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M.D. Graduation 2019, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

February 23, 2020

Northwestern has really prepared me for
everything. I mean this is going to be ingrained deep down in my heart, this is
where I first learned medicine so, no matter where I go from here, no matter
where I study, no matter where I’m going to practice, I feel like Northwestern will always have a home, here. I’m actually from the Bahamas my
dad is our country’s first pediatric cardiologist, so he’s like super excited to hood me. I’ve given the honor of putting a hood
on my daughter. My last one in University you know, who chose to go the same path as her father, being a pediatrician. I wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid
and that was kind of a childhood dream and I did just kept pursuing it since then
and I’ve been very grateful and lucky to be able to be here, at such an awesome
place and going to where I’m going. We couples match together. Yeah, we both matched at Duke for OBGYN. We both just have a common language that we
share that really helps us deal with all the stress and even things to get excited about we really like understand all the hard
work and effort that went into all of the accomplishments we’re celebrating
today. It’s a lot. I’m really excited, I’m a little nervous you know this has been a
huge journey, it you know for me at least, for you know over ten years, I think for
a lot of my colleagues like even longer. This is like a dream come true. Will you
now please join me in congratulating the Feinberg School of Medicine class of

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