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Lymphedema Arm Pump Reduces Swelling And Pain In Limbs

October 21, 2019

Lymphedema Arm Pump Reduces Swelling and Pain
in Limbs Lymphedema is a serious condition that is
experienced by many people. It is painful due to the swelling that is caused by the
buildup of fluids in the limbs. The arms are often affected as well as the
legs. Movement is limited because of the swelling and performing ordinary tasks can become impossible.
Lymphedema in the Arms When the arms are affected by the buildup
of fluids in the tissues, it can be difficult to dress yourself, brush your hair, pick up
objects and even feeding yourself can be a chore.
When lymphedema occurs, the lymphatic system does not carry fluids away for removal from
the body as it would if it were functioning normally.
It can also affect the ability of the body to fight infection, which is one of the side-effects
of lymphedema. Often the area affected can become infected and this can result in further
complications. A lymphedema arm pump can help the body to
remove these fluids by imitating the lymphatic system.
The pump has a sleeve that is placed on the area that is swollen.
It is attached to a machine that causes the sleeve to inflate and deflate.
This motion allows the fluid to be moved back into the lymphatic system where it is removed
from the body. This is what the lymphatic system does when
it is working properly. Lymphedema Pumps Offer many Benefits
The lymphedema pump is a major breakthrough for those who suffer from this condition.
Previously the only options for treatment that were available meant traveling to a therapist.
For many people this was not only inconvenient, but it meant traveling a great distance to
get the treatment. The convenience of the lymphedema arm pump
provides sufferers the opportunity to treat themselves within the comfort of their own
homes. Because the pump is portable and lightweight,
it can be moved from room to room and taken anywhere for use.
It is very quiet and people can use it while watching television, reading, listening to
music or any other activity without disturbing the user.
In addition, the pumps are often covered by insurance.
With a doctor’s recommendation, more insurance companies are covering this treatment option
because it is necessary for the health of those who suffer from lymphedema.
The result is being able to have the lifestyle that was enjoyed previously without pain.
Rather than being confined to their homes, people are now able to go shopping and participate
in activities that would be impossible due to the swelling and pain caused by lymphedema.
This is not only beneficial to their physical health, but mental health as well.
One of the things that doctors recommend for those who suffer from lymphedema is exercise.
However, this can be very difficult when faced with constant pain and limited movement.
The lymphedema pump offers an option for treatment that means many people are no longer resigned
to just dealing with this condition in the best way possible.
Other advantages are the elimination of problems that are caused by lymphedema.
As stated, in the past many people had a difficult time getting treatment.
As a result, severe infections were often experienced.
These infections could cause scarring, cellulitis and the need to amputate the affected limb.
Now there is a choice that reduces the risks of developing complications.
Dramatically improve the quality of your life and successful
management of your condition with our Lymphedema Arm Pump
We’ll work with your doctor and insurance provider for you.
Call us today at 855-361-2944 or visit


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