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Macau – March 1st Corona virus Update – and the current situation in Macau

March 4, 2020

I’m kidding I’m kidding your English is not broken… Israel told me that my English is broken Only one time and then you never forgot, oh my goodness Hard to forget so im on my way to get a haircut I’m not going to look like this craziness for that much longer Oh my goodness Its time for a haircut and maybe a mini update for everyone, Eliz alright so you can see I got my
haircut from yesterday I’m not looking like a like a mop
I look alright today, going into work still got the mask it’s a foggy day out
today but yeah I just filled out my health declaration form I’ll show
everyone what that looks like on the screen here even if we have to cover up
Eliz we’ll show it right here Today is March 1st 2020 Sunday unfortunately I have to go
to work but that’s just the way it is sometimes I want to give everyone an
update so the situation here in Macau is still very calm the situation feels
very much under control there have been no new cases since the 4th of
February which is fantastic and I think Eliz mentioned that there’s 8 out of
the 10 people have recovered that’s also really really good news a bit of other
news is the casinos open February 20th and they’ve been open since that time
business levels are down and that’s primarily because if you’re coming to
Macau from China what’s going to happen is once you cross the border you’re
going to be quarantined for eight hours so the reason they do that is they want
to do several temperature checks during that eight hour period so obviously
people that even want to come to Macau it they may come by train or by flight
or by a ferry then they still have to deal with an eight-hour quarantine
period there’s just not that many customers that want to put up with that
sort of situation so that’s led to quite a decline in
business and that’s our that’s our current situation here in Macau but from
a health standpoint the situation feels very much
under control and that has made my anxiety levels
really come down and we’re feeling good we went out to dinner for the first time
on Friday for Eliz’s birthday I took her to a nice dinner right eliz -yes fancy dinner thank you Israel- You’re Wellcome, so that was the first
time that we had gone out to eat in over a month and yes -and also we had the other outside dinner and yesterday I cracked and we went to
McDonald’s but it had been over a month so that’s pretty good right eliz? -Yes, Israel force me to go. -yea I forced her… I force her to eat a Big Mac also
alright so that’s the update for everyone
we’ll keep it short this time Eliz tell them to like and subscribe – please like and subscribe Israels page, -alright until next time bye bye Oh look we are coming up on the MGM here Is it still closed? -no they definitely look close there’s nobody
there but they are not closed -oh they are not closed don’t have anybody
all right, yea poor MGM

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    Happy birthday Eliz!

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