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LUBE 101!!

August 20, 2019

[Intro Music] Laci Green: Oh hey babes, let’s talk about lube Lube is my favorite. Number one, top (pause) model. Uh, no. Top liquid (laughs) Lube is great it makes everything during sex feel better than it already felt It can soften your skin, reduce genital irritation and it can change the taste of oral If you want it to. I don’t usually want it to. There are three main types of lube Water, Oil and silicone based You can tell which it is by looking at the la – oh (drops bottle) By looking at the (giggles) god — (drops bottle) By looking at the label Now each of these types has pros and cons so here’s the run down Water based lube is compatible with all the condoms, all the body parts, it’s cheap it doesn’t stain But it dries out the quickest Now if you’re doing the sexy and your water based lube does dry out Instead of adding more lube, try adding more water to make this kind slippery again Silicone based lube is compatible with all the body parts, all the condoms And it lasts longer than water based lube It’s actually my favorite Sillicone based lube is completely safe it does not get absorbed by the body It also doesn’t stain although you may have to wash the sheets But let’s be real, you probably had to do that any way It’s also great for helping folks with chronic dryness and genital pain The downside is that it tends to be more expensive and you can’t really find it on drug store shelves (shrugs) I haven’t And it can’t be used with silicone toys. It will definitely melt them. Because science Oil breaks condoms and it stains It can also trap bacteria inside your body which can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (Sarcasm) So you know just a lot of great things going on with oil based lube But it is okay with some hand to penis action Just make sure it doesn’t get in your pee hole So the take away here is that not all lubes are created equally And that goes not just for the type of lube, but also for the brand and specific formulation Commercial Lubes are typically um (makes tsking sound) How to say this? shitty. My professional opinion is that too many lubes on the shelves are loaded up with a bunch of crap that causes problems And when I’m using lube, I just wanna have good sex. Not problems Here are things that you should look out for in your lube Glycerin! It’s in tons of lubes It acts like a sugar in your body. Which can cause yeast infections It gave me yeast infections for two years before I figured that one out. (Sarcastically) Yay. Polyquaternium compounds. These are found in many formulations of Astroglide as it turns out. and it’s been found by the World Health Organization to increase HIV 1 replication. Hmm Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Nonoxinal-9 The ingredient party just goes on and on I’ll put a link in the description so you can read up The last thing to pay attention to, besides, you know, how it feels when you actually use it Is a little bit trickier, because this information is NOT listed on the bottle and that is the osmolality of the lube A hyposmotic lube will cause your cells to absorb liquid, kind of like lotion Basically no lubes are hyposmotic though Hyperosmotic lubes, however, are very common and depending on how hyperosmotic a given lube is, it can cause your cells to release liquid drying them out and even causing the cells to die (Dramatically)
Oh no! Please don’t die Not only does this irritate delicate tissues but it also can make you more susceptible to contracting an STI. So the World Health Organization suggests using lubes that are no more than 1200 milliosmoles per kilogram millio… (mumbling)
Did I say that right? Ideal, genital friendly zone is around 285 But some lubes on the shelves go up to over ten thousand! “It’s over 9000!”
“What!? 9000!?” I think the lube manufacturers should have to put this information on the label So the question remains: what lube should you get? My sex life changed when I started using Sliquid That is not a sponsored promo… I’m gonna list a few of the ones that fit my extremely high standards down below including the ones you can get from for 50% off and free shipping That is a sponsored thing. You can get that deal with promo code LACI The reason why I’m teaming up with Adam and Eve is because I like that they give you guys a good deal and I also like that they donate 20% of their profits to global HIV prevention I think that’s pretty cool I’ll tweet out anything else that I think of on my twitter, you can follow me there also I’m back on Tumblr. I took a little break but now I’m I’m tumbling all the way down to hell Thanks for joining me, babes
[Kiss sound] (Singing) Happy lubricating


  • Reply Taylor King vlogs December 16, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    I wanna buy lube and I'm 13 but is there an age restriction on buying it?

  • Reply I Like Cheese December 28, 2017 at 6:26 am

    The best lube is blood. It's free.

  • Reply rhino January 6, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Question- is lube necessary when having sex or can you just use the natural lubricant the vagina?

  • Reply Hellborn Savior January 22, 2018 at 1:39 pm

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  • Reply Anthony Lane February 14, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Lube 101.

    Lube is a slimy substance which helps objects move past each other, whether it’s taking off a ring that is stuck on your finger, or aid in sex. You can also use lube on guns, which will get rid of rust and will make your gun look shiny, and will help automatics cycle. Don’t use sex lube on guns though, and don’t use gun lube for sex. Make sure to wash your hands after using each type of lube.

    There, theres your short answer.

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    I have discovered this last year that organic aloe vera is fantastic. I am extremely sensitive in all regions of my body.

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    It helps a lot if the penis skin is moisturized so make sure the guy uses a penis health creme like Man1 Man Oil daily.. it contains natural moisturizers like Vitamin E and shea butter and keep the skin smooth as silk. This will lead to better sex for sure. Cheers.

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  • Reply Mike Pelletier July 31, 2018 at 7:08 am (makes the ENTIRE surface of BOTH genitals, basically a hostile non-fertile area for STDs. Works great for lubing for sex and keeping the bugs from infecting either/other partner.)

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