Luchi: How to make perfect Luchi | Bengali deep fried puffy bread

September 2, 2019

Luchi Flour 200 g Salt 4 g Sugar 10 g Oil 15 g Hot water 110 g Distribute oil evenly a fistful of flour will hold its shape Add water Knead well for 10 minutes Kneading develops gluten Gluten will give our luchis the strength to puff up Dough may seem a bit tacky at first but it will come together, we promise. Cover and rest for 30 minutes We rest the dough to help it relax and lose some of its elasticity so that when we roll out the luchis, they retain their shape and don’t spring back. Portion the dough 16 g each Tuck in from all sides shape till perfectly round. Take your time with the shaping to end up with round luchis, start with a round ball of dough. Keep covered Heat oil Oil the surface of the dough roll from the centre rotate 90 degrees, roll again and rotate, and roll again! roll in short, quick strokes apply gentle pressure 10 cm diameter one more time… roll roll, rotate, repeat lower into hot oil press down gently hold against hot pan to drain oil for 20 seconds look, it’s flaky! bonus tip for beginners roll between well-oiled pieces of baking paper this helps apply pressure evenly alu’r dom and luchi kosha mangsho and luchi More from Bong Eats – Dimer dalna, Sooji Follow us @bongeats Subscribe

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