jack Pay August 4, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Exciting times for you 🙂

  • Reply Melissa R August 4, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    Love your unique sound ?

  • Reply Verbal Ästhet August 12, 2019 at 10:35 am

    Ach! Blockflöte heißt tatsächlich "recorder" auf Englisch! Deshalb heißt die Flöte in Zelda1 recorder.

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