Making Everyday Life with a Chronic Illness Easier

December 23, 2019

– Hey everyone, it’s Jennifer. This video is made for New Life Outlook. Because living with a chronic illness can be draining on its
own, it’s always helpful to conserve energy in any way possible. Today, I’m gonna be
talking about some ways to make everyday tasks a little easier. Consider leaving your
most-used items on the counter, such as coffee cups,
bowls, plates, utensils, so that it’s easily accessible to you. Use electric appliances. Plan one dish meals, or you can also buy frozen foods, pre-made
foods, pre-washed vegetables. While cooking dinner, make
more than you need to so that you have dinner already made
for the next night or two. While cooking or baking, you
can line the baking sheets or the pans with parchment
paper or foil so that, when you’re done, you can just grab that and then throw it away in the trash. While you’re cutting fruits or vegetables, you can pull up a chair, sit
there, and then just chop away because even standing there takes energy. Something else you can try
is buying a kitchen trolley so that when you’re moving things around like dishes or food to
serve, then it can be a lot easier to put that on the
trolley and then roll it over. While you’re brushing your
hair, brushing your teeth, putting on makeup, anything like that, you can have a chair in the restroom, and you can sit there
while you’re doing it. You can embrace your natural hair texture by letting it air dry,
or you can even buy the texturizing sprays or different
products that they sell. In the shower, you can use a shower bench or you can use one of those
handheld shower hoses. Use pumps on shampoos and conditioners so that you’re not having to
pick up the heavy bottles. Try taking a shower the night before so that you’re able to rest afterwards, and then that will save
energy for the next day. When you’re getting dressed, try sitting down on the bed or a chair while you’re putting on
your clothes and your shoes. Use slip-on shoes, front-opening, loose-fitting clothing,
and elastic waistband. Try to clean one room at a time while taking breaks in between, and if available, ask for help. Or you can plan a schedule
for the whole week so that you would only need
to do one chore per day. Eliminate clutter so you
have less to clean and dust. Store cleaning products
where you’re gonna use them. For example, have the ones for
the restroom in the restroom, and then the ones that you use to clean the kitchen in the kitchen. You can store them in
little caddies and just have them readily available to use. Do one load of laundry per day. If you’re living with
somebody or you have a friend or family member that can help you out, maybe you can make a deal
where they wash the clothes, and then you fold the clothes so that you’re able to sit down and fold. Buy laundry baskets with wheels on them so that you can push the baskets around instead of having to
lift the heavy baskets. If you have stairs, you can
place items next to the stairs, and then when you’re
ready to go up or down, you can grab those items
and bring them with you instead of making a special trip. Try parking as close as
possible to the store. Consider using electric carts in the stores if they have them. Make a shopping list ahead of time so you know exactly what you’re gonna get in the store when you’re there. Ask a family member or friend to accompany you while you’re shopping. Move slowly and take your time. Start at one side of the store and slowly make your way to
the other side of the store so you’re not having to go back and forth. Consider taking up the
offer when they ask you if you need help out after
going through the checkout. I hope this list can help
you or someone that you know. Thank you so much for
watching New Life Outlook, and I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye. (lively music)

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